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Energy Current-See: Love Bombs


I am feeling love bombs from all directions…feeling amazing free flowing waves of Light of everlasting LOVE.

A love so free, it is completely free of fragility!

An integration of the embodiment of Love, embracing all in the Sacred Universal Heart as ONE.

Whole & Complete, yet ever expanding.

Our journeys “here, there, everywhere”, have always and are always about LOVE.

The ultimate awareness, is to know of Love so Pure, it is of and within everyone and everything, everywhere, for all of eternity.

“Love is like a flower…

We must not pick it in an attempt to possess it.

It is best to let it BE.

In all its glory for all to See.

For when we leave it

untouched, in peace


by the turn of the Key,

of Love,

it shall regenerate anew

So Grace-fully…

In its own time,

In its own space,

Within its own sacred place.

Forth from the Heart Seed

from which it grew,

It desires to renew.

So it shall

bloom beautifully

repeatedly, eternally,

of pure essence

In the Light that is Life

as a symbol

in the garden

of Love’s True Quintessence”

Love & Blissings,