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Energy Current-See: Resynchronizing the Relationship Factor

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This is just a quick bulletin regarding the energy current at the moment…

The relationship factor is kicking up into high gear.

Upgrades in the lower right brain quadrant… new neural pathways and re-mapping, from the heart through to the lower right brain quadrant.

I have been noting this physical upgrade for a few days now…I just now Googled “lower right brain quadrant” and no surprise that it is all about relationships!!!

From: http://www.consciousness-evolving.com/Lower_Right_Brain.html

The Lower Right Brain

It’s the lower right brain that gives us that sense of being connected to one another. It’s called the relational right brain for a good reason. From PET scans and neuro-imaging technology, we have learned that the right brain regulates or influences many aspects of our behavior.

Those things often have to do with our relations and connections with others:

• Emotion,

• Trust,

• Self-awareness,

• Empathy,

• Identification with others,

• Non-conscious communication,

• Attachment,

• Facts experienced in an emotional way,

• Sympathy, & intuition concerning people

• Interaction – both humans and animals,

• Uses non-verbal communication (body language, facial expressions)

• Problem solving is often an interactive, emotional process


Relationships (all kinds!; with others, your relationship to the Earth, everything)… the “Venus Function”/”Venusian Dynamics”), are on the forefront right now… this was noted with the 2/22 Full Moon and is of focus with the current astrological alignments.

The focus right now: It’s all about deepening Unity Consciousness.

“I AM that I AM.”

“I AM you, you are Me.”

“We are One”

“We are I”

…All about resynchronizing the I, that are WE as ONE!

…Resynchronizing the “relationship factor.”



Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

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