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Many ask “how to Ground” (to what and/or to where) …an anchoring of energy, of Light, of Love.

As a result of being approached now about this subject many times… I felt I would share here in a more open space, what my perspective is about Grounding.

For me, it is simple.

I choose to center, ground and Anchor in my Heart.

All Hearts are Divine Paths to the Universal Heart of the One/Source/Creator.

When grounded in the Heart, One is at-One with ALL.

Here’s to keeping it simple ūüėČ

One in Light & Love,




Energy Current-See: Two Become One


***Art By Wojtek Siudmak  www.http://www.siudmak.com/

While I was in the shower yesterday¬†morning, I was shown a vision of the Bible story of Jesus riding on an ass/mule…and I was viewing and feeling through the symbology of this during this visual experience…

(***Kindly note, that I am not attempting to explain, interpret, validate, nor invalidate this Bible Story… I am simply sharing my visual and feeling experience… and this is what was shown to me…and how I interpreted what I was seeing and feeling. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†)

The Ass, or Mule, was symbolic of¬†the¬†carnal mind and the lower vibratory emotions … and it also represented the ” physical carrier” of/for, the “Light I AM”, the Christed Energy.

In humanity’s experience, the carnal self, symbolized by the ass/mule, had/has been refusing to be the carrier of the Light I AM (the Light you are, the Light we all are, the Light that IS LOVE). ¬†And so, it (the Ass/Mule, the carrier) goes about disgracefully bucking and going mad (the ego)…

We have been like the bucking, stubborn mule… refusing to gracefully be the carrier of the “Light I AM.”

…until it is “tamed” by the power of Love, of the Spirit of I AM…realizing it is one¬†in¬†LOVE with the¬†Spirit I AM.

(At some point, all of this, made me laugh and cry at the same time! ¬†We must be playful about these things…En-Lighten them, you know… ūüėČ

Another symbol in this “story”, is that the “Light I AM” does not require a “perfect”, nor the smartest or most beautiful¬†vessel to be carried…to express Love through. ¬†For it rides the carrier/vessel with an Omniscient Loving Grace¬†and requires no fancy, showy things to prove anything… in full Knowing of its Divinity and perfect One-ness.

The loving taming of the carnal, is the part in the¬†journey, where the¬†brain is retrained and redirected, allowing for and accepting the embrace of the Heart,¬†to be guided by the Heart/Mind of Universal Love. ¬†It is the ascension of the ¬†mind…a transformation from the separateness… ¬†

“Two become One”

 Once the transformation and metamorphosis of the carrier is transmuted to that of Grace, in service to the Light I AM, to that of Pure Being-ness expressing LOVE through the carrier, all is calm and peaceful, and gracefully serves the Spirit of I AM. 

~Soul & Spirit as ONE~



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Energy Current-See




diamond Metatron Cube

Just sharing some of the ¬†Crystalline visions I’ve had as of late (very summarized here, lol)… I am not feeling compelled to elaborate or offer up “explanations” for these things. ¬†For all in this holographic reality are symbolic… I will leave it to each who may feel resonance with this/these to feel into the symbolism of it if you are so led, versus my offering up linear explanations at this time.

I am resonating to a theme of minimalism at the moment ūüėČ

  • Last week,¬†I was greeted by a great Golden Being of¬†a most incredibly powerful and loving presence, he intuited to¬†me that he was the “Golden King of Tsion.” ¬†I had not heard of such a being… and then I came to discover that this¬†“Golden King of Tsion/Zion/Sion”… is The Christed Energy! ¬†Following this “visit”, I began to see images of the most beautiful pure gemstones and rainbow colors all around me.


  • Over this last weekend, I saw myself in a tube of sorts, ¬†of gemstones that looked like gemstones yet at the same time, looked like¬†Eyes, and as I looked around myself inside of this tube, these gemstone eyes were flipping and all around me were hundreds, if not thousands of diamond eyes…¬†I am guided that this a correcting of the refraction of Light… a “correction” of the “perceptual lens.”


  • I am shown a vision of being taken into a vacuum, like a black whole… and the existing foundations, structures and constructs being shredded… to be reborn as New Light. ¬†Like that of a Quasar…


  • Lastly, as I began typing this morning, as I looked around and down at my hands… I was seeing grids and lattice of energy… and it was almost as if I could see right through my own hands, in observation of this holographic reality…now, that was fun!





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Energy Current-See: Digest & Process

body deepak


Take time and allow space for the recent energetic shifts to be digested & processed.

For if we do not allow ourselves to properly digest and process the shifts, we get “backed up” and feel like we are on system overload…and it can cause of sort of log jam within us… potentially¬†manifesting as digestive issues in the vessel.

Should you observe and recognize¬†yourself feeling this way, it is but a matter of simple recognition and listening to what your needs are, allowing the space for any processing needed… allowing for the recent energetic shifts to stabilize, integrate & anchor.




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Energy Current-See: Listen up!


Art By Wojtek Siudmak  www.http://www.siudmak.com/

I am guided that the key for this current passage is to LISTEN.

To listen in the fullest extent one can imagine, explore and experience… to Listen in all ways, from the core of our Being.

For to listen, to really listen to the quiet inner voice, the ONE Universal Voice of the Universal Heart guides us to our greatest potential for the expression of Love Embodied.

And, I am guided that by our willingness to truly listen, the One Voice will guide each of us to anchor and to BALANCE the new frequencies as each may need.

Listen up and your inner voice will indeed take you higher ūüėČ

Lastly, I am also noting an amazing expansion in the Sacred Mind… awe-inspiring expansion!

Much Love,