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What’s mine is Yours


I am receiving regular intel the last couple of weeks on the topic of “ownership” and “possession”…and the changing of the tides regarding this matter.

As most are aware, there is and has been a heavy focus upon ownership and possession, especially in the corporate world. Things such as trademarking, patenting, copyrighting, etc…with many lawsuits and ugly arguments waged between businesses as well as individuals over such issues.

I feel that such ideas and concepts create limitation.

At some point, when the economical environment alters from the way it is now, (as I feel many of us will very well experience in our lifetime; such things will shift to that of SHARING with ALL).

Sharing creates unlimited reciprocity and potential…FREE ENERGY!

The current system will have to break, in order to create a new system rooted in LOVE that will birth new structures, more in accordance with divine order.  (For me, I don’t feel that all this legal ownership and protecting “what’s mine and not yours” is in accordance with that.)

It seems a bit of a  silly concept to me,  that we live in a world where we trademark and copyright everything, we have a need to possess everything… including the sovereignty of other beings!

As a side note, I found it to be quite enlightening that the Tesla Motors company removed their wall of trademarks and patents  last year and chose to share their technology…I look forward to seeing more companies follow suit with this.

I question and contemplate, “how can one proclaim sole ownership of guidance and wisdom from the Source that is Love that is meant to be shared with all?”

…but hey, that’s just my opinion.

What’s yours?

Healing as a society and community occurs when we recognize that an issue for one, is an issue for all.

Change will occur when LOVE is the root of the structures we create and when LOVE is the foundation we choose to build upon.

“What’s mine is Yours”