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What’s mine is Yours


I am receiving regular intel the last couple of weeks on the topic of “ownership” and “possession”…and the changing of the tides regarding this matter.

As most are aware, there is and has been a heavy focus upon ownership and possession, especially in the corporate world. Things such as trademarking, patenting, copyrighting, etc…with many lawsuits and ugly arguments waged between businesses as well as individuals over such issues.

I feel that such ideas and concepts create limitation.

At some point, when the economical environment alters from the way it is now, (as I feel many of us will very well experience in our lifetime; such things will shift to that of SHARING with ALL).

Sharing creates unlimited reciprocity and potential…FREE ENERGY!

The current system will have to break, in order to create a new system rooted in LOVE that will birth new structures, more in accordance with divine order.  (For me, I don’t feel that all this legal ownership and protecting “what’s mine and not yours” is in accordance with that.)

It seems a bit of a  silly concept to me,  that we live in a world where we trademark and copyright everything, we have a need to possess everything… including the sovereignty of other beings!

As a side note, I found it to be quite enlightening that the Tesla Motors company removed their wall of trademarks and patents  last year and chose to share their technology…I look forward to seeing more companies follow suit with this.

I question and contemplate, “how can one proclaim sole ownership of guidance and wisdom from the Source that is Love that is meant to be shared with all?”

…but hey, that’s just my opinion.

What’s yours?

Healing as a society and community occurs when we recognize that an issue for one, is an issue for all.

Change will occur when LOVE is the root of the structures we create and when LOVE is the foundation we choose to build upon.

“What’s mine is Yours”


Adamantine Particles of Light


What is “living in the heart”?

We have all seen and/or heard this phrase coined from time to time, in books, blog posts, etc.

It sounds like a perfect concept and a good one in which to live by, right?

But how?

How do you get “there”?

What is “living in the heart”?

And how do you “do it”?

Living in the heart is just that, truly LIVING in and from the heart space.

Choosing from the heart through Phi-El-ing (Feeling!).

Heart first, always.

Nothing is solved from the mind.  No lasting resolution that is beneficial for all is birthed from the mind.

All resolve that serves as a true resolution of wholeness, comes from the heart.

All Life is powered by LOVE.

The heart does not create problems.

Problems result from attempting to create from and/or attempting to find resolution  by utilizing only the mind to build and form them.  These are limited structures, a “band-aid” approach, offering no true resolve with lack of solid foundation. Fractured creations and structures are just that, fractured.  They are experienced as fractured because origination wasn’t from the heart. This fracturing is what we experience as pain and suffering. The mind then is trying to build from concepts alone, without any true structure. This would be like trying to build a house randomly, without any architecturally sound materials nor blueprint from which to work from.  “A house of cards.”

When problems and challenges arise, it is important to first stop and be still.

“Be still and know.”

Remember that said “problem” or challenge, is not going to be solved from the mind alone.  Because if there is a problem to be solved, a “fracture”,  it was created from the mind alone.  So, a different approach and method is needed!  “As you can’t clean up an oil spill by pouring more oil on it, lol”

Take a deep breath and consciously redirect what is in need of resolution to the heart and FEEL.  Observe what you feel. The heart will show you exactly the demanding limitations of force and control that are attempted to be inserted.  These are mental demands.  Command the mind take direction from your Sacred Heart.  The mind must be commanded by LOVE to serve the heart as the builder.  The mind appreciates this and it is relief as the mind was not meant to make decisions!  It is a facilitator for the heart.  From your heart, that is one with the heart of Source, this power of the heart, that is love, will facilitate the correct energy required for the mind to then build from.

The power of love generates the plan, or the blueprint for the mind to build from.  The power of love, generates the “materials”, sacred geometrical structures of LIGHT that are received by the mind as the “ingredients” from which to build from.  These are Adamantine Particles of Light that you are now consciously commanding by the POWER of LOVE as the framework for the solution you want to solve and create from.

