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Desire the Surrender and Surrender that Too



Through the latest “crucible astrology” of the eclipses, blood moon, etc… My focus of late has been that of surrendering and “letting go” of all of the thoughts, desires (everything) that remain rooted in the idea of separation.

I  had one of those AH-HA moments this morning… that just like anything else, I really need to trust that I have launched the rocket of desire to surrender it all & to allow myself to fully embody Source Consciousness.  Love, Unity and Oneness.  Desire the alignment and then trust and let it go.  Like letting go of a helium balloon.  Because, like anything, the more we focus on wanting the thing we believe we don’t already have, the attention is placed on that “lack” and we then continue generating more and more of THAT.  I just realized that the more that I continue to focus on surrendering and delving through all of the “things” within myself to “let go of”, that then be my focus and it will be a never ending scavenger hunt of yet more and more “things” to surrender!

Desire the Surrender and Surrender that Too

It sometimes cracks me up while I navigate through the processes of the Law and Attraction.  haha!

Much Love,




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Energy Current-See: 1+1=3


This is the download I received just now regarding the current Energy:


So, what is this about?

This is a hard pill to swallow for many.

We are participating in a “Law of Attraction” Universe.

What we give our attention to,  manifests in our reality.

I will offer an example that I feel is relevant and current with what’s some of what is occurring in the spotlight at the moment:  As long as there is a perpetrator of something, there is also a match to that, a victim.

As long as there is an experiencer, having an experience as a victim, there will be the equal match –> a perpetrator.

Now this example is really just half-light manifestations of a certain energy pattern.  Because, it is a divided vibration that is manifesting as a pattern of separation.  And when frequencies are split, or disconnected, then they are expressed as polarized manifestations.

This is a cycle.

It is a cycle of duality.

It is two sides of the same coin.

We all serve as reflectors of energy for each other.   There is so much going on right now, where people are calling each other out for x, y, z “sin.”  We are all just reflecting energy back.  And in the cycle of duality, people disassociate themselves from “the other side.”  The current energy is bringing up our deepest fears and insecurities.

The energy current at the moment, is supporting us to be one with the proverbial coin.

Should this same energy, be then aligned, the energy ascended, then there is now a Full-Light connected, aligned frequency that manifests completely different!

In order to release from the cycle of duality, one needs to recognize and take responsibility that “if I am capable of doing x, y, z; then I am also capable being a victim of the same.”

And, the opposite is true.  “If I’m experiencing myself as a victim of x, y, z; then I am also capable of being the perpetrator of it.”

Again, this is a hard pill to swallow for most!

All are one.  It is all one mind.

Cause and Effect are of/from the same ONE.

To release from the cycle of duality and choose a new dance, we must “be the coin.”

We must be the THIRD.

It is the only way into something “New.”  To dance a new dance.

Otherwise, we remain in a cycle of duality, constantly altering our focus, experiencing one side of the coin and then the other.   Back and forth. And only ever 1 side at a time. Never fully experiencing the greater potential of the energy pattern.

1+1=3   There are the two sides of the “coin.”  And then there is the coin as a whole.  We must be the whole and not just alternate between sides.  There is really only the whole.  Lest we divide ourselves.  Then, you experience only duality and separation.

We must “be the Third” and expand our awareness, to become aware of the WHOLE.

We are All One.




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All Is Chosen & There Will Always Be More



As long as there is a thinker to think it, so shall it be.

As an example, as long as there is one to think about taking advantage of the Earth to profit from it, so shall it be.  And so shall there be the opposite of it, one who’s lofty mission is to “save the Earth.”  And, vice versa.

As long as there is one who feels prejudice rules their life, so shall there be “victims” (experiencers) of it and perpetrators of it and further more, then, those who’s lofty mission it is to rid the Earth of “racism.”

And on and on the endless list of examples can go…

This is how “Law of Attraction” works.

So, then, who is the judge of what is “good” and what is “bad.”

