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Energy Current-See: Ascension of 666 to 999


All is originally whole.

The point of origin is whole and complete.

All originates from wholeness.  We are wholeness (holiness).

All originates from within the One Source Creator of All.

There is “nothing outside of the All.” ~The Kybalion

All originate from the “Full Light Spectrum”, “whole and complete” Source Frequency. All have access to higher consciousness (999).  It is only when one applies judgement to wholeness, that the vibration of it, is lowered. It deduces it.  Judgement applies a condition to wholeness. Judgement lowers consciousness (666).

***Before I go further, let’s first demystify this whole thing of “666.”  Some may be aware of this from the book of Revelation in the Bible as referencing “the mark of the beast.”  Some carry a great fear about this! This is symbolic of the lower carnal consciousness of the separation programming matrix.  That’s it.  It is not something to be feared!  It’s just symbolic of a “half” vibration.  It is what some know as the “half-light Oritronic spectrum.”  It is duality and polarization.  It sees only “one side of the coin.”  It is unawareness of its Source and furthermore, that it even has one at all.  Again, this is not to be feared.  For this vibrational frequency is a part of the All also.  It is only when one has isolated their consciousness to this frequency, that challenges of duality and polarization present.

Note:  Even within the old matrix, we have always been love. That has never changed!  The self just isn’t realized in the half light spectrum (separation matrix.)  One can only ever be that which it IS.  We have always been what we truly are, Source Consciousness (even when we aren’t/weren’t aware of it!).  We are now and always will be Love.  Love is what IS.  Love is the IS!

“999” is representative of Unity Oneness Source Love Consciousness.  Awareness of  Source.  The “Full Light Metatronic Spectrum” of the Christos Consciousness.  It is non-duality and awareness of “both sides of the coin” are present.   Joy, well-being (and beyond) is the dominant vibration.

Judgement is of  isolated lower consciousness (666).   Judgement applies a “condition.”  It is dualistic and polarized.  The “condition” applied by way of judgement, is “dis-eased” consciousness (pain, suffering, etc.)  Note that the first part of the word condition is “con.”  A “negative.”

The “Higher Self” is Source consciousness (999).  It is without judgement and without condition.  Thoughts generated from Source Consciousness feel “good” as they are in alignment with the Love.  They are of “full Light” and are whole.

(In conjunction with this post, as per a recent post of mine, “The lighter the load, the Lighter the Road“, outlines some scenarios of this like topic.)

This is what this “great shift” of consciousness, this time of “Ascension” is about.  It is about de-conditioning the human consciousness matrix. Raising the frequency of the consciousness matrix to realign with its Source.  Expansion of Awareness.  It is about ascending the separation matrix (666) to wholeness, Source Consciousness (999) –>The  144 “New Earth” “Christos Consciousness Matrix” of the new Hue-M’An, M’An Illumined.

The new Hue-M’An lives beyond time, in and AS the NOW.   All just Is, NOW.  It’s always Now.  All perception is Innocent. For the new Hue-M’An is aligned with its Source and the identity is At-Onement as “Source I AM.”  There are not conditions weighing down. No goals or missions required.  They are wild & free existing as eternity it-Self.

“There are no strings on me!”

We are Love.  Origin-All Source Unconditional Love.  Whole & Complete. “Weightless” and free, no strings attached.   The new Hue-M’An is aware that all is choice and appreciates all what contrast offers.  It is consciousness choosing.  Focusers of energy, “Yessing” their way merrily through experiences.   Knowing that all is choice and is aware of his/her power and free will of choice and extends that same freedom to others.  The new Hue-M’An knows his/her power is Love.

Through surrendering judgements, de-conditioning the consciousness, surrendering the illusion of conditions (extracting the negatives of the old human consciousness matrix placed in front of the “Lens/Eye of Source”), we are ascending our consciousness to Return to Source.  Knowing thyself. Realizing the Self as “Love I AM”.  The whole (Holy) Self.    As “The One & the Many” (Unity & Oneness with All), as All that IS.

