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Oracle Message Received October 23, 2015


This Oracle Message was received on Friday, October 23rd and is applicable for the days and weeks following this date of receipt.

“Preparing the Kindling for the Fire.”

I have my own feelings and perception of how this message pertains to myself… I leave it to you to feel out what it means to you and how it may apply to your own unfolding journey of expansion.

Love & Blessings,



Energy Current-See: How does your garden grow?


***Art, by Vladimir Kush

Many are experiencing great intensity at the moment…some are even suddenly manifesting physical maladies…

The energies right now, support our expanding awareness, to become aware of what is “growing in our garden” AND, just how our “garden grows!”

I will include this link to the post I wrote about the Draconid Meteor Shower on October 8th… as I feel the theme noted here, to be helpful to assist in understanding what we are working within and experiencing for our evolutionary growth at this time…

I am finding it helpful to remain as neutral as possible at the moment… just observing… this is an awesome time to utilize what is coming up, to really access the mechanics of consciousness and energy… to observe the mechanics of the energetics of consciousness… expanding awareness of the energetics that power manifestation.

Keep a focus on expanding your awareness of your “behind the scenes”… your “unconscious”… “behind the curtain”… as this is the Mother Crystal that is the seed of what is flowering in your “outer waking reality.”

The more we master this… the greater our conscious manifestational power evolves…so that we may CONSCIOUSLY manifest what we really want!

The Mother crystal, the “unconscious”, the subconscious… this is our “garden.”

It is helpful to know, what seeds we are planting… so that we know what we are “growing.”

Use this time to ask, “How does my garden grow?”

The energies right now are allowing this question to be “ripe for the picking.”

The more we become aware of this… we learn the flow… of how it all works… how what we plant and seed, is indeed what will bloom, that which manifests.  It really is quite simple.  We must be willing to look, to see, to feel… all of it.

These are the expanded levels and experiences of “Awakening” and “Ascension.”

“Bless it, don’t suppress it!”

Becoming aware of this… is Self Mastery!

We are bringing the Sun Light, the Light that is our Awareness back into the Garden.

This is the return to the “Garden of Eden.”

Be the courageous cosmic explorer you are… get your cosmic shovel out and dig deep into the soil of Love you are and feel it all …discover how amazing you are, that we are, that we get to do this, experience this… it is truly AWE-MAZING!!!  ❤

I love you,




“Why can’t I remember?”


***Art by Vladimir Kush

Many wonder and ask, “why can’t I remember past lives and alternate experiences?”

One of the answers, I hear from the Spirit Realm in answer to this question, is to do with Forgiveness.

Primarily, forgiveness of the self.

If you were to suddenly become aware of all of the things you have “done” and experienced, while in a low frequency/fear frequency state of awareness, this would surely overwhelm the being and in many cases would cause nothing short of a total paralyzation from the present.

Remembering and recalling experiences of the journey of the soul, requires a certain valiancy… a certain level of awareness where these recollections of experiences can be viewed with a wider and broader lens of awareness that is capable of understanding that all is for the expansion and evolution of the soul.

For if one were to begin having total recalls of just any experience while in a state of very limited fear based awareness, it would be very challenging to grant a loving perspective to some of the experiences chosen by some souls.

All serves us… all is love.

Even the traumatic experiences, ultimately serve the expansion of the soul.

It requires a certain state of balanced awareness. A frequency enough so centered in the Heart, to recall some of the more intense experiences of the soul… so that awareness of especially that which may have been experienced at the choice point of said experience, as “traumatic,”may be recalled and observed with loving acceptance and understanding.  Heart centered awareness affords for all to be viewed through a much wider “lens.” Heart centered awareness, lends to graceful forgiveness of the self and the characters that participated.  Forgiveness is the release of the charge held.  It is a “freeing” of, healing alignment…understanding that all serves us in all ways.

One must be patient with the self… know, that “remembering” is universally regulated… and it is just so blissfully loving that it is universally regulated… so that one is not given more than one can handle 😉

Allow nature to take its course.  Do not push.  Gracefully allow…and know, that you will remember what you need to at just the right loving point in space/time…by the power of love you are ❤

You are the key.  Allow the key to turn organically with ease and grace, no force required.

Diamond Ray Blessings,



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Energy Current-See: Draconid Meteor Shower


I awoke this morning to a vision regarding the Draconid Meteor that takes place today, October 8th.

The vision was about the energies of this Meteoric event…

What I am shown, is that this particular event, is supporting an energetic “evacuation” from “darkness”  and what  can feel like, inner “catastrophe” by not being aware of the unconscious/mother crystal…a bridge from unconscious “flooding” of the unconscious mother crystal that seeds what is birthed through our outer reality… a bridge to assist in expanding the  awareness of the unconscious/mother crystal.  (For those choosing assistance, that is… as each have free-will of choosing.)  I feel that It is an energetic “Ark”, assisting in crossing the veil of consciousness and expanding awareness to the unconscious; “becoming aware of the seed that manifests the flower.”

Please note, that I am speaking in terms of energy and consciousness.  I am not speaking of something or someone, physically arriving to assist with “evacuation.”

This must be felt into energetically.

I will leave it at that.

For it is left to the free-will of each, to feel into how these energies will support you in your evolutionary expansion…and as always, it will play out uniquely for each and every divine Source Point of Love that we are ❤

Here is a link about this meteoric event.

Meteoric Blissings,