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Energy Current-See: Cleaning up the Dust Bunnies


Energy Current-See: Cleaning up the Dust Bunnies

Whatever you thought and had hoped had been reconciled, that was really just “swept under the rug”, is reappearing again, to be cleaned up and reconciled for Good.

Energetically speaking, these are “The Dust Bunnies!”

These are the things I speak of where in the reconciliation process of said things, you may have not been totally forthright about with yourself and/or in your actions…not completely Truthful with Self.  In a hasten to get rid of them…they were really just swept back under the rug…out of site, out of mind…yet, still lurking and still there…

These are the things that are coming back up, to be sorted with once again.  For nothing is truly reconciled unless it is done so in complete and Holy Truth.  It is time to face All in Truth.    For it/they will continue to return in your awareness and experience, until they are reconciled in alignment in Truth with Self.

The Dust Bunnies, will not be Passed Over…they must be Transformed in and by the Heart of Truth.

As always, in all ways, Navigate with the Heart ❤

Love and Blessings,




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Energy Current-See: Crystalline Universal Web


Earlier last week, I was visited by the Divine Mother, and she appeared in a form this time to me, as an Indian Woman whom I intuitively addressed as “Dear Mother”…

Her message was a loving reminder that we are the Mother, Father and Child energy… In and as One.  

“The Holy Trinity”  

Also, to remember to take the child out to play, often.

I’ve received many messages along these lines over the years… Though something felt slightly different about this one and this visit from “Dear Mother”… And throughout last week , I was guided that there was “more” to this visit…I began writing this blog post last week… and I was energetically unable to complete it… and as of today, I understand the reason as I was shown the rest of it.

It is through our “Returning to Innocence” that aligns us to the Child Energy.  The energetic currents of waves of Light, have supported us thus far on this path and continue to do so.  And as more do, this steam rolls in the quantum field and aligns new seekers much more swiftly.  And now we enter a time of  expanded Transformation to expand our alignment of The Holy Trinity we are; above & below, within & without.

Matthew 19:14: Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

~ This passage is not stating that heaven belongs only to children (of a biological age).  It is telling us to be like little children and to get in touch with the Inner Child.

Physiologically:  The brain is altering its way of communication.  We are energetically expanding the communication to have interconnectedness through the veil (the Arachnoid Mater) between the dura mater and the the Pia Mater, uniting the Lower & Higher Mind.

Pia Mater stands for (translates) to “Tender Mother.”

Each of these 3 layers that protect the brain have etheric resonance!

-The Dura Mater is the Thick Outer Membrane…the “Tough Mother”, The “Mother Bear”, “The Protector”

-The Arachnoid Mater is The “Web” or “Veil”

-The Pia Mater is “The Tender Mother” …the Pia Mater, or “Tender Mother” protects the “Infant”

To read more about the Pia Mater: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pia_mater

As I began receiving these Crystalline Visions of this Energy Current, I recollected this article http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/Sermon66braintem.htm  that I have read on this very subject, about the 3 Maters in the brain; (written by a most wonderful gentleman, Bill Donahue.)

I was shown in a vision today that the “Arachnoid Mater,”  that which is the “web” or “veil” is altering from its function of separation  and that of acting as a curtain, to that of Crystalline Coherency for the purpose of JOINING & Communication.  I was shown that in the alteration of said functioning to Crystalline Resonance, what will occur is that instead of the Arachnoid Mater functioning as a veil of separation, it will alter its function to expand and unify the functions of right and left brain in new ways… and in doing so, this lends to greater YOU-inification within and without.  As this transformation occurs, it becomes easier to experience balance, resonance and alignment with and of the Trinitized Light.

The Arachnoid Mater is symbolic of the web of the Universe.   This transformation is greatly needed and desired.  As the Arachnoid Mater transforms to Crystalline Coherency, this then expands our awareness to Interconnectedness & the Truth of One-ness with All That Is.

