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All One in the Tree of Life of Love


***Art by Josephine Wall

Here, I share a simple “widget for consciousness” that may assist with the following:

*Healing & Easing Grief/Loss/Separation

*Expanding Empathy

*Expanding Telepathy

*Expanding Integration of Oneness, Unity & Love for All

Simple Practice:

Find a quiet place.  Take some deep breaths… anchor your awareness within your heart center.

Visualize a great Tree.

You may visualize this Tree as a very ancient tree or a tree of pure Light or whatever brings you joy to feel & imagine.  Feel yourself as One with this great Tree of Life.  Allow the branches of this Tree to represent those you love and care for and all you have ever known and those you aren’t yet aware of, each branch and leaf representing every being in existence.  Feel the Oneness and the interconnectedness within this tree, that you are one with, one with all.  All One.  All are a part of this same One great Tree of Life.  Open your heart space and allow yourself to fully feel the interconnectedness with ALL in this space.  Feel yourself and all others as an extension of this One Great Tree we are all a part of.

In this space, there is a lightening of any grief/sadness/loss/separation, in the feeling of eternal oneness and interconnectedness.  Feel the essence of those that you love that are no longer incarnate and/or those that you desire to connect with…feel the longing dissolve as you feel their essence alive and well and indeed with you and one with you always, as a part of this eternal and immortal Tree of Life.

If it is telepathy or empathy or the like that you are desiring to expand within your senses and awareness, again, feel the interconnectedness with all here in this space, with ease and grace in tuning into and joined with the other, that is/are One with you in this Great Tree of Life and Love.

(For laughs, when I was shown this by my HS, I was told something about how the tree doesn’t go looking around for it’s branches.  Nor do the branches wonder where the other branches are.  It just knows its all one.  It’s not even a question! 😉

Keep it simple.  Play with it and adjust it to suit you to assist in getting into vibrational alignment with Unity Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

It is an honor to be a part of the Great Tree of Life and Love with YOU,



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Energy Current-See: Lean on Me


There is another clearing in the amygdala taking place at the moment.  The last time I recall this sort of clearing was in July of 2013.

This may be experienced in varying degrees dependent upon where you are at in your journey of raising vibration.

I feel it will be a rather quick clearing…”this too shall pass” and it shall pass rather swiftly if you just go with it.

There is a lot coming up right now having to do with doubt and trust within the self and relationships with others.

In the intensity of this sort of clearing, the habitual reaction may be to lash out and or push away, and to separate.

That is the old energy.

Don’t push others away.

Join with them instead.

As things rise up to the surface, in whatever form they may take for you, move into the heart space and join and unite in love and oneness.

It’s important to be pliable… and bend…be flexible. Allow the energy to flow.

We stay focused to continue to re-train the brain to take direction from the heart!

The brain must “take the train” to the heart.  When we forget this, we go “off track.”

Find someone to Lean On if need be & Be someone for others to Lean On 😉

“We are all in this together!”