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Energy Current See- Deepening Unity


Energy Current See

We are realizing and becoming more aware of the separation we cast upon ourselves, or rather our ONE Self as there is only ONE. More aware in a much more expansive way. Really feeling it… going beyond theory! It is one thing for something to be theoretical and a whole other to be felt, Known and Realized. …Becoming aware of the false and distorted perceptions of separate selves. And releasing some really DEEP stories we have created and pictures we have painted of each other.
We are coming into a greater integrated awareness of just how deep into this projection we invested… and rising up and out of it on much GREATER levels than I have felt yet. And for that, I will shout a Hallelujah! 😉
I don’t feel the need to elaborate on this…as anyone reading this is aware of the concept of the illusion of separation and the Truth of Oneness.
There aren’t words for this current energy wave… I feel only the need to sum it up here… it must be felt…
It feels like a great RELIEF!