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Playful Reflections of Light & Laughter


Mona Lisa, she smiles eternally ūüėČ


I am having such a joyful time this morning, reflecting on all of the energetic shifts and movement the past couple of years…awe, all the moments of intensities to the highest of highs and everything in between. ¬†Ha! ¬†Feeling more awakened than ever!

Something I am having so much fun with this morning, is feeling into the birthing of the renewed mind. ¬†The “Christos Consciousness.” ¬†And the huge expansion of awareness and first hand experiencing of this I am enjoying.

I am laughing and having so much fun reflecting on all of the nuggets of symbols that have been around for ages to guide us to the renewal of the mind, the return to the Higher Consciousness. ¬†Such as the part in Alice in Wonderland where the queen is yelling, “off with their heads!” ¬†For me, that is symbolic of the insanity of the lower consciousness.

Or, the story of Medusa and the head of snakes being symbolic of the lower carnal thoughts.  And how when her head is cut off, Pegasus (symbolic of the renewed mind), flies and rises up from her head.

These symbols through myth and allegory have always been around. ¬†They’ve always been there, acting as a popcorn trail to “follow that lead” that those conscious ones that have come before, have left as gifts to future generations… to lead us back full circle of¬†humanity’s “story” of consciousness.

Job 8:21
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

You had the power all along my dear!” ~Glenda the Good Witch

The most fun and hilarious thing to me, is that transference from the lower consciousness to the Higher. The “emergence from the rabbit hole.” ¬†Those moments of realignment are so joyous when we remember to choose the “Holy Smile.” ¬† I just get the most enjoyable Buddha Laugh when that¬†transition is made. Because the lower consciousness, it is so serious about everything and there is the loathing and all that yucky stuff. ¬†And then when the realignment is made to the Higher Self, oh how funny it is! ¬†It’s like its just been watching a satire and the Higher Self, knows that separated lower consciousness is so short-sided and not the higher reality or truth of things. ¬†It is not the reality of the Higher Self and not taken seriously! ¬†Therefor, not reacted to. The¬†HS¬†is eternal unconditional love & peace. ¬† Thank goodness for that!¬†

Awe‚Ķ the hilarious comedy and satires of the human mind‚Äôs lower consciousness of loathing and then the joyful return to Conscious Awareness‚Ķ and in that return comes¬†the “Buddha laugh” because the lower consciousness, it‚Äôs just so damn funny! ¬†

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs a Yoke‚ÄĚ



A joyous vibration courses through my entire being, I am Laughing and Celebrating over our exciting exploration of consciousness through the “Kingdom of Love I AM!”





The lighter the load, the Lighter the Road


‚ÄúAs above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul‚Ķ‚ÄĚ ¬†~Hermes Trismegistus

That which manifests, is birthed inside (within) first and then outward.

We are de-conditioning the human psyche to let go of the conditions placed on sooooo many things (just about everything, lol) and held so tightly to in order to allow for a widening of the lens, to become aware of the bigger picture.  We are expanding and ascending the human to embody the wisdom of the Sacred Heart.  Functioning in a state of greater awareness and streaming an increasing flow of Source Energy, one with the Higher Self (higher consciousness).

Yes, this is and has been a process… and one that is really accelerating! The holographic human vehicle has the capability of being a vessel for the divine Self¬†when¬†the one operating it has the desire to experience themSelves in this way.

(With that said, there is nothing wrong with whichever way one chooses to experience through the human vehicle. ¬†Whether one is choosing awareness or not, all still are divine love.¬†It’s all just a choice of what kind of ride one desires¬†to experience.)

The Higher Self (higher consciousness), knows only Well-Being & Abundance.The¬†perspective is MUCH¬†broader and without¬†condition. ¬†It is the “birds eye view.”

As an example of the sort of transformation I’m writing¬†about here and how this applies in our day to day lives: ¬† The¬†Higher Self knows that we¬†exist¬†with all beings in all of existence.¬†From the perspective and knowing within of the Higher Self, all are one. ¬†Unity and Oneness are truth, always in all ways. Period. ¬†There are no doubts or questions about this!