 “As Above, So Below, As within, So without”

I was also shown a vision of the Universe rolling back like a scroll and there was a ring of stars circling around me… energetically, this is also occurring in the Heavens above us.. and we are expanding to join and align with our greater galactic counterparts.  The veil is indeed thinning… what functioned as a web or veil, is transforming to become Crystalline and to instead function as a conduit of communication of Light Intelligence, vs. a block or hurdle of such.

From Bill’s site regarding Dura Mater:

Excerpted from http://www.hiddenmeanings.com/enlighten.html

Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and  the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and  a little child shall lead them.

A little child shall lead them.

“And a little child shall lead them”

As I was about ready to publish this post… I was guided and told to look up the book of Zechariah and I was led to this passage:

Zechariah 1:16
“Therefore this is what the LORD says: ‘I will return to Jerusalem with mercy, and there my house will be rebuilt. And the measuring line will be stretched out over Jerusalem,’ declares the LORD Almighty.”

~I see in this passage, the renewal of the lower mind; symbolic of the “house” (aka. MIND), to be re-built!

I am nothing short of mind blown having been led to this passage…WOW!

How exciting this Phi-Els… WOW is all I can say!

Infinite Blessings this Holiday Season & Always,



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Following my recent post, posted on December 19th, 2014, titled “Manifesting…It’s an Inside Job”…some were a bit perturbed that I would make mention of desires.  Some believe desires to be “bad” and materialistic and to go against the goal of enlightenment.  While I honor those that this belief suits, I would like to offer my perspective on this.  And I would like to enunciate that my intention for offering my perspective on this subject, is not for intent nor purpose of debate, but that of sharing, exploring and expansion.

The way I see it, our very Being  and existing contains the vibration of “Desire”within it.

To strive to a point/place of not having any desires at all, seems quite unattainable to me.  For to cease desire, would that not then end the act of Creation itself?  

Creation itself is a desire… Is it not? Creations are produced from an initial desire.

From my perspective, a desire would actually Pre-Seed that which is to be Created.

There is a Universal Force of Creation that answers our summoning.  This Force answers and matches our vibration… and when we choose to explore, journey, create, etc…this Force is answering a desire that matches the vibration we align with.

The higher vibratory expression and experience of desire includes Being centered within the Self and knowing of your completeness and that you do not have to have said desire to complete you.  We can have desires that are expansive for us, that are positively aligned experiences.  Desire does not have to equal detraction, contraction and negativity…only if you believe that it does. It does not have to result in separation.  There are many desires initiated from the Heart that result in gloriously Loving Creations.

All is within the All.  You are “here” Now, having desires…you could not be “here” without desire.  Desire exists within the All.  The very act of creation itself, includes Desire!

You exist, You Are and, you have Choice.  You can’t have choice without desire. In order to choose, there must be a desire for something in your choosing.

How else can you choose if you don’t have a desire for one thing or another? How can you choose for your Alignment (or not), without desire?

I personally, do  not feel that the energies of the New Earth include “ridding ourselves of our desires.”  For the creation and manifestation of the New Earth to take place and to be takING place, is a desire unto itself.  The New Earth is a creation of expansion and expansion is a desire unto itself!

I believe it is really a matter of Unifying our desires through Living in the Heart.  When we are living in the heart, we have no interest in things that would deliberately cause pain, destruction and suffering.

The higher vibratory way of experiencing desire would be to maintain conscious awareness of what it is that we are desiring.  By maintaining alignment within the Self to insure that said desires are heart centered and in alignment with our Source.  There are those desires that are out of alignment that are entropic and subject to decay; desires spawned by thoughts of separation.   And there are desires that are centropic, that are in accordance with Source resonance; that are desires of the heart and spawned from thoughts of Unity & One-ness… Those that can be shared with One and All & that are Unified and that are everlasting because they are created in Harmonic Synthesis and Resonance with The One Source.

