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Grail Meditation


Prior to going to sleep last night, I had a fun vision and as I was laying down, I saw my body, become a golden grail chalice.

Source energy was flowing from above, filling up the chalice (the part of my human vessel that was the cup).

And then, it is WE, who drink of this cup, that is our very own Selves.

As we take this into our selves, into our consciousness, this Source energy is the “nurturer.”

The Source energy is the “nutrition” that is utilized to manifest all that we do, as it is allowed to flow through.

It is what “feeds” us.

This is clearly all very basic info here!

It is the whole flow of it that is the focus.

I share it as a visualization/meditation experience to play with 😉


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Energy Current-See: Reformatting Memory


This blog post is to share a vision I had on January 8th, 2015.

It was shown to me as a “sim card” in the head/brain… and it was being reformatted to that of Diamond.

When I look up “sim card” on Wikipedia, it comes up with this:

“a smart card inside a cellular phone, carrying an identification number unique to the owner, storing personal data, and preventing operation if removed.”

I was guided that the symbolism of this sim card and the reformatting of it, has to do primarily with our “memories.”  This is not to erase them, but instead to reformat the memories to be seen from a higher vibrational viewpoint.  To see our memories through the Diamond Eye. This alteration and reflection of memories through the Diamond Ray, would drastically alter our perspective of our memories to that of a much higher vibration… seeing them from a much more expanded viewpoint and frame of reference.

This same visualization may be utilized in meditation.  Should this resonate for you, I invite you to experiment with it 😉

Diamond Blissings,