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Energy Current-See: The Map That Leads To You

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***Art by Michael Parkes



I am shown in my crystalline visions at this time of NOW,  that we are being Over-lit by the Goddess Kali in this energy current.

She has a very powerful and loving energy ❤

I do not see and feel her presence as fearful nor demonic as many have made her out to be.  Not at all!

I feel those sorts of representations were made up from the very egos she sets out to liberate!

The depictions of her, must be seen as symbolic.  For instance, the necklace of heads that is seen around her neck, to me, symbolizes the slaying of illusionary consciousness.

“Kali is the personification of the the aspect of the Divine Mother that compassionately destroys the ego.”

With that said, what I am seeing is, that some choosing the path of ascension, raising vibration, are experiencing what is termed as “the death of the ego”…

As more have shifted into the Heart, opening to the Higher Heart, becoming increasingly more aware of Self, illusions become increasingly more apparent. During this part of the shifting, there may be great feeling of needing to separate from all things that hold symbolism of the illusionary and limited identity.  A separation from the separated consciousness. Those things that have been clung to that supported the false identity to hold its constructs in place, naturally, do not feel “good” and are not in alignment with the true Self. And as one becomes more aware, this comes into clear view.  That which was not seen before, is seen. As we bring ourselves more “online”, the veil falls and there is very little left to continue supporting a “house of cards.”

If you are one of the ones approaching this state, you may be feeling that a “house-keeping” is needed.  Also, a great desire to simplify all aspects. I liken this to the Bible Story of Jesus Cleansing the Temple.  When we get to a certain stage in our awakening, our inner eye opens enough to see that there is activity taking place within our minds that was not intended for.  The mind became a marketplace instead of a quiet peaceful temple of stillness. In other words, we have busied our minds with activity, out of alignment with the Heart. So, we begin to take note of this and we feel inclined to “clean house”, to clean our “temple” in order to return it for the purpose of which it was created for.

As these constructs dissolve, there is a great shaking within us –> Earth-Quakes, shaking of our Earthly mind and body.  These quakes will shake out the weak constructs of illusions and reveal the beautiful Light within.  And after the shaking out, a return to peaceful stillness.

On one hand, there is a great rejoicing within as we allow these constructs to dissolve… yet, we may also find ourselves feeling a bit shaky at times, as the constructs we have participated in, were in place for such a duration that we adapted to them and they became accepted by us as “normal.”

As always, find your center and your balance in your Heart Space.  Your heart is your unshakeable and solid foundation. Your Heart holds “That map that leads to YOU” and is the Captain of your Ship and is indeed at the helm of the Shifting 😉

Trust that your heart will guide you to the return of full awareness of Self, as indeed it Will.

Allow for the quakes, the shaking out of any and all constructs of illusion!

Shake it out, Have fun with it, rejoice in it all, as it is YOU directing this, guiding you to your Self in the Light, as the Light that you are and always have been & always will be 😉

Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

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