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Intersection of Love


“The Observer”, the Conscious Self … is Present

It is the Primary, Orientation for the Subconscious, [In] (This), Incarnation “Experience”

The Observer is in a state of presence… “Awareness”

The observer is “Essence” … [E]nergy, in the/a [form] of being-ness … a [state] of Consciousness

“With[In]” Total Consciousness

The observed, is past-tense . . . [re]created out of … [past] conscious(ness) experience(ed)

The Observed is secondary … as is the [past] and the [future] … to, the “present moment”

The observed, is a “thing.” . . . a creation, of the [past], of “[E]nergy” … created (with[In]) the moment

You, the observer, are pre-Essence.  That which IS “before.” … of pre-conscious [E]merging [in]2 the present

You are the preSent.  You are the pr[E]ssence. … the “River” that flows, over, [past] and thru conscious [E]xperience

You are that which comes prior to all action … [E]nergy … emanating from “the Void” … from Source

You are the One, that initiates all action and motion … “Choice” merging with “Desire”

Therefore … Action and motion, do not initiate You

You, the observer … thru the “process” of Creation … are the initiatOr.

Somewhere in the middle, with[in] the “Cycles of Becoming”, there is an intersection, a [point] of “choice”, of the essence  … that initiates and has initiated, bridging that which has past and what will be.

The observer observes the secondary, the thing, the observed … [E]nergy Projected into (the Conscious)ness

Because it was observed, it is now, some-thing … The Awareness of (the) Creation

It is a mutually beneficial “partnership.” … to Be, Aware … of the Conscious and the Unconscious

A partnership originated from ONE … the [E]xpanding “Interconnectedness” … of Source

The “intersection” … the [Point] of Choice, of Source Desire … is “LOVE.”

~A chosen collaborative creation via written expression by the Love of Source I AM/We Are, Valorie & “Tears of a Lobo”

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“Darkness” is not a Force

There are not “dark forces” that have some sort of power all of its own. And by “dark” in this definition, it would be referring to the idea of “bad” and/or “evil.” There is only a choosing of disassociation with the Light by the Mind thinking the idea of “darkness.” “Darkness” is an idea. “Darkness” is not a Force.
In the thought of darkness, “darkness” itself has no power because it is no-thing. The power is in and of the Mind of the one giving power to the idea of “darkness”.
The power is in and of the mind.
The power is not in and of “darkness.”
The power comes from the mind and the mind is Light.
Light is information.
This means, that even in the idea of “darkness”, there is Light, because you need Light for any information to flow.
It’s just that, in what is termed “darkness”, there is little to no information (Light) Be-ing ALLOWed for. In the thought of the idea of “darkness”, the mind pinches off the flow of Light (information).
Naturally, in the idea of pinching off the flow of the Light, this would not feel “good”.
Because, in choosing that, the Mind would be disassociating itself from what it IS. Hence, the manifestations of a “reality” of things that do not feel “good” and/or that are termed “evil.”
Furthermore, this is why things (ideas and thoughts) such as suffering and pain are experienced as a “reality” to and for the one thinking thoughts of “darkness”, disassociating from the Light. Suffering and pain are simply manifestations of pinching off the flow Light, disassociating with the Light.
To dissolve a reality of suffering and pain, it is but a simple correction of Allowing the flow of Light (information) and re-associating with what you are, the Mind that is the Light.

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Energy Current See- Deepening Unity


Energy Current See

We are realizing and becoming more aware of the separation we cast upon ourselves, or rather our ONE Self as there is only ONE. More aware in a much more expansive way. Really feeling it… going beyond theory! It is one thing for something to be theoretical and a whole other to be felt, Known and Realized. …Becoming aware of the false and distorted perceptions of separate selves. And releasing some really DEEP stories we have created and pictures we have painted of each other.
We are coming into a greater integrated awareness of just how deep into this projection we invested… and rising up and out of it on much GREATER levels than I have felt yet. And for that, I will shout a Hallelujah! 😉
I don’t feel the need to elaborate on this…as anyone reading this is aware of the concept of the illusion of separation and the Truth of Oneness.
There aren’t words for this current energy wave… I feel only the need to sum it up here… it must be felt…
It feels like a great RELIEF!




***Art By Michael Parkes



Energy Current-See for June 23, 2014

I am seeing a Great Re-birthing of the Mind taking place right now.  And in all “In-Utero” periods, rest is required!

That said…

Listen to your inner guidance when you need a “time out.”  We often fight these much needed time out periods…

We get so used to habitually doing, doing, doing until we have little left in us to do anymore.

A great majority of us identify with all of the stuff we do.  The stuff we do, becomes our identify.

Take your time-outs!

They are needed.

They allow for us to realign our Being.

When we fight the inner guidance and call for time-outs and quiet periods, things can begin to feel chaotic because we rock our inner balance.

Time time out for your Being.

This is a repetitive reminder, is it not?

We all seem to forget it when things get going and we get doing…to take time out for just Being 😉

It feels so  good to me to just be right NOW… and when I am centered in my Being, I Am Now.


I am witnessing  many with some feelings of confusion right now through this expanded process of re-aligning the mind…

This “time-out” and R&R period… is necessary for the fetal period of the re-birthing and renewing of the mind.

I cannot express this enough…

Trust in the process… Allow for the Light to shine forth from the Heart to the Mind.


Lastly, FAITH is the Key I am seeing on the fore-front at the moment.

Not only are we re-birthing the mind to align with the Infinite Mind, we are in a phase right now, where we are re-learning what Faith truly is.

We are re-learning what Faith truly is.  Faith is free from expectations and limitations … as it must be to know thySelf as Limitless.

It is not a “one-shot” deal…Faith is consistent until we Become It.


Align with the Joy in JOYning together…as we JOYn together, we Know thy Self as Whole.

We are The Holy One.