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To Phi-El

In understanding ourselves and the universe, Nikola Tesla Said it best:


In this time of the “Great Shift”, we are to raise our vibration , embodied as “Hue-man” and align ourselves to live from the Heart again.

A part of our mastery program, Mastery of Self, is to regain mastering our vibration.

This requires that we feel.

It is imperative to consciously open to the feeling centers.

For anyone wanting to be more aware of the Self and experience “ascension”, you must allow for the alignment of your awareness to your feeling centers.

One must allow yourself to feel again, to raise the vibration within.

What I have been shown about the function of feeling in energetic terms,  is to understand it as  “PHI-ling.”

Key word here is PHI!


Feeling = Phi-ling

To Feel = To Phi-el (Source/God/Creator feeling and sensing)

When we are feeling, we are Phi-ling as Source/God/Creator 😉

When we are allowing ourselves to feel and open our awareness to our feelings, we are feeling vibration.

In order to be discerning and to choose for our alignment, we must be in touch with our Phi-lings and Phi-el (feel) vibration. As energy beings, it is important that we Phi-el first and then act (or not if that is what is called for.)  By allowing ourselves to feel again, we re-wire ourselves (our circuits), realigning to the Heart Space, instead of the old way of making decisions solely from the mind.  We shift our awareness back to our Hearts and into the Creative Space and create in harmony with “Hymn” (Source Frequency and Vibration) through vibration.Then, when we are in alignment, we can create from that.  And when we create from a place of being in our alignment, we create things that make us feel “good.”

Blessings of Blissful Golden Phi Harmony,



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You are the Son & the Angels!

You are the “Son” & the Angels- Sacred Geometry says so!

metatrons cube

Angels= Angles

Circles and Spheres are Suns = “Sons”

The Angels, or Angles, are the Rays that Extend from the Sun/Son.

You are the Son (Sun) AND the Angels (Angles).

You are BOTH!

All One 😉

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Energy Current See: Galactic-Angelic Integration


Breath and be consciously centered in the Heart today… there is a bit of a shifting and a purging taking place with the energies today.  This is very internal…it is almost like riding on a pendulum or swinging back and forth on a swing inside 😉

We are aligning with our multi-dimensional and angelic awareness more than ever right now.  This morning, I awoke with a more conscious awareness than I can recollect in a while,  of a movement of a merging with my Arcturian and Angelic aspects…this was more tangible than I can remember… of this galactic and angelic awareness manifesting into my reality as an embodiment… more than just an etheric awareness…but actualizing and embodying the galactic and angelic aspects!

There was also some toning taking place within me, while I was observing and feeling these other aspects of Self from a crystalline whale pod (Cetaceans) to assist with these adjustments and tuning and so forth…

So, from my perspective, it is quite logical and feels natural that there may be a deep shifting inside of us to allow for this that we are summoning forth to integrate.

Anyway, the more centered we can be, aligning with the Pure Love Vibration and just to be in a relaxed place of allowing… the smoother these sort of shifts move and roll through…

Love and Blissings,



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Energy Current-See: New Equations


  • Many experiences of late of feeling like a sort of bridge between “past” and “future” self and feelings and sensations of All occurring now…this is beginning to feel more “normal”, lol
  • Expanding awareness with Starry Self and experiences
  • Huge DNA Alignments
  • As of late:  Feeling a massive shift… a sort of polarity shift …
  • Last week, I was shown some alignments and activations in the Crystalline Grid around the area of a crystal cave in Machu Picchu, Peru.
  • Embodying the Master Self:  We are breaking out of our “shell”… expanding our borders… tearing them down all together… releasing presumptions… releasing previous ideas and old equations… the things that used to equate no longer do… releasing limitations…releasing confines… branching out to explore new equations and new possibilities.
  •  There is a releasing of the weight, of load bearing thoughts, lightening the load of the “stuff”… going to the core and aligning with the golden Phi harmonics in the core of the heart, the I Am, embodying the Master Self.  No more judgement, just is-ness.  Seeing all as vibration and beautiful Source essence.   Harmonic Realignment with our Source vibration, so free, pure love… just being.
  • Last night felt like a contracting… a birth contraction… birthing a new mind… one that is beyond confines and beyond the limitation… no confines…limitless and free…
  • Today, I saw a vision of an old garment dropping… dissolving.  A shedding of the old garment…this is required to align with the higher vibratory Body of Light.  Some may feel a sort of twisting inside…perhaps a feeling of disorientation and similar. Stay centered in the heart through this shifting…you will again regain equilibrium…Allow for the transformation 😉

