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Many ask “how to Ground” (to what and/or to where) …an anchoring of energy, of Light, of Love.

As a result of being approached now about this subject many times… I felt I would share here in a more open space, what my perspective is about Grounding.

For me, it is simple.

I choose to center, ground and Anchor in my Heart.

All Hearts are Divine Paths to the Universal Heart of the One/Source/Creator.

When grounded in the Heart, One is at-One with ALL.

Here’s to keeping it simple 😉

One in Light & Love,


Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

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