When each are answering what “others” are giving their attention to?

As long as one finds pleasure in saving this or saving that, there will be another to insure that reality continues.

We have projected ourselves to experience this Universe, that is, a “Law of Attraction” Universe.  Wherever there is a focuser, an aspect of The ONE, giving their attention to something, boom!  It comes to “life.”  And then, exists a reality “somewhere”, “someplace”, that contains that which the focuser is choosing to give attention to.

So, we can go about all we want, with the loftiest of “missions” of doing “good deeds”… and as long as you/we give our attention to whatever “that” thing is, so shall it persist.  The very things that we “hate”, (racism, war, rape, etc., you name it), so shall it persist as long as there is a focuser to give their attention to it.

And the opposite is true, wherever there is one to experience any of these things, so shall it persist and so shall the “saviors” of those very things that are despised, continue to have their experience of those very things occurring to “others” in the forefront of their awareness and in their “reality.”

And so, the cycle continues…

Now, some may say, “wow, how negative.”

But is it?

It is only “negative” when one is unaware that ALL IS CHOSEN.  As long as one is unaware that all is chosen, the reality will always then be one of victimhood.   Nor can we say, that it’s anyone’s fault.  There is Unity at play also.  An inherent Oneness. We are ALL creating, together.  No one is excluded.  We are ONE MIND, ONE HEART.

I do completely understand that this can be felt as completely and utterly depressing.  “A depressing idea.” I get it.  I understand that for many, that is a hard pill to swallow.

After all, this is one wild Universe!  There are collisions in space and explosions of stars.  And we experience the same wild adventures in our experiences.  For all of that “out there” in the Universe is a projection of mind.  Just as our experiences are, however crazy they may be, are a projection of mind.  “As above, so below, As within, so without.”

All are one.  There is no division of any of it.  We are just playing with the idea, that there is.

It is actually really lovely, when we are aware enough to recognize that we are such powerful creators.  And those creating their realities that contain those “ingredients” that we judge to be so utterly awful, are powerful indeed.  That, as extensions of pure positive energy of Source that we are, that we can create such things.  Such a thing, so far off from what we are.

WE are so very powerful!

And, THAT, is amazing indeed!

At any time, One, can change their reality by simply re-aligning the focus and where attention is given to.  Many are not aware of this.  That too, is part of the game!  I say it is simple… however, we often feel very challenged in doing this. No, it is not easy. Simple, yes?  Easy, No.  Not yet anyway 😉  We wanted the challenge.  We as Source, we already KNOW how easy it is!

That’s the “game.”  We enjoy a variety of genres.  We wanted a challenge, because it is FUN!

The higher part of us, the non-physical part of us KNOWS that we can’t be destroyed!

Bodies can be destroyed, yes.  Things, can be destroyed, yes.

But the Essence of what we are, Source that we are, can never be destroyed.

So, again, that is part of the “game.”

There is beauty in it.

If we are willing to not take the “craziness” so seriously.

And recognize, that ALL IS CHOSEN.

And at some point, a new game will be chosen for this space/time reality.

Even in the game of “ending duality.”  I don’t believe we actually “end” duality.  Duality is still a choice.   Some, will still choose duality.  Those wanting a different experience will simply make a different choice.  To expand awareness to become aware of “MORE.”  To SEE in a different way. A new FOCUS.  A new lens of perception.   A different choice is made and attention given to something else to see beyond the idea of duality.

The “More.”

And the “more,” is eternally expanding.

There will always be “MORE.”







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Feeling Forward into the Vortex



When it comes to manifesting and staying in your vibrational vortex, keep “feeling forward” as Abraham via Esther Hicks would say!

I am a skier… and while I was contemplating this “feeling forward” that Abraham via Esther speaks about, it reminded me of downhill skiing.

As a skier skis down the mountain, you lean forward into the boot.  You can’t lean backward, or else you fall!  And as one skis down the face of the mountain, you continually look forward.  You had better, lol There is no “rear view mirror”.  No looking back (to what has past)!