As humanity expands to love itself unconditionally (turning the other cheek to see beyond the conditions) and to “love thy neighbor as thyself”, the illusions (conditions) dissolve and the Pure Love Self, can then be KNOWN, realized and embodied as the new Hue-M’An.

It’s all about Love.

All is Love.

Love is All.

Love is what IS.

LOVE is The IS!

Love Is ❤

One with YOU, I AM that I AM,




Intersection of Love


“The Observer”, the Conscious Self … is Present

It is the Primary, Orientation for the Subconscious, [In] (This), Incarnation “Experience”

The Observer is in a state of presence… “Awareness”

The observer is “Essence” … [E]nergy, in the/a [form] of being-ness … a [state] of Consciousness

“With[In]” Total Consciousness

The observed, is past-tense . . . [re]created out of … [past] conscious(ness) experience(ed)

The Observed is secondary … as is the [past] and the [future] … to, the “present moment”

The observed, is a “thing.” . . . a creation, of the [past], of “[E]nergy” … created (with[In]) the moment

You, the observer, are pre-Essence.  That which IS “before.” … of pre-conscious [E]merging [in]2 the present

You are the preSent.  You are the pr[E]ssence. … the “River” that flows, over, [past] and thru conscious [E]xperience

You are that which comes prior to all action … [E]nergy … emanating from “the Void” … from Source

You are the One, that initiates all action and motion … “Choice” merging with “Desire”

Therefore … Action and motion, do not initiate You

You, the observer … thru the “process” of Creation … are the initiatOr.

Somewhere in the middle, with[in] the “Cycles of Becoming”, there is an intersection, a [point] of “choice”, of the essence  … that initiates and has initiated, bridging that which has past and what will be.

The observer observes the secondary, the thing, the observed … [E]nergy Projected into (the Conscious)ness

Because it was observed, it is now, some-thing … The Awareness of (the) Creation

It is a mutually beneficial “partnership.” … to Be, Aware … of the Conscious and the Unconscious

A partnership originated from ONE … the [E]xpanding “Interconnectedness” … of Source

The “intersection” … the [Point] of Choice, of Source Desire … is “LOVE.”

~A chosen collaborative creation via written expression by the Love of Source I AM/We Are, Valorie & “Tears of a Lobo”

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Energy Current-See: Bright Reflections

harp 2

***Art by    Michael Parkes

This is just some fun sharing… as I’ve not been motivated for some months now to write too much in detail.  I find myself preferring to fully embrace and experience everything, fully Phi-ling (feeling) all of it through every part of my being in total relaxation, not wanting so much to sort through too much linear mental defining…hehe 😉

I am so enjoying this adventure we are on together!

It’s been a good year and a half or so since I had a desire to experience a hypnosis session.  I was guided a few months ago, that there was “something” for me and guided to schedule a QHHT Session with a local practitioner.  So, I did.  During that QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy) session several weeks ago, I first recalled being aware in the realm of anti-matter.  I then shifted into an awareness of being at one in the flow of Source.  Being this pure Source energy and it flowing through me, as me, no differentiation…total and complete Oneness.  It was as if I were in a current of the most powerful Light Source Stream I could ever imagine.  It was blissful and powerful feeling all at the same time.  After just being in this, as this, I then at another point, saw two cones open within this stream, open up from this great Source Energy and it opened up into/as our Galaxy, a “Son Universe.”  It was just so interesting as it was so small in comparison to the vastness of this stream of Source Energy in which it was “held.”

At another point, a great download and alignment commenced where I was aware of my physical vehicle/body and I was told that I was assisting in the anchoring of the “Mother Ark.”  I could see and feel this incredible energy flow through my Sacral Bowl and it was like a river of Light.  My pelvic area filled with this Pure Light Source, flowing up through my heart, coming forth from my heart and up through my Crown, and flowing up and out through my crown.  At yet another point, I saw an Ankh, only it was upside down, and I was grounding this energy of the “Mother Ark” into Gaia… it was beyond blissful!

During another segment of the session, I was visited by Akhenaton (Egyptian Pharaoh)… whom gifted me with a Harp and a Gold & Green Sword Necklace.  This meeting brought me to tears of love and joy…as there was instant soul recognition of eternal love for this being.  Yet at another point, I saw this very interesting symbol, and I was told that it was the “Eye of God” in which another download and alignment commenced, which I am not guided yet to go into detail here so I will leave it at that for now.

