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Energy Current-See: It’s all in how you play it

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Vladimir Kush - Cellist

***Art by Vladimir Kush http://www.VladimirKush.com

Energy Current-See

I am feeling/seeing, a portal and/or gate of sorts available at this time of Now, that allows for accelerated transformation should one choose for such. Much transformation is taking place in the DNA.

Liken to the great Transformation from Newt to Dragonfly & Caterpillar to Butterfly.  From Lamb to Lion!

Cliche?  Yes 😉  What better examples though?!?!  😉

There may at times be much frustration felt as you serve as the sacred bridge from what was to what is now being created in the New Earth Star.  As you can very much feel the energy of the New Earth Star within you… so much so,  do some of us yearn for this transformation of expansion into the New Earth Star. Yet, we must value all that  this time of Now offers and be present here in the NOW, serving as the sacred bridge to all that we choose to create… as our purpose here and now, is to serve as the Sacred Bridge.  When present and still, there is much glory and love right here and now to experience…there is nothing to wait for as what will be, will be.  And it will be so without force and controls.  All Is and will be.  The journey is much more comfortable allowing all to be as it is, being peacefully present.

Many are  also feeling and experiencing just how “far we have come”… Not so much from a definitive linear “distance” perspective…more in the sense of how much we have bloomed and  expanded our awareness.

In regard to the current energetic, transformational gate ~ To allow for the alignment to/with and manifestation of higher vibratory and frequential potentials available, it is helpful to resist the temptation to see everything the same old way.  And to refrain from insisting that the constructs of the desired ascended frequential creative experiences, come about and together the same way(s) as they have been in the past.  To experience the “new”, we must allow these expanded experiences and creations to look, feel and come about in a way, that perhaps we are not  yet adapted to, nor recognize. (I am being shown visions of very intricate geometric forms.)  In other words, if it is something new we desire to create and experience, we must allow the construction of such, to be altered from constructs we are accustomed to.

That really is the Key for this transformation available right Now, allowing for the expanded potentials…and allowing them to look and feel different from that which you have recollection of from your “past” experiences.

This transformation is not about “releasing” or saying no to something and resisting it.  There is nothing to run from, nothing to be fearful of.  “Ascension” during this time of now, is about transformation and transmutation.  Source energy is Source energy is Source energy.  All energy is Source energy.  In desiring for “ascension” while incarnate, it’s about mastering vibration in the denser form of “matter.”   It is for us to be AWARE of our energy and to CHOOSE for the higher frequency potentials… and in doing so, utilizing the One Source Energy that we are, to TRANSFORM the strands of energy that we desire to alter and expand,  to the a Higher Frequency.  There is no “releasing”, it’s all about TRANSFORMATION as it is all the same Source energy.

Visual/Example:  Imagine yourself as a Harp or Guitar, or whatever floats your boat;  where you are the Instrument and the Player  of said instrument and you are also the composer of the music, you are the whole “sh’bang.”  You wouldn’t get rid of the lower tones, you just learn how to tune the instrument and you learn what sounds and feels harmonic and what does not.  It’s all how you play it!

Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

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