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Energy Current-See: Return to Innocence


I am seeing an alignment occurring and the main focus of said alignment is to release guilt, re-initiate power and to align with your Eternal Innocence.

Visually, the alignment forms a triangle.  With the base of the triangle sitting across the adrenals.  It then comes up and the top of the triangle is at the heart center.  The solar plexus is in the middle of the triangle.

The energy of this geometric alignment and the Light codings it brings, flushes out the distorted vibration of “guilt” held in the adrenals.  It re-stabilizes the Power Center, the Sun Center (Solar Plexus.)

And it creates a powerful capstone effect in the Heart Center that reconnects the vibration and frequency of Innocence up to the mind.

This alignment centers us in  Eternal Innocence that IS, by the Power of Love.


Energy Current-See: Bring Me A Higher Love

rose ray

This last week has been quite magical!

I saw and experienced a most beautiful infusion of the Rose Pink Ray of Love shower Gaia, the Earth Plane and all beings. ❤ ❤ ❤

It was so powerful and amazing!!!

I’ve felt like I am literally walking on air all week 😉

Gifted within this infusion of the Rose Pink Ray, are more expansion codes to ascend the Earth reality, raising the vibration more and more… huge heart expansion taking place with this… some are really feeling it in the heart center/chakra!

The Rose Ray ankhors us deeper into our heart center and also assists us in seeing others at the Soul Level and through the eyes of Source.

When we see each other at a soul level, “Heaven on Earth” becomes our experience…and it is nothing short of blissful with waves of ecstasy to experience ourselves and others in this way ❤

Wishing you Love & Blissings here and NOW,




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Energy Current-See: Tremendous Magnetic Alterations


Last week, I was shown a vision of the magnetics of the Earth plane radically altered.

In this vision, thousands, if not millions were gathered about, outside together in awe of this,  as said “alteration” was physically visible.

I am guided, that among other things, this alteration in the magnetic field of the Earth, will greatly assist in manifesting the Light Body as a Living outer waking reality, as it would indeed release the density and would have huge effects on the human vehicle. And it will change the world at large (transportation, communication, technology, etc.)

Sounds fun to me… I say “Bring it!”


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Uniting the Mental & Emotional Bodies through Feeling

Vetruvian Man

Uniting the Mental & Emotional Bodies through Feeling

To alter the outer waking reality, we must alter the energy and vibration that manifested it in the first place.

Man has the CHOICE of experiencing every facet of himself, as if these facets were individual functions.

When man chose to experiment in separating out the functions of the vehicle, this is where man began experiencing himself as “fragmented.”  

The breaking up of the  holistic patterns.

The most obvious result of said experiment or “adventure”, as are more and more now awakened to, resulted in lowering the vibration.

When we have closed off the feeling centers and lead with our thoughts, with the mental, we feel like we are “in the dark.”  

When we feel like we are “in the dark”, we feel scared and frightened.  We feel like something is being kept from us, ostracized, abandoned etc., we feel separated.

In reality, there is nothing outside of us, “doing something” to us.

In reality, when we have such experiences, we have shut down our feeling centers.

The thought and emotion have separated (they are meant to function together, in unison), and each have become their own runaway train…or, like a car barreling down the road with no driver. 

This separation of the mental and emotional bodies, is “painful.”

And as a result of said separation, man developed the “separated ego” and the “pain body.”

This was a lower vibratory formation of their ability to still function together, feeding off of one another, like a game of tennis.

In order to bring the mental and emotional bodies back into harmony together, as they were created to be, one must be willing to FEEL again.

I call this “Phi-ling.”

As in Phi, Golden Ratio.


When we center in the heart space, and  feel our way through things, relationships, life,  this reunites the mental and emotional bodies and raises the vibration throughout when we navigate through Phi-ling.

When we are consciously feeling, and reconnect the feeling centers, and make feeling a natural way of Be-ing again, it is much easier to become aware of when we have gotten out of balance , to then correct any distortions and realign ourselves.  It gets easier and easier.  When we see it all as energy, and work with it that way, the process is pain free.When we are navigating life through our feelings, we are much quicker to identify when we may begin to come out of our aligned state of Be-ing and to Phi-El (feel), ourselves back into alignment.  

And when we are in alignment, this feels “good.”