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Energy Current See: Galactic-Angelic Integration


Breath and be consciously centered in the Heart today… there is a bit of a shifting and a purging taking place with the energies today.  This is very internal…it is almost like riding on a pendulum or swinging back and forth on a swing inside 😉

We are aligning with our multi-dimensional and angelic awareness more than ever right now.  This morning, I awoke with a more conscious awareness than I can recollect in a while,  of a movement of a merging with my Arcturian and Angelic aspects…this was more tangible than I can remember… of this galactic and angelic awareness manifesting into my reality as an embodiment… more than just an etheric awareness…but actualizing and embodying the galactic and angelic aspects!

There was also some toning taking place within me, while I was observing and feeling these other aspects of Self from a crystalline whale pod (Cetaceans) to assist with these adjustments and tuning and so forth…

So, from my perspective, it is quite logical and feels natural that there may be a deep shifting inside of us to allow for this that we are summoning forth to integrate.

Anyway, the more centered we can be, aligning with the Pure Love Vibration and just to be in a relaxed place of allowing… the smoother these sort of shifts move and roll through…

Love and Blissings,