Aligned desires create Aligned & Unified creations and this feels “good.”

That to me is the key…living in Heart centered Unity.

When the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly, there was a desire for Transformation.  And the Butterfly has  expanded desires to explore its new state of LIFE…Spread your Wings and Fly ❤

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Manifesting…It’s an Inside Job!


This is just a bit of sharing… on the topic of manifesting…

I felt compelled to share this as it appeared in my awareness this morning…and, I feel many may relate to this…so, this is but a friendly sharing as it may very well resonate for you.  It’s really “Manifesting 101” that is easily forgotten, lol 😉  I hope it may serve as a helpful “Ah-ha” if there is something that you have been desiring in your own experience that you have not aligned with as of yet.

So here I go: There has been something that I have been desiring to experience…that I have witnessed very little movement of.

When reflecting on said desire this morning… I had an Ah-ha moment (which, I just adore because it is so fun!)…and, I realized that of said desired experience, what I was focusing on, was an idea of the form of which said desire would appear in.  In other words, I was trying to control what the form of the desire would be… and at some point, I shifted from the cORe (Light Essence) vibrational feeling I was wanting to experience and I was no longer focusing on the inner core of said desire… I was forgetting about what and why I desired said experience…the CORE of it.

At some point, the CORE desire became secondary because I shifted my focus to the form said desire would take.  And in doing so, it’s not that the core desire was lost… it was still “in there”, but I did allow it to drift from my awareness because I became so focused on what it would “look like” (the outer form).

Energetically what was occurring, was, that I was limiting said desire from manifesting in trying to control what form it would take…and furthermore, I was no longer vibrationally aligning to said core (inner) desire by shifting it out of my awareness. And by shifting the feeling of the said desired experience, I was no longer shifting and aligning my vibration, my Phi-ling, to match said desire!

With that said, it’s not to say that we can’t have fun using our imagination of what form our desires may take…we most certainly can.  In doing that though, it’s important to maintain primary awareness to the vibration, the FEELING said desire would offer us as that is how we match the vibration of the desire.

We must create from the inside out and not the other way around… It’s an inside job!

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Crystalline Vision: Malleable Crystalline DNA


~Crystalline Vision~

A few nights ago, I was shown a vision of malleable crystals… I was picking up these crystals and shaping them in my hands. I have been guided, that this is symbolic of our designing the crystalline structures within our DNA.

We choose & are designing said structures by our very own Will.

All is CHOICE ❤

While I am and have been aware that we indeed effect our own DNA…this was such an awesomely expanded vision on this topic and so very HANDS-ON…as we are expanding and awakening to our inner Wisdom & the Intelligence of the Light that we are…and expanding more and more into our center of power and creator-ship…and stabilizing this…it is all becoming much more tangible.  So much fun!

~Cheers to that Family of Light ❤ ❤ ❤

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Energy Current-See: Metatronic Light Spectrum


December 15, 2014

Over the weekend, I was shown a vision of the 3 Great Pyramids in Egypt…and they were shown to me as the 3 primary colors -Red, Yellow & Blue.

This was quite interesting as I had not seen them in my visions in/as these colors prior…and interesting that I was seeing them as the 3 primary colors of our color spectrum.

This indicates to me an expanded up-shift occurring within the grids, having to do with the Light Spectrum & Electromagnetics, cosmically received and transmitted to, from and within the Earth Plane…as we are quantumly expanding and allowing for a greater concentration of the Metatronic Full Light Spectrum.

I was shown that each of the colors, each correlate as follows:

Mycerinos/Menkaure Pyramid- Mintaka-EL= Blue

Khafre/Chephren Pyramid- Al Nilam/AN= Yellow

Khufu/Cheops Pyramid, “Great Pyramid” – Al Nitak- RA= Red

This also, all correlates with our DNA…

“As above, so below.”