The last two days in particular, have been of the most amazing Euphoric Love Bliss Energies yet.  I was shown this amazing ball of Light in my Root chakra the other day and I’ve experienced a whole new expanded Kundalini Awakening!  So liberating, so free, so peaceful… Such profound LOVE!

Again, today, while in meditation, I am being shown the symbol of the harp again and thus began a download and alignment within the Lightbody.  The harp, for me, represents the Soul Song. Your Soul Song is the vibration of your unique Frequency in Source, your Pure Inscription of Light.  Forth from your Sacred Heart, vibrates your Soul Song, your harmonic song in Spirit, and from this vibration is generated your eternal body of Light!  The more in alignment we are to our Source Frequency while incarnate, the greater (more) of the Lightbody formation will be experienced for this is already a part of us. It is just a matter of us tuning our incarnate vehicle to match the frequency of it.  The more we anchor and embody our Source Frequency, frequentially modulating the physical vessel  to receive and attune to it… the more in alignment we are to this vibration of our Soul Song; thus expanding our awareness within our Sacred Heart, to this vibration of Love (that we are); which then generates the sacred geometric formations of the Light that make up our Lightbody.  The formation of Lightbody (the Body Immortal) we experience, matches the vibration in which we choose to  attune to…

What amazing “times” these are!!!


Celebration ❤





Energy Current See- A Recap of the last 6 weeks

cosmic sea
August 8th, 2014

Energy Current See- A Recap of the Last 6 Weeks

Well, this has been an interesting last couple of weeks…I have held off on writing much of anything the last month or so as it felt like a “time out” kind of period for me. The last 4-6 weeks has been a cycle all its own. It has been quite the roller-coaster (or at least, that has been my perception.) I began note taking about 4-6 weeks or so ago on this one. I started to post parts of it, and then each time, I felt pulled back and just “not ready” to do that yet. And now, I can see why, as the last month has been a series of cycles within a cycle and until the cycle comes back around full circle, the whole picture, are at least a greater understanding of it, is not always yet known. This has been a huge “feeling through time” cycle for me of just riding the waves and really practicing Allowing… allowing is being…

This is a summary of some of my experiences over the course of the last 4-6 weeks or so…

• Lots of deep levels of Integration…

• A lot of Ancestral “stuff” coming up … surfacing in varying forms

• Releasing from Images…this has been a HUGE “theme” the last 6 weeks or so

• Not reacting to fear and “attack” and recognizing the illusion of it…seeing it for what it really is, or shall I say, isn’t

• One week, I had “visits” from Sai Baba, The White Buffalo Calf Woman (where I was transported to the Great Plains in Missouri) and a Lakota Indian Chief who awoke me at 3 am one morning

~All of them speaking to me about 2 main topics: releasing from form and transforming the lower vibratory thoughts and ideas of form and recognizing the situations and dramas in our experience as images, that we have the opportunity to neutralize or energize.

• On Form (This was the main topic of the visit with Sai Baba): as we know, “form” is just a vehicle. Source/God/Creator is formless. It is the same Source in All. It is only our projections that create our perceptions that we place on said form of how and what we choose the use and purpose of said form to be. The form is indeed neutral. It is only the use (the content) that we give it. The form is just a “carrier.” Source may take on form, and is far beyond any limitations of such form.
~ While many of us know of this already on varying levels… at the time of this visit and in reviewing and feeling into the deeper levels of what Sai Baba was sharing, I felt that we were in a period of expanding our awareness to this Truth and truly integrating it. That is, once it is accepted and allowed for in our minds and hearts… When this is realized and integrated, it is very easily seen that there is no death and what we have experienced in our incarnate experiences and what we thought of as “death”, is just one single and fluid continuation of our experiences. There is no death at all, just a changing of form. Last night, I was shown an image of our bodies as musical notes. Our vessels carry our frequency and vibration. Another vision, was that of a star inside of a pentagon. This representing “the stars we are” embodied in the form of “hue-man”, man of Light. We are the cosmos embodied.
I just loved these visions last night, as this brought Sai Baba’s visit (from about 5-6 weeks ago), full circle 😉 Indeed, we have been in a cycle of transforming our ideas of form. When we change the way we perceive form, our vessel, and its purpose, we transform its use…releasing from identifying as the form…realigning our power where it really is, in the heart/mind…being conscious as Heart/Mind and not operating on auto pilot as mindless, believing that we are some limited being of form…becoming more conscious that we are beyond limitation of any form…and that it is the SAME Source that animates any and all of what we term “form.”

