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Lion’s Gate

The message of Spirit I received this morning, this day of 8/8, Lion’s Gate, is “Be the Gate”.

I just love this!

As this is not something occurring outside of us or to us, it arises from within.

One of the themes for this portal is Compassion.

I then asked “how to best share this message?”

I was guided that now is a time for self-empowerment.

A long discourse is not required.

It’s a time of Self Mastery.

I’m guided only to invite you to FEEL within what “Be the Gate” feels like to you?

Be the WAY.

What does this feel like to you?

It matters not what another’s take on this is, empower yourself to be at one in your Sacred Heart… And Phi-El…and embrace all that arises with Love.

We are the gate!

We are the Way!

Blessings of Love & Valor,