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Energy Current-See: Resynchronizing the Relationship Factor


This is just a quick bulletin regarding the energy current at the moment…

The relationship factor is kicking up into high gear.

Upgrades in the lower right brain quadrant… new neural pathways and re-mapping, from the heart through to the lower right brain quadrant.

I have been noting this physical upgrade for a few days now…I just now Googled “lower right brain quadrant” and no surprise that it is all about relationships!!!

From: http://www.consciousness-evolving.com/Lower_Right_Brain.html

The Lower Right Brain

It’s the lower right brain that gives us that sense of being connected to one another. It’s called the relational right brain for a good reason. From PET scans and neuro-imaging technology, we have learned that the right brain regulates or influences many aspects of our behavior.

Those things often have to do with our relations and connections with others:

• Emotion,

• Trust,

• Self-awareness,

• Empathy,

• Identification with others,

• Non-conscious communication,

• Attachment,

• Facts experienced in an emotional way,

• Sympathy, & intuition concerning people

• Interaction – both humans and animals,

• Uses non-verbal communication (body language, facial expressions)

• Problem solving is often an interactive, emotional process


Relationships (all kinds!; with others, your relationship to the Earth, everything)… the “Venus Function”/”Venusian Dynamics”), are on the forefront right now… this was noted with the 2/22 Full Moon and is of focus with the current astrological alignments.

The focus right now: It’s all about deepening Unity Consciousness.

“I AM that I AM.”

“I AM you, you are Me.”

“We are One”

“We are I”

…All about resynchronizing the I, that are WE as ONE!

…Resynchronizing the “relationship factor.”




Crystal of Angels



A recent vision I am sharing.  I have seen this same concept in other visions I’ve had,  expressed in different forms of diagrams and illustrations…so, this is yet another form of the same concept.

I am seeing an enormous, brilliant and beautiful crystal, and as we interact with each other, there are angles of Light that shine forth from this crystal.  This particular vision had a focus about “relationship” to each other.  Relationship between angles, aka., “Angels”!

All of the center points of each of the angles that extend forth from and shine through this crystal, meet in the middle, in the center point, the heart of the crystal. ALL of them without exception, are joined here, in the heart of the crystal. Each one, each individual has its own angle.  Every angle having its own point in the crystal on a facet of it.  Some of the angles extend from the same facet, yet a different point within said facet.  While others extend and shine forth from different facets.

The degree of the angle, alters as we interact with others, depending on which Angel, we are interacting with…the angle of interaction with another angle, is the “relationship.” And this angle, is the octave and the specific location of where these each reside within their facets, sets the tone of the relationship.

There are specific and amplified relationships, depending upon the angle of relationship.  Notably, those who’s angles shine through on the same facet and those that shine through the exact opposite side of the crystal, the exact opposite angle, (and also, those at 45, 60, 90, etc degree angles.)  The relationship is expressed and experienced in accordance with the angles that are relating.  Some have made up terms for some of these vibrational angles of relationship, “twin flames”, “soul groups”, etc.