This awesome tool of  “feeling forward” into the vortex and relating it as an analogy to downhill skiing, and leaning forward down the mountain, has really assisted me in feeling forward into my vibrational vortex. When I am feeling that I need some momentum and a little extra oomph to get myself going in the right direction, and taking the path of least resistance (“down the mountain”), and leaning “forward” into what I am wanting.  Allowing what was already, to be.  To create the NEW!

This sort of analogy is effective immediately for me.

There may be a different analogy that you personally relate to, more so than this one.  Play with it and see what works for you.  It’s so fun!  I love finding little tools for consciousness that assist me in mastering my vibration 😉

With Love,





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Love Is The Power


Love is the Power.

The Universal Force that answers All is LOVE.

You are Love!

Some ask, how is it then that darkness and negativity can exist if it is so, that we are all Love?

The Universal Force that is Love, answers ALL.

You are Love.

YOU give that which you give your attention to, it’s power.

LOVE powers ALL experiences.  No matter the experience, even the negative experiences.


Because Love is the Power.

You are Love.

YOU give what you are choosing (what you give your attention to) it’s power. You are at the helm. And you will be answered no matter if it is positive or negative because LOVE is so powerful, YOU are so powerful! The Universal Force answers you always in all-ways, exactly what you are choosing, desiring, wanting and asking for without judgement! And you, that are Love can summon forth anything you desire in the blink of an eye when you are willing to hone in on that desire and match the vibration of it.

Here is an exercise to play with if there is something in your vibration that you would like to alter:

Visualize a sort of control panel.  And there are buttons across this control panel.  And these buttons on the control panel, represent your charge to certain things in your experience.  Choose one of these buttons to represent said thing that you desire to alter.  Place your finger upon this button and press it. As you press it, feel the charge you have to this, turn off with the press of the button.

This exercise is helpful if it is utilized with a pure intent of releasing the charge to whatever it is that you are desiring to alter in  your experience.

You can also utilize this same practice to align your vibration with something you are desiring to include into your experience.  Assign one of the buttons to represent your new desire.  During your visualization practice, press the button to ignite the charge.

Have fun and play!

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Energetic Prioritization


Energetic Prioritization

Prioritizing is important energetically…

Being that we are energy beings, it is helpful to learn to be aware of that which we give priority to.

Energetically speaking, and accounting for the Law of Attraction, energy flows where attention goes.

So, what are you giving your attention to?

What are you prioritizing?

It is helpful to maintain conscious awareness of what we prioritize.What we actively do, think about, etc.   For what we prioritize is what and where we lend a greater degree of our energy to.

We “charge” that which we lend our attention to.

What we prioritize, we give a higher voltage to 😉

The more we can gracefully maintain conscious awareness of just what we prioritize and where and to what we give more attention and energy to,  we shall indeed stand witness and bear the gifts of our chosen desires that we give energetic charge to.  The key being that of consciously CHOOSING.

Focus and intent will give power of that which one may desire to create and manifest in their experience  Creations that lend the greatest degree of satisfaction are those that are created from the heart where one had conscious intent in creating, through impeccability of mind and heart for the greatest good of all.  For this indeed nourishes the soul, which nourishes all.


Energy Current See- A Recap of the last 6 weeks

cosmic sea
August 8th, 2014

Energy Current See- A Recap of the Last 6 Weeks

Well, this has been an interesting last couple of weeks…I have held off on writing much of anything the last month or so as it felt like a “time out” kind of period for me. The last 4-6 weeks has been a cycle all its own. It has been quite the roller-coaster (or at least, that has been my perception.) I began note taking about 4-6 weeks or so ago on this one. I started to post parts of it, and then each time, I felt pulled back and just “not ready” to do that yet. And now, I can see why, as the last month has been a series of cycles within a cycle and until the cycle comes back around full circle, the whole picture, are at least a greater understanding of it, is not always yet known. This has been a huge “feeling through time” cycle for me of just riding the waves and really practicing Allowing… allowing is being…