So then the old limited human (lower consciousness) perceived something like this, for example:¬†“oh, I am without this person¬†in my life and so and so died and is gone forever, etc.” and the Higher Self,¬†it does not¬†perceive this. ¬†The Higher Self, knows it is¬†always WITH and all continue to exist, no matter the form or “place.” So there is no registering in the HS, that there is anything or anyone “missing.”

The old human perspective, looked¬†only outward and said, “well, I do not see them. ¬†They are not here. I am without them.”¬†The old human looked only outwardly and determined things like, “They are not here with me, so I am without.” ¬†And wondered why its desire to be with said “other” is not being answered. ¬†And furthermore, used the limited awareness as¬†proof as to why it was¬†correct in its perception¬†and then built a structure, a belief system around this. And so, this perception of separation persisted to manifest as this is what was observed and fed.

(This is but one scenario, the core point  can be applied to a variety of scenarios.)

Higher Self, knows that you are with the other¬†always and they, with you. The Higher Self knows only of Oneness and Unity. ¬†And yes, in the Earth plane, perhaps the form is different. ¬†When one transitions into non-physical, then yes, the form is different. ¬†The one that passed is existing in another dimensional form and the one incarnate, is in the incarnate¬†form. ¬†All still exist though and are ultimately, all existing together in Unity in the same ONE “place” as there is only the whole, and this is what the Higher Self sees and knows. The desire of existing with the “other”, has already been answered. ¬†All is always answered.¬†What is desired, already IS. All exist together, forever, as One. ¬†The old human placed so many conditions and narrowed the lens so much so, that it pinched off its flow of¬†Source energy and limited is awareness¬†so much so, that it perceived only separation, limiting awareness¬†that the desire of Oneness and “with-ness” had already been answered and¬†was and is already so.

So, it is the perspective of the Higher Self, that we are reconditioning the new Hue-Man, Man of Light to embody.   The New Earth is being created by our Higher Selves, our Source perspective.

Oneness, Unity & Love

The vibration within the human vehicle is rising, and the awareness expanding and as this is lining up, the conditions are being¬†sloughed away and surrendered as the new human¬†consciously reintegrates the awareness of the Higher Self.¬† And as the awareness expands, the Being knows, that it is always answered and has already been. All that is desired, already is as soon as the desire is conjured. ¬† The more conditions are released, the pressure and resistance lessens, coming more and more in alignment with Source; “seeing through the eyes of Source.” And,¬†that which is within, is also without.

We are altering and expanding our perception and making the adjustments to widen the lens of awareness, going deeper and deeper within, to match the reality of the Sacred Heart where Love, Unity and Oneness are Truth.   And as we align to that which is within, that which is without, is experienced from that point of attraction.  And, THAT, feels OH SO GOOD!

The more conditions surrendered and ¬†the lens expanded, the “lighter the load, the Lighter the road.”

I celebrate you in the name of Love I Am,



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“Your” Higher Self


March 2nd, 2014


I feel drawn to share a vision from during a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session back in December of 2012.

I was in what looked like a Tesla Ball‚Ķ or a Plasma Ball.¬† I was told I was “in the Light of Metatron.”¬† All of the various rays of light extended from one center sphere in the middle.¬† ALL Light Rays that we were experiencing within , are all generated from the One Sphere in the Center. ¬†While the extensions of the rays extended outward in a multitude of “directions”, All extended from ONE center point, none separate from the other.

We are Spirit exploring creation through the Rays of Light generated from Metatron in this holographic reality, that are of the ONE Source.  All the Same, no differentiation.  Same Source

Your “Higher Self”, Your “I AM”, are¬†all joined¬†with and as the ONE Collective I AM Presence in the ONE Light Omnipresent, in the ONE Universal Mind of this super-electron computer.

While as unique parts of the whole, that are¬†One, we all have free will and creative expression…when we release the the “special-ness”, the separateness, ¬†and come together to¬†unite and create together in harmony and perfect unity, there we align with peace.

ALL encompassing love embraces ALL and knows that ALL are ONE, in complete Holy (Whole) Unity.

All are ONE.