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Energy Current-See: Akashic



Hello dear Family of Light!

Wow… it has been quite sometime since I have written here…I have been going through some major transitions the past 12 months or so. It is nice to return to this space to write and share.

Very briefly, I would like to share an “upgrade” I am seeing come down the pike… it streams through in an axis from the top left part of the brain down through the right temporal lobe.  One of the purposes of this is to increase the functionality of being able to access the Akashic Records.


Love & Blissings,





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Energy Current-See: Come Together


Today, I was shown a vision of a linear, layered “sheet” of the Akash, gently falling away like an Autumn leaf on a tree.

I was also shown the vision of two magnets rearranging … this was a representation of a magnetic adjustment in the matrix, a “correction” of the old program inserted in the matrix “long ago” to repel the Truth that is One-ness.  This adjustment, will further assist in deepening our alignment to the Truth that is One-ness.

There may be some feelings of “mixed emotions”, as we celebrate deepening our alignment of truth in Unity. Yet also releasing that which we identified with and as, “for so long” that is no longer supported by ourSelves in the New Earth.

Celebrate coming together!

Love, Joy, Peace & Unity

Love and Blissings,