This is a summary of some of my experiences over the course of the last 4-6 weeks or so…

• Lots of deep levels of Integration…

• A lot of Ancestral “stuff” coming up … surfacing in varying forms

• Releasing from Images…this has been a HUGE “theme” the last 6 weeks or so

• Not reacting to fear and “attack” and recognizing the illusion of it…seeing it for what it really is, or shall I say, isn’t

• One week, I had “visits” from Sai Baba, The White Buffalo Calf Woman (where I was transported to the Great Plains in Missouri) and a Lakota Indian Chief who awoke me at 3 am one morning

~All of them speaking to me about 2 main topics: releasing from form and transforming the lower vibratory thoughts and ideas of form and recognizing the situations and dramas in our experience as images, that we have the opportunity to neutralize or energize.

• On Form (This was the main topic of the visit with Sai Baba): as we know, “form” is just a vehicle. Source/God/Creator is formless. It is the same Source in All. It is only our projections that create our perceptions that we place on said form of how and what we choose the use and purpose of said form to be. The form is indeed neutral. It is only the use (the content) that we give it. The form is just a “carrier.” Source may take on form, and is far beyond any limitations of such form.
~ While many of us know of this already on varying levels… at the time of this visit and in reviewing and feeling into the deeper levels of what Sai Baba was sharing, I felt that we were in a period of expanding our awareness to this Truth and truly integrating it. That is, once it is accepted and allowed for in our minds and hearts… When this is realized and integrated, it is very easily seen that there is no death and what we have experienced in our incarnate experiences and what we thought of as “death”, is just one single and fluid continuation of our experiences. There is no death at all, just a changing of form. Last night, I was shown an image of our bodies as musical notes. Our vessels carry our frequency and vibration. Another vision, was that of a star inside of a pentagon. This representing “the stars we are” embodied in the form of “hue-man”, man of Light. We are the cosmos embodied.
I just loved these visions last night, as this brought Sai Baba’s visit (from about 5-6 weeks ago), full circle 😉 Indeed, we have been in a cycle of transforming our ideas of form. When we change the way we perceive form, our vessel, and its purpose, we transform its use…releasing from identifying as the form…realigning our power where it really is, in the heart/mind…being conscious as Heart/Mind and not operating on auto pilot as mindless, believing that we are some limited being of form…becoming more conscious that we are beyond limitation of any form…and that it is the SAME Source that animates any and all of what we term “form.”

• Another “theme” they had been speaking with me about has to do with not reacting to “images”. The Lakota chief spoke to me a lot about this topic…about not being defensive and/or reactive…and not taking situations, etc. in form so serious…We are here to play! I was shown several flat images…and these images represented “situations”, the stories, the dramas… they were placed one in front of the other and staggered…the staggering was to represent that there is freedom of choice and movement allowed. Also,
the point of this was, to show these sorts of things as just images and nothing more. And, that we have the power of what we bring into our awareness. We have the power to rearrange these things at will and we get to choose what we neutralize and what we energize. The slides of images (situations) can be rearranged in accordance to what we choose to energize. What we choose to neutralize, we need not push against or resist…those things can run in the background and as we release our attention from them, those things will be transformed and/or transmuted as we release our attention from them and stop feeding that which we are not be wanting. Those things we want to give our attention to and energize, we bring forward into our awareness and those things we want to neutralize can go to the bottom of the pile and run in the background without resisting or pushing against them. Law of Attraction 😉 Ultimately, all is neutral… it matters only what we would make of it and what we would apply to it and the charge (or not) that we do or do not give something… And what we would apply to it (or not), is our free will.
~Another Vision that coordinates with this: I saw a Red Beetle… this beetle was in the center of a spider web. However, the beetle was not caught in the spider web and could easily fly to and from the web without getting tangled in it. This vision didn’t take much deciphering. This was pretty obvious to me what this was about, lol It was simply representing our experience, in human form, not getting caught up in the “web” or “net”…knowing of our freedom to choose and move…and not being trapped or entangled by our experiences we create. Bound by nothing, flying freely in and out of points of experience and far beyond the linear experience we sometimes get so tunnel visioned in.
Here is a link I found about the symbolism of the beetle 😉

