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Energy Current-See: Anchoring your Electric Angel

Blossoming in the Light

I am seeing a 7th Dimensional alignment to what I have been guided to term as the “Electric-Angel.”

This time of now, supports and summons us to embrace our human experience. To anchor, ground, and unify as Spirit-Mind/Heart-Body, as Hue-Man, Man of Light.

The Key at this time is Acceptance.

Acceptance of the human experience we have chosen, is vital in the process of aligning to our “Electric Angel.”  Like an electrical outlet, we must establish secure grounding to allow for the anchoring of the higher vibrations and frequencies of Spirit-Self.

Many have had quite a challenging time of fully embracing and accepting the human experience. Some have felt consciously and/or unconsciously that embracing the human experience negates Spirit and the Spiritual and have found difficulty in aligning with a harmonious balance.  This actually denies the Self in its choosing of this experience and resists what IS. When we deny what Is, this naturally, has a huge impact on our experience(s).  When/if the human experience is not embraced and is resisted, one eventually hits the proverbial ceiling as all things that are resisted, must eventually be reconciled.  This proverbial ceiling serves, (as all indeed does serve us always), as it would have us re-evaluate the sorting out and judgment of what is Spirit(ual) and what is supposedly not.  We are in a process of uniting Heaven and Earth within and this must be so before we will experience this in the outer.  “As Above, So Below.”  If we are resisting the human experience, how can one expect to experience Ascension and Expansion while incarnate, while at the same time, denying the carrier in which the experience is to manifest through?  From what I can sense, there are enough who have been resisting part(s) of this  human experience, that there are codings of Light programs streaming forth to support us in our realignment of how we have and are viewing  what this human experience is and has to offer in our journey of Expansion; assisting us to alter and transform our old beliefs about it.

“You are ALL things.”

You are all things created and those not yet created that are to be.

We are Source. Source is Ineffable. Source is infinite potential.

There is no separation or separating it out… we are the ALL.

All is in The All.  No-thing is outside of the All.

We are all vibration and frequency.

We are all dimensions.

We are time and space and yet no time nor space all at once.


It feels so good to take a deep conscious breath, “I Am ALLLL that ISSS.”  To feel through it and all that it means to you… and to be in the stillness of this awareness and presence within… feeling the perfection and infinitude of it all, just as it IS right NOW.

Say yes to it All.

Say yes to THE All.

Say yes to Self.

Say Yes to All just as it IS, as you are right this moment.


When embracing the human experience, we acknowledge the gift of CHOICE we have made and make to be here incarnate.  By embracing the human experience and taking responsibility of our CHOICE, we allow Spirit to flow through freely with ease and grace, and without resistance.  There is no benefit in denying the human experience. Resisting it only creates more accentuation of limitation, pain and suffering.  We must give up the fight in separating out our human experience from our non-physical Spirit-Self and allow for Unity within, realigning Heaven & Earth, Above & Below, within & without.  We must embrace it to fully anchor the Light within our incarnate vessels to Ray-diate as Hue-man. To re-align and ground, remember that you are of Source and so is everything and everyone else, human experiences and all…it’s all serving the Whole…Expanding the Universal Heart, the Heart of Source that we are together as One. When we transform the judgements of attempting to sort out what we are and are not… and totally and completely relax in total surrender and trust of what is, just as it is… acknowledging there is only Source existing as everything, everywhere- we can then more easily relax into whatever form we may choose to animate  and feel at ease, at one with the All,  just as we are…Self-Aware & Present- knowing Peace within.  Relax into the experience of this Hue-man form…it will serve you if you allow for it…allowing for a much more comfortable ride 😉

As we increasingly proceed into the Photonic Light-belt and expand more into the Full Light Spectrum of The Metatron, the photon Light Ionizes our Atomic Structure, realigning to a more positive charge. When we embrace and accept the human experience, and balance the polarities within, we can much more easily channel & anchor the Light within the incarnate vehicle.  This alignment cannot take place while in a state of resistance of opposing polarities.  We must be grounded and accepting of ourselves as we are. The more we accept and allow in graceful trust and surrender, this realigns resistance, raising frequency and vibration, anchoring the Light within. As we achieve a certain valency, we anchor our Electric Angel by aligning Spirit, Mind & Body…renewing the Electric-City within – The City of Light!

As we embrace the human experience, we expand our awareness to the miracles and magic that abound…and the All Encompassing Love that surrounds ❤

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Energy Current-See: Peace Out


***Art by Vladimir Kush



Energy Current-See

I started writing this about a week ago, around May 31st, 2014… interesting thing about the energy wave right now, for the last couple of weeks… is that, there seems to be a great many that feel like hibernating and keeping to one’s self, myself included. Not in a “hermit” kind of way… just a total “Peacing Out.”  So, while I began on these notations of what I have been sensing in the current energy, I have felt no motivation to post it until today…

I liked this message from Eckhart Tolle that popped in my email today and felt it to be very resonant with my feelings about searching for the words to interpret things, lol

“Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much.”

