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Devic Heaven




June 23, 2014

Just now, I was gifted by a visit with the Fae.

I just love their energy!  It is most delightful!!!

They shared this fun poem with me and when they concluded our visit, I was left giggling like a child, filled with joy and laughter!

I invite you to call on the Fae yourself as they are sure to leave you with a taste of the delightful and childlike innocence we all are!

They called this poem, “Devic Heaven”


The energy of the Fae surround you

so very close in every way

 We are energy- rich

and free of what you call decay


Invite us to come out and play

And  learn of our innocense

you think to be so far away



it brings its challenges, you say

But play with the Fae

and you will feel this drift away


We know of the magic of the stars

and the brilliance of the heavens

so close

yet so far in your perception


Feel us in your hearts

For Together, With you,

We are heaven


Fairy Love and Blissings,







***Art By Michael Parkes



Energy Current-See for June 23, 2014

I am seeing a Great Re-birthing of the Mind taking place right now.  And in all “In-Utero” periods, rest is required!

That said…

Listen to your inner guidance when you need a “time out.”  We often fight these much needed time out periods…

We get so used to habitually doing, doing, doing until we have little left in us to do anymore.

A great majority of us identify with all of the stuff we do.  The stuff we do, becomes our identify.

Take your time-outs!

They are needed.

They allow for us to realign our Being.

When we fight the inner guidance and call for time-outs and quiet periods, things can begin to feel chaotic because we rock our inner balance.

Time time out for your Being.

This is a repetitive reminder, is it not?

We all seem to forget it when things get going and we get doing…to take time out for just Being 😉

It feels so  good to me to just be right NOW… and when I am centered in my Being, I Am Now.


I am witnessing  many with some feelings of confusion right now through this expanded process of re-aligning the mind…

This “time-out” and R&R period… is necessary for the fetal period of the re-birthing and renewing of the mind.

I cannot express this enough…

Trust in the process… Allow for the Light to shine forth from the Heart to the Mind.


Lastly, FAITH is the Key I am seeing on the fore-front at the moment.

Not only are we re-birthing the mind to align with the Infinite Mind, we are in a phase right now, where we are re-learning what Faith truly is.

We are re-learning what Faith truly is.  Faith is free from expectations and limitations … as it must be to know thySelf as Limitless.

It is not a “one-shot” deal…Faith is consistent until we Become It.


Align with the Joy in JOYning together…as we JOYn together, we Know thy Self as Whole.

We are The Holy One.










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Energy Current-See: The Hive


June 17th, 2014

Wow… this has been quite a ride the last 4 days or so… that is all I can say, “WOW”

Saturday Night, I awoke sometime in the early morning to my heart racing… not just a little, a lot… like as if I had just done a triathlon!

I  relaxed into this and there is only 1 vision I can recall from the experience… a giant pillar of light came up around me and I melted into this light and it felt like this Pillar of Light that encompassed me, inserted into the 144 Crystalline Grid… my heart continued to race for a good hour…

Another thing I was shown that very same night, were some images on a screen… and I did not feel good about seeing these images on the screen… and the message in this vision, was to not respond to images… as they are only images of the past and nothing more!  That seems to be a theme of late, of releasing from all the perceptions and judgments of images and to recognize them for what they are… and to remember what I Am at my core… and that I Am not any of these images and I am especially not the perceptions and judgments attached to them.  Many are having similar experiences show up… as indeed, we all are joined.

Lastly, this vision seems to be reoccurring…and that is, the symbol of a colony of  bees.  Throughout this time of the “Great Shift”, we are re-learning how to work and be together.   We are remembering that we are joined and that we are One.  We are the Hive.  And the hive, functions only in unity.  The Hive can not survive without cooperation and harmonious contribution.  We all serve as various aspects and contribute to our “Hive” and we are re-learning that our salvation is in our  Union and joining together.

Love & Blessings,




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The Answer is For-Given


***Art by Vladimir Kush



June 13th, 2014


When we ask, we must be open to receive.
Sometimes, we pose a question, but are not always really wanting the answer.
If we have a question, we must be open to receive the answer.
We must release from the limiting perceptions we might pre-judge the answer to be.
For if we have a question, we are not already aware of the answer.
So, we must not pre-judge it. For if we were already aware of the answer, we would not pose the question.
We must release any controls from the answer we are wanting to receive.
Usually, the answer itself, is quite simple and if we are not really wanting the answer or open to receive it when it comes, we will not recognize it.
We must allow the for the answers we are wanting, no matter what form it arrives in.
Answers are simple.
It is only the perception of a limited mind that wants to make it complex.

We must release from the mental addiction of complexity to recognize the beauty in simplicity.
Answers are simple.
The answer is always For-Given.
The answer to our questions is already there before the question is even asked.
We already have the answers to any question we may pose.
It is but an allowing of the awareness of the answer to the question posed.
This is why receiving is the same as giving.
The answer is For-Givin.
It is Within All-Ready. Ready, for us to receive it and ALLOW for the reception of it.
We must only be open to receive it…
It is only ever a question of alignment.

