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Energy Current-See: Bright Reflections

harp 2

***Art by    Michael Parkes

This is just some fun sharing… as I’ve not been motivated for some months now to write too much in detail.  I find myself preferring to fully embrace and experience everything, fully Phi-ling (feeling) all of it through every part of my being in total relaxation, not wanting so much to sort through too much linear mental defining…hehe 😉

I am so enjoying this adventure we are on together!

It’s been a good year and a half or so since I had a desire to experience a hypnosis session.  I was guided a few months ago, that there was “something” for me and guided to schedule a QHHT Session with a local practitioner.  So, I did.  During that QHHT (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy) session several weeks ago, I first recalled being aware in the realm of anti-matter.  I then shifted into an awareness of being at one in the flow of Source.  Being this pure Source energy and it flowing through me, as me, no differentiation…total and complete Oneness.  It was as if I were in a current of the most powerful Light Source Stream I could ever imagine.  It was blissful and powerful feeling all at the same time.  After just being in this, as this, I then at another point, saw two cones open within this stream, open up from this great Source Energy and it opened up into/as our Galaxy, a “Son Universe.”  It was just so interesting as it was so small in comparison to the vastness of this stream of Source Energy in which it was “held.”

At another point, a great download and alignment commenced where I was aware of my physical vehicle/body and I was told that I was assisting in the anchoring of the “Mother Ark.”  I could see and feel this incredible energy flow through my Sacral Bowl and it was like a river of Light.  My pelvic area filled with this Pure Light Source, flowing up through my heart, coming forth from my heart and up through my Crown, and flowing up and out through my crown.  At yet another point, I saw an Ankh, only it was upside down, and I was grounding this energy of the “Mother Ark” into Gaia… it was beyond blissful!

During another segment of the session, I was visited by Akhenaton (Egyptian Pharaoh)… whom gifted me with a Harp and a Gold & Green Sword Necklace.  This meeting brought me to tears of love and joy…as there was instant soul recognition of eternal love for this being.  Yet at another point, I saw this very interesting symbol, and I was told that it was the “Eye of God” in which another download and alignment commenced, which I am not guided yet to go into detail here so I will leave it at that for now.

The last two days in particular, have been of the most amazing Euphoric Love Bliss Energies yet.  I was shown this amazing ball of Light in my Root chakra the other day and I’ve experienced a whole new expanded Kundalini Awakening!  So liberating, so free, so peaceful… Such profound LOVE!

Again, today, while in meditation, I am being shown the symbol of the harp again and thus began a download and alignment within the Lightbody.  The harp, for me, represents the Soul Song. Your Soul Song is the vibration of your unique Frequency in Source, your Pure Inscription of Light.  Forth from your Sacred Heart, vibrates your Soul Song, your harmonic song in Spirit, and from this vibration is generated your eternal body of Light!  The more in alignment we are to our Source Frequency while incarnate, the greater (more) of the Lightbody formation will be experienced for this is already a part of us. It is just a matter of us tuning our incarnate vehicle to match the frequency of it.  The more we anchor and embody our Source Frequency, frequentially modulating the physical vessel  to receive and attune to it… the more in alignment we are to this vibration of our Soul Song; thus expanding our awareness within our Sacred Heart, to this vibration of Love (that we are); which then generates the sacred geometric formations of the Light that make up our Lightbody.  The formation of Lightbody (the Body Immortal) we experience, matches the vibration in which we choose to  attune to…

What amazing “times” these are!!!


Celebration ❤




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***Art by Vladimir Kush vladimirkush.com

Just sharing an observation…

I am noticing and observing that it has become much easier to stay anchored in my Source, in my alignment, while at the same time, being totally aware of some of the chaos that is taking place in the external world I physically reside in. (This includes events and the like, as well as some of the distorted programming and lower astral thought-forms, etc. as when I first began realizing that I could read energy, the thought-forms especially, would really throw me!)

I asked my non-physical Self for greater clarity, an expanded understanding of this, as there was a time, when my perception of Ascension and Enlightenment perhaps was idealized to include some sort of fantasy that when I “had arrived” (again, another linear idealistic fantasy of the mind), that these sorts of things would cease to exist.  haha!  I laugh at this now, all in good fun.