The mind commanded by the Power of Love of the Heart.  The mind serving the Heart.  This is divine order and therefor, creates and births creations of Divine Order that are “good” for all.

Creations of All Encompassing Love ❤

From the heart, anything can be solved.

LOVE is the Salve.

LOVE is our Salvation!

“In the Name of Love I AM”



Disarm You


***Art by Michael Parkes

Relax into love ❤

The more we relax into love, relaxing into BEING the love that we are, the more we disarm ourselves from the structures of the mind we create and the demands we make on love.

  1. make or become less tense or anxious.
    “he relaxed and smiled confidently”
    synonyms: become less tense, loosen, slacken, unknot

Demands on love only limit divine potential for ourselves, and result in frustration.  For such restrictions indeed, cause friction within.

The mind seeks to linearly understand and make equations, but for true understanding and clarity, we must go to the Heart for wisdom and true understanding. Understanding through FEELING. For the heart offers liberation and freedom.  Freedom from demands, possession and limited equations.

If something is not turning out the way you thought it would and/or feeling disappointment with something or someone, ask yourself, “what demands have I placed on this?”

For it is not that the Universe is not providing for us to experience that which we are wanting, it is more to do with what demands we make and what is being DIS-allowed due to such demands.

Allow for the reception and expression of Divine Love you are.

…Letting go of the demands and expectations.

Disarm You.

The Universal Force that is LOVE, is always serving us, exactly what we are asking for.

Your Power is LOVE ❤

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Lion’s Gate

The message of Spirit I received this morning, this day of 8/8, Lion’s Gate, is “Be the Gate”.

I just love this!

As this is not something occurring outside of us or to us, it arises from within.

One of the themes for this portal is Compassion.

I then asked “how to best share this message?”

I was guided that now is a time for self-empowerment.

A long discourse is not required.

It’s a time of Self Mastery.

I’m guided only to invite you to FEEL within what “Be the Gate” feels like to you?

Be the WAY.

What does this feel like to you?

It matters not what another’s take on this is, empower yourself to be at one in your Sacred Heart… And Phi-El…and embrace all that arises with Love.

We are the gate!

We are the Way!

Blessings of Love & Valor,




Frequency Modulation


In very simplistic terms, one of the functions of the brain is that of a receiver of sorts, similar to a television or a radio.  Just like a television or a radio, we can choose which station we prefer to tune in to.  Some are aware that we have a choice of what we tune in to, like a station we would choose on the television or radio… while others are not yet aware that there is a choice at all.

In an unconscious state, the brain tunes into quite a low frequency… liken to an old AM station with a really week signal.  As one begins to “awaken”, the frequency is modulated and the range of choices begins to expand more and more and more.  Its like becoming aware of FM and then Satellite and more…more and more “channels” become available.

Through the process of self-realization, One eventually becomes consciously aware enough… that there is in fact a choice of what to tune into.

Here, I share, a fun and simple visualization for modulating the frequency, to “change the channel” of the receiver.

Visualize a dial in your head that you can turn, and on the dial, one of the choices pointing upward, up through the crown,  says “Source.”

Adjust the dial so that the arrow on the dial lines up with “Source.”

Now, just sit and notice what you FEEL…allow the re-tuning, the frequency modulation, and just Feel…<3

That’s it, very simple.  No complication necessary to be effective.

I have experienced that this dissolves the random thoughts, frees & relaxes the mind,  aligning it to the Heart, allowing the Heart to Lead.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Energy Current-See: Deep Scrub

soul cleansing

Deep Breath…

And Deep Dive into the Sacred Heart.

That which remains to be aligned and reconciled is comin’ back up!  All the deep rooted stuff… like that stuff that needs to be scrubbed off the BBQ after a fun Summer BBQ Party!

This can cause a lot of mental noise, among other things…

The “rehabilitation center” is the Sacred Heart ❤

Deep Breath, still the mind…much may be stirring at this time, refrain from reacting, bring Love to it all, and all will be Well.

Peaceful Blessings of Love and Light,