• Another “theme” they had been speaking with me about has to do with not reacting to “images”. The Lakota chief spoke to me a lot about this topic…about not being defensive and/or reactive…and not taking situations, etc. in form so serious…We are here to play! I was shown several flat images…and these images represented “situations”, the stories, the dramas… they were placed one in front of the other and staggered…the staggering was to represent that there is freedom of choice and movement allowed. Also,
the point of this was, to show these sorts of things as just images and nothing more. And, that we have the power of what we bring into our awareness. We have the power to rearrange these things at will and we get to choose what we neutralize and what we energize. The slides of images (situations) can be rearranged in accordance to what we choose to energize. What we choose to neutralize, we need not push against or resist…those things can run in the background and as we release our attention from them, those things will be transformed and/or transmuted as we release our attention from them and stop feeding that which we are not be wanting. Those things we want to give our attention to and energize, we bring forward into our awareness and those things we want to neutralize can go to the bottom of the pile and run in the background without resisting or pushing against them. Law of Attraction 😉 Ultimately, all is neutral… it matters only what we would make of it and what we would apply to it and the charge (or not) that we do or do not give something… And what we would apply to it (or not), is our free will.
~Another Vision that coordinates with this: I saw a Red Beetle… this beetle was in the center of a spider web. However, the beetle was not caught in the spider web and could easily fly to and from the web without getting tangled in it. This vision didn’t take much deciphering. This was pretty obvious to me what this was about, lol It was simply representing our experience, in human form, not getting caught up in the “web” or “net”…knowing of our freedom to choose and move…and not being trapped or entangled by our experiences we create. Bound by nothing, flying freely in and out of points of experience and far beyond the linear experience we sometimes get so tunnel visioned in.
Here is a link I found about the symbolism of the beetle 😉

~A few other notes from the last couple of weeks~

• Vision from a few weeks ago: I felt myself transported to an awareness beyond all form, it felt and looked like Plasma… it was a Formless Substance all around, I could feel the Force, out of this plasma and force, there was Light… I could feel myself move through the plasma, through the Light and I, as the Light, shot out like rockets with two other streams of Light…so, there were 3. This felt so amazing… I just wanted to stay there, in that “place”…

• I’ve felt a strong and consistent presence of Isis the last couple of weeks. At one moment, I felt her presence around me about 20-30 feet tall.

• Several visions having to do with the Great Pyramid and the “Capstone” and Vehicle of Light (wish I had kept more notes on this particular topic)

• One day last week, during a meditation, I saw myself turn into a serpent eating its tail, the “Ouroborus”. That confirmed for me, why I was not feeling like writing or doing too much of anything… I needed to allow for the completion of this mini-cycle first…before any doing or action…

• Lastly, I am seeing, feeling and experiencing an amazing merging with the Elemental Body. There have even been times when I may pass by a mirror and see the Elemental in me sooooo very prominent! I have spoken with several others who are also experiencing this very same thing. Again, this ties back into the mini-cycle we have been in, in relation to the ascension of the form 😉


Energy Current-See


Energy Visions and Sensing for April 3rd, 2014

I am seeing that the current InScriptions of Light, carry light frequency and vibrational codes  to assist in the expanded alignment to the Body of Light, the body Immortal, the Light Body.  I am being shown a vision of bodies wrapped, then being Unwrapped and the Light Body is spinning, in all its Glory, the Full  Light revealed.  The Body of Light, completely Freed.  The Light completely released and no longer entrapped.  It’s like a resurrection of the Light Body of the Full Light Spectrum…the outer body is particularly noted in this vision, the Zohar body of Light.

