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1000 Years Ago


Here’s a playful consciousness practice I use… (sharing for those who may feel resonance with this…)… Who may be interested in experimenting with something new (and super simple), for the purpose of maintaining awareness and presence in the NOW.

If there’s something I feel snagged or caught up on, something that bothered or rattled me…

I stop and tell myself, “that was 1000 years ago!”

As time is only a measurement and is relative… This assists me in moving on from whatever I may be hung up on…to be playful about it…

Because really, what’s the difference if something occurred 1 minute ago versus 1000 years ago?

– I say, nothing in the scheme of the Immortal Being I Am!

So, should you find yourself rattled about something or other, try saying to yourself, “oh that?, that was 1000 years ago!”

And, whatever the hang up is/was, becomes a joke, something silly. (As it would be totally silly to be rattled about something that occurred 1000 years ago ūüėČ)

Usher in the playfulness!

It’s quite helpful in the evolution of this consciousness journey ūüėú

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Playful Forgiveness


I have been enjoying some playful moments with Spirit today…

One of them, was about forgiveness.

I was shown a vision of two people holding each end of a rope, playing tug of war…

So, imagine two people (or even a group; and could even be with yourself!) that has tension with the other… and they are each holding an end of this rope.

When one let’s go, what happens?

The tension is released!

(And, hypothetically (this is just for giggles) the one still holding the rope falls backward on their butt… hehe!)

It¬†can be fun playing the “forgiveness game.” ¬†And being playful swiftly raises the vibration!

Simple let go (of the tension).. by releasing the side of the proverbial rope you/we hold when in tension with someone or something else.

Walk away, redirect.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as that.

The tension is released.  The charge is dropped.

In the end, both parties win.  All it takes is one to release the charge with the intent of forgiveness.

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Enery Current-See ~A Recap of the Last 2 Weeks~


***Art by Vladimir Kush


Energy Current-See

~A Recap of the Last 2 Weeks~

  • I see an alignment taking place within the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras… Lots of Yellow and Blue Rays. ¬†This has to do with the Will. ¬† It also has to do with releasing the small self, the “smallness” and the limitations and unworthiness and so on… and aligning with the Greatness and the Grand Image we are created as and really are. ¬†A releasing of the limited will and An aligning with the Infinite Will of Him/Hymn (One Source Frequency.) ¬†This is quite an empowering alignment. ¬†There have been several alignments of this sort for a time… this however, is an even greater expansion on all the previous experienced.


  • Expansive Alignments in the Thymus Gland… expanding and deepening the alignment with our Higher Heart. ¬†The symbol I am shown for this current alignment is an¬†Ankh and the number 7.


  • Many more having experiences with the Angels and Ascended Masters… and for those already very aware of their presence, expanding the awareness that we are One with them. ¬†The Masters are “here”, and ONE with US!


  • Merging of Self and experiences: Many more are having multi-dimensional experiences of themselves and feeling less of a separation of ¬†alternate¬†experiences and dimensions of Self… we are uniting and merging the Whole Self as one and lessening the perception of “starting and endings” and separations between.


  • I am receiving downloads regarding “Forgiveness.” ¬† Up through this point, we understood¬†forgiveness¬†to be about releasing ourselves and each other from perceived mis-creations. ¬†As when things are made up and done out of alignment with the Pure Love Self, it is a reality of distortion manifest. When we are vibrating to the Diamond Ray frequency of “Forgiveness”, it no longer involves the definition of what we have known it to be and to be about as when in alignment with the Pure Love Self, we know ourselves as Eternally Released and Free.
    • ¬† ¬†In the Diamond Ray Frequency, forgiveness no longer has to do with forgiving in the way we have known it as it is no longer required. ¬†We no longer see things as “wrong” and needing to be forgiven, etc. ¬†That is not to say that discernment is voided, absolutely not. ¬†That is not what is meant here. ¬†It is also, not to say that we still don’t use our inner guidance to feel what is in alignment for us and what isn’t. ¬†In the Diamond Ray Frequency, we see through the eyes of Source. In the Diamond Ray Frequency, “forgiveness” has only to do with Divine Creativity and CREATING with “Hymn”, the One Source Frequency. ¬†In the Diamond Ray Frequency, Forgiveness is all about Limitless Creating and all things desired to be created FOR-given, already given through Hymn (The One Source Frequency). ¬†When we are in alignment with Pure Love Self, “Your wish is your command.” ¬†This is true “Forgiveness.” ¬†Through Hymn (The One), ALL that IS, is available to create with/from. ¬†When we are in our Diamond Ray Frequency and in alAINment with our Pure Love Self, the idea of forgiveness is creation and creating with Hymn, in alignment with Source.


  • A greater integration of “All is Love.”
    • Indeed, all is Love. ¬†All is Source energy of the Highest Frequency of Love.
    • Anything perceived to be something other than love, is simply a lens or filter or a pinching off of Source frequency of the observer… a separation and distortion from the flow of Pure Positive Source energy. ¬†Anything perceived as anything other than Love, would be a distortion in the mind matrix.
    • All is Love. It can only be. ¬† There is only the All that Is. ¬†There is nothing outside of the All. ¬†Love IS¬†and it is Forever & Everlasting.


  • “Reactions are a Reflection of Beliefs”
    • Many are experiencing a greater understanding of the beliefs held onto… and in many cases, reactions to things, situations, relationships, seem to be magnified as a way of bringing to the surface, the beliefs about said things.
    • Reactions (positive or negative), are a reflection of our own beliefs. ¬†This is very much a current “theme.” ¬†And a time of self reflection to go inward and take a look at the beliefs held onto. ¬†The energy right now is very supportive of releasing limiting beliefs… ¬†And of course, the more we allow for this, we reunite at greater levels to our awareness as Pure Love Self that is One with All.


  • There have been so many “upgrades” and alignments, many are feeling a little bit of discombobulation in learning to navigate the new “software” (this term being symbolic of course) ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Just like when a new software is upgraded or a new platform is launched, some pick it up quicker than others… and over time, more and more are online and on board with the New ūüėČ


Love and Blessings Always,



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Make the unconscious, Conscious


March 25, 2014

There will be a point in “time” where one will realize that further evolutionary spiritual progress cannot move any further, without addressing and healing the mind.¬† All kinds of “experiences” can be perceived‚Ķ astral travel and the like‚Ķ However, a “ceiling” for lack of better terms, will be hit up against until one looks at what lies in the Unconscious and commits to learn the practice of Forgiveness.

Make the unconscious Conscious.  Release all that is hidden…Release all to the Light of the Son.

When healing of the mind is committed to and one dedicates themselves to the practice of Forgiveness, only then, can one begin to experience themselves as a Universal Galactic Citizen and further more, go Beyond the Beyond, beyond what is thought of as the “Universe” itself and make the return to the God Head, the Divine Mind of One. The Alpha and the Omega.