Anyway, back to my asking about this… there is a transitionary period along the journey of anchoring Source Frequency where we are learning to depersonalize, yet at the same time, recognizing that we are one with All.  This is a process of it’s own of retraining the brain from reacting to everything as if it were personal and realigning with the Sacred Heart and seeing beyond.

At a later part in the journey,  one then begins to realize that all the distortions and chaos, etc that some are choosing, can and does still exist.  And one can still be very much anchored in Source Frequency, while being totally aware of it.  As when one is in alignment, we are not shaken by it as there is real inner Peace.  We have learned to depersonalize it, yet maintaining alignment with “All Are One.”  The driver has command of the vehicle and is not thrown by the passenger, the back seat driver.  We can watch the storm and be aware of it, without getting caught up in it.  It is only when we react to these things (distortions), and create resistance with them, that we then magnetize ourselves to them and create a charge to it that we then become affected by it, thereby creating an active entangled relationship with it.

It’s all about Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance… that hinders any kind of resistance.  In our allowing of all just as it is, we then align ourselves with our Source that is All That Is.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Energy Current-See: Monadic Seed Crystal



Yesterday afternoon, I was shown a most beautiful and magical Alignment.

This alignment is centered upon embodying the Oversoul Monad and for some, the Avatar Christos Self.

During this vision, I saw the exalted 64 star tetrahedron grid Light Body form


and I also heard this term during my vision, “Monadic Seed Crystal.”

The alignment  revolves around the core alignment of this Seed Crystal that each carries within.

Some may be experiencing some great shifts within as the remaining entropic structures dissolve.  Stay centered in the Sacred Heart ❤

There was so much more to this vision, however much of it at this time, I am finding a loss for words of linear interpretation.  Nor do I want to confine the beauty of this  by attempting to define it so I share but a general summary of what I am shown is coming.  It is ultimately for each to embrace this gifted experience in all its majesty when your time aligns for it.

All I can say, is that it was beyond magical and it is fulfilling the summoning of many choosing the path of Ascension… the desire to embody the Pure Love Self in this incarnate vehicle in a whole new way!

Following my vision, via inner guidance “leads” of terms to search for some additional and interesting insight, I was led to these links:




Diamond Ray Blessings,




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Energy Current-See: Dissolving the Lower 4D Astral Plane


***Art by Wojtek Siudmak  http://www.siudmak.com

I am finally getting around to feeling led to share here about the experience I had a few weeks back…

Since then, and especially in the last 2-3 days, I am noticing several other posts speaking to what I experienced.

On Saturday, June 27th, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada.  That night, my consciousness was projected into the 4th Dimension Lower Astral Plane.  There I viewed some of the most horrendous things I have ever seen.  I was projected in to various “places” all at once, viewing everything from rapes to murders and the like; where I proceeded to be present as a pillar of Light and hold space for transformation of these things, by the Power of Love that I AM.  (That you are, that we all are!)  While these things were nothing short of horrifying, I did not feel fearful, but was able to be present in a state of Pure Love.

I then saw these spaces of thought-forms and energy imprints disintegrate and dissolve into sparks of golden Light.

Lastly, I saw myself pick up a terminated quartz crystal and place it into the grid where it then illuminated into a fiery flame of Light.

During all this, it was explained to me that we are in process of the dissolution of the lower fourth dimensional astral planes.

At some point during all of this, I was shown an image of a red horse… and the horse was bloody and dying.  I have since been led to the Book of Revelation and the symbolism of the  Red Horse.  The red horse in the book of revelation is a symbol for peace removed from the Earth, man killing man.  What I was seeing, is the “death” of the Red Horse and all that it symbolizes.  What the red horse symbolizes was exactly the sort of scenes I was viewing!!!

Again, many have since written rather extensively about their interpretations of the energy current we are riding.  I really did not feel led to write about my experience on June 27th, until today as to support what other ascension team members are also reporting.

Yes, some are indeed experiencing some very trying times the last few weeks due to this intense and immense transformation.  The more centered one is within the Sacred Heart, the peaceful this passage is and will be.

While what is and has been occurring through this latest passage, is intense, it is indeed, celebratory!

I did note a huge release this morning as I awoke immediately this morning into a state of bliss and a bit more energy today…different than the last few weeks have been 😉

Sacred Heart Blessings,