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1000 Years Ago


Here’s a playful consciousness practice I use… (sharing for those who may feel resonance with this…)… Who may be interested in experimenting with something new (and super simple), for the purpose of maintaining awareness and presence in the NOW.

If there’s something I feel snagged or caught up on, something that bothered or rattled me…

I stop and tell myself, “that was 1000 years ago!”

As time is only a measurement and is relative… This assists me in moving on from whatever I may be hung up on…to be playful about it…

Because really, what’s the difference if something occurred 1 minute ago versus 1000 years ago?

– I say, nothing in the scheme of the Immortal Being I Am!

So, should you find yourself rattled about something or other, try saying to yourself, “oh that?, that was 1000 years ago!”

And, whatever the hang up is/was, becomes a joke, something silly. (As it would be totally silly to be rattled about something that occurred 1000 years ago 😉)

Usher in the playfulness!

It’s quite helpful in the evolution of this consciousness journey 😜

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Playful Forgiveness


I have been enjoying some playful moments with Spirit today…

One of them, was about forgiveness.

I was shown a vision of two people holding each end of a rope, playing tug of war…

So, imagine two people (or even a group; and could even be with yourself!) that has tension with the other… and they are each holding an end of this rope.

When one let’s go, what happens?

The tension is released!

(And, hypothetically (this is just for giggles) the one still holding the rope falls backward on their butt… hehe!)

It can be fun playing the “forgiveness game.”  And being playful swiftly raises the vibration!

Simple let go (of the tension).. by releasing the side of the proverbial rope you/we hold when in tension with someone or something else.

Walk away, redirect.

And that’s it, it’s as simple as that.

The tension is released.  The charge is dropped.

In the end, both parties win.  All it takes is one to release the charge with the intent of forgiveness.