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Energy Current-See: Graceful Discernment


Energy Current-See

~Graceful Discernment~

More and more, We are shifting our awareness to the core of our Hearts, to our Higher Hearts, aligning more fully to the Pure Love Self…and currently, some may be receiving great insight into the self and how much so, the act of judgement has played out in the Earth reality.  Those choosing a path of raising the vibration (ascension), are supported in greater levels of transmuting the old auto-pilot matrix of judgement and shifting instead, to a greater awareness of commanding reality through Choice and Allowing, utilizing discernment.

Discernment is sustainable and supported, while judgement has a very shaky and destructible foundation as it is destructive.

While discernment is coined quite regularly in various things we read, hear, etc., this current energy wave, is very supportive of truly integrating Discernment into our Reality and Living by it.

From time to time,  I receive questions about the difference between judgment and discernment…

I share my perspective here on it for those that find it challenging to see and feel the differences between them.

***While one definition of discernment is to “judge well”, so, containing the word “judge”,  to judge well in this case would be from my perspective, to judge for wellness, to judge for alignment with your Source= discernment.  Whereas the term “judgement” alone in this article would be more referring to judgement with condemnation.

“In utilizing discernment, we choose what is in alignment for us and what is not.  The keys of discernment are recognizing free will, choice and allowing… choosing for our alignment.

It is different than judgement in that Discernment allows for choosing and discernment allows for the choices that are available to remain as, just that, choices, options, potential… not judging something as right or wrong, good or bad,  and/or ok to exist or not ok to exist, etc.… discernment allows for choice and is free from resistance.

Whatever the choice may be, in discerning which choice is right for you, you still allow for all choices and potentials to remain available.

For, what may not be right for you right now, may be right for another and so on and so forth.

In mastering the vibration, Mastering of Self, it is important to be discerning of which vibrations are in alignment for the Self and discerning of those that are not…  Again, not judging… as ALL are allowed to Be.

One can be discerning and in a constant state of Allowing…while in a state of judgement, that would make for  disharmony and disallowing.

 Judgement wants to decree a result of a polarity, of a winner and a loser, etc.  When we are judging, we are choosing the separation matrix.

While discernment, Allows and is of Choice and Free-Will.  When we are discerning, we are choosing for our Alignment.

The greater the state of Allowing we allow for ourSelves , we allow for the unlimited potential and abundance of Creational opportunities and experiences.

On the flip, if we choose a reality of judgement, we would experience a reality of great limitation.

That said, in this Current of photon Light waves and galactic and planetary alignments, I am sensing a great support to release the limited mind matrix of judgement and a wave of support of a shifting to the Limitless Light Matrix that includes a deeper integration of Discernment… where all potentials are allowed for and freedom of Choice… knowing we are Freely Choosing our Reality by our Will.  As discernment is a key in mastering our vibration, in mastering the Self, when we are discerning, we create a reality that feels “good”, as it is a “judging well”, choosing for our wellness and well-being.   Alignment is well-being and well-being is alignment.

When we are in alignment with the Limitless Light of our Source and ALLOWING, all things flow with grace and ease and we are effortlessly supported and carried always, in all ways in all of our magical explorations and adventures.