Aligning to Clarity.

For that which we are wanting, we already have.
We need only ALLOW for the alignment to that which Already IS.

When we are in a state of Clarity, we are in a state of Knowing.

In the pure state of knowing, there are no questions.

“I Am All that Is.”







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Energy Current-See: Peace Out


***Art by Vladimir Kush



Energy Current-See

I started writing this about a week ago, around May 31st, 2014… interesting thing about the energy wave right now, for the last couple of weeks… is that, there seems to be a great many that feel like hibernating and keeping to one’s self, myself included. Not in a “hermit” kind of way… just a total “Peacing Out.”  So, while I began on these notations of what I have been sensing in the current energy, I have felt no motivation to post it until today…

I liked this message from Eckhart Tolle that popped in my email today and felt it to be very resonant with my feelings about searching for the words to interpret things, lol

“Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much.”

~Eckhart Tolle

I am choosing more of a “bullet point” style for this current posting of “Energy Current-See”…as again, I am not feeling  in this wave of energy much motivation or requirement for elaboration nor a push for much mental exercise…lol!


  • The Ying and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine are learning their married relationship with each other, together as ONE… “they” are learning how to dance with each other, learning the rythem of Oneness and “dancing” in Unison…  To keep this in proper perspective, This is applicable only “here” in the holographic reality, as in our True Reality of All that Is, there has always been perfect Eternal Unity and Oneness of “Masculine/Feminine, Ying/Yang”, and so on!

-Note:  This is within our own selves, within our own energies…this “note” is written symbolically…



  • In the vessel, the chakra system is completing its alignment of the symbolic fish, in the tail, where the tail comes up through the Cerebral chakra in the back of the head, through the pineal and out through the Chandra chakra in the middle of the forehead…some may feel a great pressure in the base of the head and upper neck where the two meet and join.


I share this short explanation below about the Chandra Chakra for those that are not familiar, Excerpted from http://www.oraclecards.com/chakra6.html

“The Chandra (Middle Forehead) Chakra

The Middle Forehead chakra is called the Indu or Chandra (“Moon”) chakra, and corresponds to various spiritual states of consciousness, essentially accessed through abstract, contemplative thought.  The Chandra chakra is associated with the hypothalamus gland, and thus operates to manage and maintain the balance in the physical hormone system.

The Chandra chakra works with the ray of love and acts to mediate between the Manas and the Upper Forehead chakra (higher inspiration).  Where the Manas chakra most represents the rational mind, the Chandra chakra most represents the artistic, creative, mystical and intuitive mind.  As the ray of love interpenetrates Chandra, a vibratory connection is set up with the Pineal gland.  In this, Chandra represents the yin or negative polarity and the pineal gland provides the yang or positive polarity.  Together they create the faculty where Divine Light (supreme consciousness) is made available to the physical self.  Also called the Buddhi center, Chandra represents the higher mind faculty, providing access to the super-conscious where the Self is united with the universal mind.  Through this connection, the individual has access to the ‘akashic records’, a vision of their complete karmic history (see Middle Forehead Chakra). ”



  • One morning, sometime last week, I was taken through  some mental exercises of reducing everything to the Eternal Flame… in other words, in any situation and/or with “other persons”, eliminate anything mentally, perceptially, judgementally (you get the gist) “externally applied”, you are left with the Spark that is of the Eternal Flame of Source.  This is a good practice in reuniting with total and complete Oneness.




  • Sensitives may be literally, physically experiencing Growing pains in the vessel… in this energy current, it is helpful to be FLEXIBLE… in all ways… flexibility is key right now in the current energy


  • Releasing from obsessive and compulsive modifiers


  • A time to consciously align with and integrate peace within, opening to divine creativity…it is most helpful right now, to be very RELAXED about everything… take “time” to feel through anything that requires action…and insure that all action and decision are of PEACE



“The fire in the center of the triangle burns cold, and destroys all that is not pure gold.” 

from http://www.asc-alchemy.com/chakra.html


Love & Blessings of Peace to All,






Energy-Current-See : A New Ride






***Art by Vladimir Kush  https://vladimirkush.com/

May 30th, 2014

Energy-Current-See :  A New Ride

I was shown a really thick and dense layer of energy separate and peel off… it was like the stripping off of an old tire and the energy of this was as dense as the rubber on a tire…


It represented a peeling away of all the habitual stimuli and unconscious motivators of adhering to any and all obligatory patterns… especially focusing on the day to day routine… it is a releasing of the habitual “day in, day out.”


Some might find this so intense and such a strong pull of and call for release, it may present as a total rebellion to anything and everything that feels bound with any sort of obligation.


The current energy is very supportive of creating every moment in accordance with what we feel to be JOYful… releasing all unconscious “auto-pilot” programs and Living Consciously in the NOW 😉