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Energy Current-See: Cleaning up the Dust Bunnies


Energy Current-See: Cleaning up the Dust Bunnies

Whatever you thought and had hoped had been reconciled, that was really just “swept under the rug”, is reappearing again, to be cleaned up and reconciled for Good.

Energetically speaking, these are “The Dust Bunnies!”

These are the things I speak of where in the reconciliation process of said things, you may have not been totally forthright about with yourself and/or in your actions…not completely Truthful with Self.  In a hasten to get rid of them…they were really just swept back under the rug…out of site, out of mind…yet, still lurking and still there…

These are the things that are coming back up, to be sorted with once again.  For nothing is truly reconciled unless it is done so in complete and Holy Truth.  It is time to face All in Truth.    For it/they will continue to return in your awareness and experience, until they are reconciled in alignment in Truth with Self.

The Dust Bunnies, will not be Passed Over…they must be Transformed in and by the Heart of Truth.

As always, in all ways, Navigate with the Heart ❤

Love and Blessings,