~Eckhart Tolle

I am choosing more of a “bullet point” style for this current posting of “Energy Current-See”…as again, I am not feeling  in this wave of energy much motivation or requirement for elaboration nor a push for much mental exercise…lol!


  • The Ying and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine are learning their married relationship with each other, together as ONE… “they” are learning how to dance with each other, learning the rythem of Oneness and “dancing” in Unison…  To keep this in proper perspective, This is applicable only “here” in the holographic reality, as in our True Reality of All that Is, there has always been perfect Eternal Unity and Oneness of “Masculine/Feminine, Ying/Yang”, and so on!

-Note:  This is within our own selves, within our own energies…this “note” is written symbolically…



  • In the vessel, the chakra system is completing its alignment of the symbolic fish, in the tail, where the tail comes up through the Cerebral chakra in the back of the head, through the pineal and out through the Chandra chakra in the middle of the forehead…some may feel a great pressure in the base of the head and upper neck where the two meet and join.


I share this short explanation below about the Chandra Chakra for those that are not familiar, Excerpted from http://www.oraclecards.com/chakra6.html

“The Chandra (Middle Forehead) Chakra

The Middle Forehead chakra is called the Indu or Chandra (“Moon”) chakra, and corresponds to various spiritual states of consciousness, essentially accessed through abstract, contemplative thought.  The Chandra chakra is associated with the hypothalamus gland, and thus operates to manage and maintain the balance in the physical hormone system.

The Chandra chakra works with the ray of love and acts to mediate between the Manas and the Upper Forehead chakra (higher inspiration).  Where the Manas chakra most represents the rational mind, the Chandra chakra most represents the artistic, creative, mystical and intuitive mind.  As the ray of love interpenetrates Chandra, a vibratory connection is set up with the Pineal gland.  In this, Chandra represents the yin or negative polarity and the pineal gland provides the yang or positive polarity.  Together they create the faculty where Divine Light (supreme consciousness) is made available to the physical self.  Also called the Buddhi center, Chandra represents the higher mind faculty, providing access to the super-conscious where the Self is united with the universal mind.  Through this connection, the individual has access to the ‘akashic records’, a vision of their complete karmic history (see Middle Forehead Chakra). ”



  • One morning, sometime last week, I was taken through  some mental exercises of reducing everything to the Eternal Flame… in other words, in any situation and/or with “other persons”, eliminate anything mentally, perceptially, judgementally (you get the gist) “externally applied”, you are left with the Spark that is of the Eternal Flame of Source.  This is a good practice in reuniting with total and complete Oneness.




  • Sensitives may be literally, physically experiencing Growing pains in the vessel… in this energy current, it is helpful to be FLEXIBLE… in all ways… flexibility is key right now in the current energy


  • Releasing from obsessive and compulsive modifiers


  • A time to consciously align with and integrate peace within, opening to divine creativity…it is most helpful right now, to be very RELAXED about everything… take “time” to feel through anything that requires action…and insure that all action and decision are of PEACE



“The fire in the center of the triangle burns cold, and destroys all that is not pure gold.” 

from http://www.asc-alchemy.com/chakra.html


Love & Blessings of Peace to All,






You Are Pure Already


For now, I am Throwing out and discarding of the term, “Purification.”


What is there to purify within the already Pure Perfection of All that is?


A journey of purification could lead to a never ending search for something undefinable.


For what would determine final completion of “Purification”?


From my perspective, these days, the idea of purification feels similar to that of judgement and the idea of it feels quite limiting.


Furthermore, for me, I feel that we were created Pure already, of all things pure, of an All Pure Source.

Purity is FOR-Given.  It is a GIVEN!  Not something that must be obtained or achieved.


How could One that is created of an all Pure Source, be anything but Pure, itSelf?


If there would be any idea of “purification” needed, it would simply be but a limited perception in the mind…

Within this limited perception, it is but a simple decision to expand the awareness beyond the perception.

To see and know of the Wholeness/Holyness That it Is, as a creation of The One that is the All.

The Pure Love Self need only be Known to thy Self.


Purity and  Perfection IS of All That Is, because what IS, exists.

It Is and exists Eternally.

In that, Lives the Perfection of All That Is.


Purity is  Love and Love is Pure Perfection.


Love does not require “Purification.”


You are Pure Perfect Love Already NOW.



Just BE…in All the Glory of the Vastness of your Divinity.



I Am That I Am.


In Holy One-ness and Unity,