~A few other notes from the last couple of weeks~

• Vision from a few weeks ago: I felt myself transported to an awareness beyond all form, it felt and looked like Plasma… it was a Formless Substance all around, I could feel the Force, out of this plasma and force, there was Light… I could feel myself move through the plasma, through the Light and I, as the Light, shot out like rockets with two other streams of Light…so, there were 3. This felt so amazing… I just wanted to stay there, in that “place”…

• I’ve felt a strong and consistent presence of Isis the last couple of weeks. At one moment, I felt her presence around me about 20-30 feet tall.

• Several visions having to do with the Great Pyramid and the “Capstone” and Vehicle of Light (wish I had kept more notes on this particular topic)

• One day last week, during a meditation, I saw myself turn into a serpent eating its tail, the “Ouroborus”. That confirmed for me, why I was not feeling like writing or doing too much of anything… I needed to allow for the completion of this mini-cycle first…before any doing or action…

• Lastly, I am seeing, feeling and experiencing an amazing merging with the Elemental Body. There have even been times when I may pass by a mirror and see the Elemental in me sooooo very prominent! I have spoken with several others who are also experiencing this very same thing. Again, this ties back into the mini-cycle we have been in, in relation to the ascension of the form 😉

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The I of the Needle


March 11, 2014

In Silence, align with Source within, in silence, align with the vibration of ONE…in true silence, you become the needle moved by the “Hand of God.”

“The I of the Needle.”

You become the “needle” to sew the seeds of Light of the I AM.  You become the conduit in which Source works through.  Through surrender into the Light of the One, movement becomes effortless in your surrendering, nothing is required of you accept to allow the Presence within to come forward, as One, you are moved through the vibration of Source, in alignment with the Divine Heart Mind of One.




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Wisdom and Understanding


March 7th, 2014

There is no wisdom and understanding to be found in that which is not Truth, only compassion for the eyes that believe they cannot see Truth.  That which is not Truth, is not Real.  And that which is not Real, can have no wisdom and understanding of it.  Wisdom and Understanding can only be found in Truth.


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~Navigating your Emotions for Manifesting and Creating~

manifestIt is important to be truthful with yourself. It is valuable to be honest with yourself in what you are really wanting. Manifesting Desires and creating desired experiences are often negated when one is dishonest with themselves about what their true feelings are about said desire.
For example, if there is someone that you feel in your heart you desire to reconnect with, You may tell yourself, “I don’t care” and other similar things. When this sort of self talk occurs… stop. Ask yourself, is it really that you “don’t care?” Or is that “I don’t care” is just another wall and self protection mechanism?
Of course you care! If you did not care, you would not have had the feeling to begin with.

Don’t stifle yourself, you are worthy of all of your hearts desires.
Be honest with yourself about your true feelings. When you stop and be honest and take down the wall and/or release the self protection mechanism… you may instead tell yourself short simple statements. Such as:
“I would like to hear from so and so.”
“I would feel joyful to reconnect with so and so.”
To shift gears from negative self talk and to shift hurdles that you set up for yourself about any of the reasons you may habitually feed yourself about why something cannot or should not happen, occur or manifest, start with short simple statements about what you really want and how it would make you feel if said desire were to manifest. When simply stating what you really want and actualizing how that desire would make you feel, leave out any and all of the reasons and protective mechanisms on why it should not or could not be experienced.
For the benefits of positive manifestation, it is important to be honest with yourself so that you are sending out the correct signals to the universe. If conflicting vibrations are offered, you will negate your own desire.