~In’La Ketch~

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Enery Current-See ~A Recap of the Last 2 Weeks~


***Art by Vladimir Kush


Energy Current-See

~A Recap of the Last 2 Weeks~

  • I see an alignment taking place within the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras… Lots of Yellow and Blue Rays.  This has to do with the Will.   It also has to do with releasing the small self, the “smallness” and the limitations and unworthiness and so on… and aligning with the Greatness and the Grand Image we are created as and really are.  A releasing of the limited will and An aligning with the Infinite Will of Him/Hymn (One Source Frequency.)  This is quite an empowering alignment.  There have been several alignments of this sort for a time… this however, is an even greater expansion on all the previous experienced.


  • Expansive Alignments in the Thymus Gland… expanding and deepening the alignment with our Higher Heart.  The symbol I am shown for this current alignment is an Ankh and the number 7.


  • Many more having experiences with the Angels and Ascended Masters… and for those already very aware of their presence, expanding the awareness that we are One with them.  The Masters are “here”, and ONE with US!


  • Merging of Self and experiences: Many more are having multi-dimensional experiences of themselves and feeling less of a separation of  alternate experiences and dimensions of Self… we are uniting and merging the Whole Self as one and lessening the perception of “starting and endings” and separations between.


  • I am receiving downloads regarding “Forgiveness.”   Up through this point, we understood forgiveness to be about releasing ourselves and each other from perceived mis-creations.  As when things are made up and done out of alignment with the Pure Love Self, it is a reality of distortion manifest. When we are vibrating to the Diamond Ray frequency of “Forgiveness”, it no longer involves the definition of what we have known it to be and to be about as when in alignment with the Pure Love Self, we know ourselves as Eternally Released and Free.
    •    In the Diamond Ray Frequency, forgiveness no longer has to do with forgiving in the way we have known it as it is no longer required.  We no longer see things as “wrong” and needing to be forgiven, etc.  That is not to say that discernment is voided, absolutely not.  That is not what is meant here.  It is also, not to say that we still don’t use our inner guidance to feel what is in alignment for us and what isn’t.  In the Diamond Ray Frequency, we see through the eyes of Source. In the Diamond Ray Frequency, “forgiveness” has only to do with Divine Creativity and CREATING with “Hymn”, the One Source Frequency.  In the Diamond Ray Frequency, Forgiveness is all about Limitless Creating and all things desired to be created FOR-given, already given through Hymn (The One Source Frequency).  When we are in alignment with Pure Love Self, “Your wish is your command.”  This is true “Forgiveness.”  Through Hymn (The One), ALL that IS, is available to create with/from.  When we are in our Diamond Ray Frequency and in alAINment with our Pure Love Self, the idea of forgiveness is creation and creating with Hymn, in alignment with Source.


  • A greater integration of “All is Love.”
    • Indeed, all is Love.  All is Source energy of the Highest Frequency of Love.
    • Anything perceived to be something other than love, is simply a lens or filter or a pinching off of Source frequency of the observer… a separation and distortion from the flow of Pure Positive Source energy.  Anything perceived as anything other than Love, would be a distortion in the mind matrix.
    • All is Love. It can only be.   There is only the All that Is.  There is nothing outside of the All.  Love IS and it is Forever & Everlasting.


  • “Reactions are a Reflection of Beliefs”
    • Many are experiencing a greater understanding of the beliefs held onto… and in many cases, reactions to things, situations, relationships, seem to be magnified as a way of bringing to the surface, the beliefs about said things.
    • Reactions (positive or negative), are a reflection of our own beliefs.  This is very much a current “theme.”  And a time of self reflection to go inward and take a look at the beliefs held onto.  The energy right now is very supportive of releasing limiting beliefs…  And of course, the more we allow for this, we reunite at greater levels to our awareness as Pure Love Self that is One with All.


  • There have been so many “upgrades” and alignments, many are feeling a little bit of discombobulation in learning to navigate the new “software” (this term being symbolic of course)  😉  Just like when a new software is upgraded or a new platform is launched, some pick it up quicker than others… and over time, more and more are online and on board with the New 😉


Love and Blessings Always,