This topic can be expanded upon quite a bit… this is but a summarized “note”, to have fun Phi-El-ing into 😉


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Universal Force of Creation: Entropic vs. Centropic


The Universal Force of Creation answers your summoning.

Every time, you are answered.

The Universal Force of Creation serves you.  It serves All without judgement.    

This Force, is Miraculous!

What are the controls on this?  What is there to keep the balance?

That which is made without utilization of resonance with the Infinite Patterns of frequency and vibration are subject to degeneration and decay. They are highly entropic.  That is,  unless they are re-patterned and realigned at some point to the Infinite Patterns of Source Frequency and Vibration.

That which is summoned by the Creative Force from a frequency and vibration in alignment with the sacred geometric and harmonic tones (frequency and vibration), are the creations which are everlasting and feel “good”… The reason they feel “good”, is because they are in alignment with the Infinite Patterns of your Esssence.  They are everlasting, as you are and they vibrate in accordance with patterns such as the Fibonacci Sequence of Phi… the Infinite patterns.  They are Centropic.  They are subject to creative renewal.

So, as to the “boundaries” about the non-judgement of the summoning of the Universal Creative Force…the balance lies in just that… the Centropic creations that have resonance with the Infinite patterns are eternal.  Whereas, the Entropic, are not.

This re-patterning is occurring within the DNA.  The entropic patterns are being re-patterned to Centropy..

This is occurring on the micro and macro levels of our dimensional space… we are shifting from entropy to Centropy.

This is occurring within and without.

Eventually, as we cross the threshold into the centropic photonic light belt, the regenerative Light will regenerate the vessel at Will and the Light Body will become primary…as the Light Body is Centropic and is the Body Immortal.

I have memories from Posieda following the Atlantean deluge… and while I was in pure Light Body form, most others at the time were not and had already shifted into the dense form.  I believe that it is perfectly possible and feasible that we may enter a time where we begin to witness this gradual transition where some, though perhaps very few, choose for this.  This then gains quantum momentum as more and more align…

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Energy Current-See: It’s all in how you play it

Vladimir Kush - Cellist

***Art by Vladimir Kush http://www.VladimirKush.com

Energy Current-See

I am feeling/seeing, a portal and/or gate of sorts available at this time of Now, that allows for accelerated transformation should one choose for such. Much transformation is taking place in the DNA.

Liken to the great Transformation from Newt to Dragonfly & Caterpillar to Butterfly.  From Lamb to Lion!

Cliche?  Yes 😉  What better examples though?!?!  😉

There may at times be much frustration felt as you serve as the sacred bridge from what was to what is now being created in the New Earth Star.  As you can very much feel the energy of the New Earth Star within you… so much so,  do some of us yearn for this transformation of expansion into the New Earth Star. Yet, we must value all that  this time of Now offers and be present here in the NOW, serving as the sacred bridge to all that we choose to create… as our purpose here and now, is to serve as the Sacred Bridge.  When present and still, there is much glory and love right here and now to experience…there is nothing to wait for as what will be, will be.  And it will be so without force and controls.  All Is and will be.  The journey is much more comfortable allowing all to be as it is, being peacefully present.

Many are  also feeling and experiencing just how “far we have come”… Not so much from a definitive linear “distance” perspective…more in the sense of how much we have bloomed and  expanded our awareness.

In regard to the current energetic, transformational gate ~ To allow for the alignment to/with and manifestation of higher vibratory and frequential potentials available, it is helpful to resist the temptation to see everything the same old way.  And to refrain from insisting that the constructs of the desired ascended frequential creative experiences, come about and together the same way(s) as they have been in the past.  To experience the “new”, we must allow these expanded experiences and creations to look, feel and come about in a way, that perhaps we are not  yet adapted to, nor recognize. (I am being shown visions of very intricate geometric forms.)  In other words, if it is something new we desire to create and experience, we must allow the construction of such, to be altered from constructs we are accustomed to.

