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Oracle Message Received Feb. 13th, 2016


“The Timewalkers are assisting in making adjustments to lessen the gap between the higher-dimensional star matrixes and the Earth plane consciousness time-zone matrix.”

I don’t typically prefer to elaborate on these, but in this case, I feel it helpful to offer a little note. I was shown these Timewalker Beings in 2011 or 2012.  I was shown these beings and they were walking on a spiral clock (this vision was symbolic to show me what these beings were and what they oversee.)

This message received over the weekend, I feel,  is inferring a lessening of the “gap” between what has “occurred” as far as the ascension of consciousness in other star systems within our Universe, and what we perceive to have occurred and to be available to us on the Earth plane.  Much more is available than we currently perceive… and the gap of the conscious awareness of this, is lessening. It is a bridging of the gap of our Earth-incarnate awareness and our more expanded galactic consciousness. I have seen many alterations in the last month or so, within the flashing in and out of the consciousness time zone matrix of this time-zone reality.  Many adjustments in the “sequencing” and the vibration, or “rhythm.”


From http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/divine-fire/andara.htm 

"The Timewalkers are synonomous with the original ‘High Mayans’. 
They are called Timewalkers as they are able to move through the 
veils of time unimpeded."