I am guided that the site of the Taklamakan Basin is to be noted in regard to these Light Codes and where these codes are being focused…The Taklamakan Basin is one of the 12 Ur stations of Consciousness which are aligned with the Great Pyramid.

I am sensing that a great many will soon be consciously expanding their alignment  with their Light Bodies and to begin to consciously work with the Light Body Vehicle, much more readily so than has been on the planet for a very long time…

Love & Blissings,




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Make the unconscious, Conscious


March 25, 2014

There will be a point in “time” where one will realize that further evolutionary spiritual progress cannot move any further, without addressing and healing the mind.  All kinds of “experiences” can be perceived… astral travel and the like… However, a “ceiling” for lack of better terms, will be hit up against until one looks at what lies in the Unconscious and commits to learn the practice of Forgiveness.

Make the unconscious Conscious.  Release all that is hidden…Release all to the Light of the Son.

When healing of the mind is committed to and one dedicates themselves to the practice of Forgiveness, only then, can one begin to experience themselves as a Universal Galactic Citizen and further more, go Beyond the Beyond, beyond what is thought of as the “Universe” itself and make the return to the God Head, the Divine Mind of One. The Alpha and the Omega.





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The I of the Needle


March 11, 2014

In Silence, align with Source within, in silence, align with the vibration of ONE…in true silence, you become the needle moved by the “Hand of God.”

“The I of the Needle.”

You become the “needle” to sew the seeds of Light of the I AM.  You become the conduit in which Source works through.  Through surrender into the Light of the One, movement becomes effortless in your surrendering, nothing is required of you accept to allow the Presence within to come forward, as One, you are moved through the vibration of Source, in alignment with the Divine Heart Mind of One.




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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within


March 7th, 2014

All “dimensions” are within us, within our minds…

There is no separation or division.  There is only ONE.

Heaven is within us. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”


As one aligns with the Divine Mind of ONE, it is seen that one never really left the Kingdom of Light, he only closed his eyes to it. When we are in alignment, we see that we are still in Heaven and are eternally so. We never left, we only imagined we did!

“With you”, you carried the God Cell that you ARE, The Diamond Core God Cell.  It is a crystalline sphere that is of the ONE, that you are.  It resides in your Heart.   Heaven is no-where outside of you, it is in the Mind and Heart of One. You never left Heaven and Heaven never left you!

When the mind is healed and in alignment with the mind of the divine, the ONE Mind that is also the ONE heart, you are consciously igniting the Diamond Core God Cell within.

The veil begins to come down and you KNOW that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

You are Spirit.  That which you seek and long for in your Heart, is a return to Home. “Home is where the Heart Is.” It is the True PEACE of God/Creator/Source that you have longed for.  When you align and return your mind to God/Source/Creator, the illusory perceptions of being a separated piece cease and you return to Knowing  the True Peace of God that you are.


Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth

Love to ONE and ALL,



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Wisdom and Understanding


March 7th, 2014

There is no wisdom and understanding to be found in that which is not Truth, only compassion for the eyes that believe they cannot see Truth.  That which is not Truth, is not Real.  And that which is not Real, can have no wisdom and understanding of it.  Wisdom and Understanding can only be found in Truth.


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Facing Fears


March 6th, 2014

Its important to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves.

Know where and what your fears are… what is it that you are afraid of revealing?

Making the unconscious conscious is an important key in releasing from the illusory split mind matrix, the fallen script.  In making the unconscious conscious and healing it, clearing it, we then allow for the inScriptions of the Living Light to lead.

“We must all face our fears.”

It is a key to freedom…unlock that which you have kept hidden away.

We must transmute the unconscious through the Divine Mind so that we function in alignment with the Divine Mind, instead of from the Unconscious.

We must know what it is that we are projecting so that we can cease the illusory projections from the unconscious and release ourselves from fallen script and return to knowing ourSelf as whole and complete.

It can only be released if we release it.  None of it is real anyway!

Open the “closet” and turn the Light on.  That which we fear, we will find is not real anyway…Only the Light IS.