That really is the Key for this transformation available right Now, allowing for the expanded potentials…and allowing them to look and feel different from that which you have recollection of from your “past” experiences.

This transformation is not about “releasing” or saying no to something and resisting it.  There is nothing to run from, nothing to be fearful of.  “Ascension” during this time of now, is about transformation and transmutation.  Source energy is Source energy is Source energy.  All energy is Source energy.  In desiring for “ascension” while incarnate, it’s about mastering vibration in the denser form of “matter.”   It is for us to be AWARE of our energy and to CHOOSE for the higher frequency potentials… and in doing so, utilizing the One Source Energy that we are, to TRANSFORM the strands of energy that we desire to alter and expand,  to the a Higher Frequency.  There is no “releasing”, it’s all about TRANSFORMATION as it is all the same Source energy.

Visual/Example:  Imagine yourself as a Harp or Guitar, or whatever floats your boat;  where you are the Instrument and the Player  of said instrument and you are also the composer of the music, you are the whole “sh’bang.”  You wouldn’t get rid of the lower tones, you just learn how to tune the instrument and you learn what sounds and feels harmonic and what does not.  It’s all how you play it!

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Energy Current See: Expansion Powered By Love

butterfly ship

***Art by Vladimir Kush http://www.VladimirKush.com


I am shown crystal clear visions beyond the veil of The Eternal Love & Light Essence, within everyone and everything…the IS that IS always, in all ways.  The pure Source Essence, the Light from Beyond the Beyond.

The way I am shown it, while in the human vessel, during this “timeline”, when we find ourselves in discordant energy, It is only a sort of script, or programming, that runs over the top of the Higher Mind, like a screen… the proverbial “smoke screen”; that has been brought to the forefront from a dissociation from the Light and wisdom from within, that only temporarily masks the pure Love/Light Essence from the awareness.  I have been shown this matrix several times in varying ways over the years… it is the matrix of the human mass consciousness… which is shifting and it is becoming easier for more and more to explore beyond it, expanding it, shifting it, raising the vibration…as we are all indeed joined and each and everyone contribute.  Once one becomes aware (Presence) of said script/programming, it becomes easier to loosen the habitual and reactionary threads of energy that are/were running on auto-pilot… on cruise control, awaiting the “captain” (you) to steer the ship and adjust the sails as needed. Once aware, it becomes easier and more clear to see when this script “pops” up, similar to one of those annoying pop-ups when searching the web, lol!  Once aware, you can press the “escape” button, for lack of better term,  to clear it out and allow once again, to return awareness to the Source within, operating freely and clearly through the Source Essence of the Spirit-Self.

More on the current energy sensings:

~Expanding into greater awareness of Spirit-Self

~Expanding awareness to the free cosmic energy through releasing the limitations that have been imagined/believed to have been put on love.~

~Releasing obligations, expectations, bindings… releasing the limitations of what relationships/friendships “look like.”

~Releasing agendas, ultimatums and conditions.

~Releasing all of the made up requirements… releasing those constructs we have made up in our minds of what equates to what…of what equates as love and the judgements about what doesn’t.

~Be-ing Love, with no expectations of what we are to gain or receive back.  Knowing that we are this Love.  So, there are no longer requirements of chasing after something that we already are, as if it were some commodity in limited supply.

“Enjoy the Nectar and it will continue to flow.  Release from the need to control and to force outcomes.   Navigate through the heart.  Enjoy the nectar each relationship and encounter has to offer.  If that is your focus, it will continue to flow.  The form in which it is delivered may alter and change as form does, but the energy will remain and flow to you in endless ways.”

All is Love… and we expand our awareness and align with the All that Is Love by setting our-Selves free…expanding into awareness of the Power of Source Love that is infinite reciprocity…Free Cosmic Energy ❤

As this awareness expands quantumly, only then, shall we see Free Energy manifest in our Reality… as All is Energy 😉

Expansion powered by Love… ❤ ❤ ❤