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Energy Current-See: Relax into Knowing


***Art by Vladimir Kush


Release from the temptation and habits of the mind that try to “make sense” of things right now in the typical linear left-brained fashion.

We are actually being offered a period of rest from the sometimes intense portal and gate openings and alignments.  Let’s enjoy it!

We have become so used to there being one thing after another, and have gotten used to the intensities and shifts… now is a time for rest and to practice the Art of Relaxation.

Even the best musical compilations have moments of rest… and so must we rest our instrument 😉

We are being shifted and expanded into greater KNOWING that supersedes the old habitual ways of concluding, equating and “making sense of.”  A new way of “processing.” Allow for this transformation by relaxing into it.  No analyzing necessary.  Allow for this part of the transformation to be easy…yay!

We are to just be centered within, in our alignment… and make space within, allowing all to flow through and to us, just when we need it.  Nothing to force in trying to remember or hoard or hang onto… the wisdom will be there in your Heart of Knowing at exactly the right moment, as it is needed.

Just BE and ride the waves of Light 😉

Much Love,