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Energy Current-See : Collective Harmony


May 19th, 2014

We are going through an intense and beautiful period of deepening, expanding and flowering into deeper and more expansive levels of awareness of Oneness. And in harmoniously unifying our goals, dreams and aspirations for the New Earth.

I say intense, because many are experiencing a “shedding” of the layers that have come up… they are now ready to be shed away… to reveal a fresh new “canvas.”  And while I utilize the word “intense”, I do not include the energy of resistance along with it…as shedding is a very natural process and can most certainly be done in comfort and ease when we allow the Comfort of the I Am Presence to lead The Way.

That which is “shedding” are those things that we have done the inner work on, looked upon, shone the Light upon, given our Presence to, made conscious of, etc. that is now ready to be released for Good.

A period of a greater union and seeing the ascension path in a much more expanded way… an integrated way of feeling the heightening levels of awareness on a collective level… rather than just “what I’m doing” and what each is doing as previously perceived as separate contributions…these energetic light waves are assisting us in joining together harmoniously in more expanded ways…allowing us to see and feel more clearly how we each are contributing as, to and with the collective whole that we are together as One.  With many small i limited hopes and dreams dissolving and transforming to be greater hopes and dreams of Love that can truly be shared with All.

Harmony is a key word.

Lots of releasing of the small i and deepening our Love connection and  increasing the Light…together as One Collective I.

For this of course has been the intention…and as we are very aware, has been a great “process.”

There is a much more Relaxed energy on the forefront as more Release is allowed for and is extended to our-Selves and other-Selves…as we learn to Rest in the Divine Flow of Source and allow  for the awareness of the reciprocity of the Pure Positive Energy of Source that we are to flow with greater ease, freedom and Liberation.

I am That I am.

Love & Blessings,




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Energy Current-See- Releasing from Form


May 15th, 2014

Last night, I was “visited” by an Aboriginal.

Initially, it freaked the “you know what” outta me!

Of course, this, “he” knew would do so… hence the reason for his gifted “visit.”

He shared with me that I am still judging the energy by the form too much and that I will be visited by many different “forms” to “go beyond all images.”

This was “Interesting” because I “know” that the form is just the vehicle and vessel… I thought I was doing a good job of releasing from form…but, this “visit” took it to another level!  

It showed me how this has obviously only been a theoretical knowing and not a fully Integrated Knowing with a capitol K…because,  how I jumped at the appearance upon his arrival!  

So, this theme continued on for me, through today and was expanded on in other ways…as yet another blessed reminder and demonstration that form is not eternal.

We are Formless and only this formless Pure Love of Source that we are, is Eternal & Limitless.

Its all the same Love…no matter what form it shows up as.

One Love

Same One Source

It’s only the form that seems to create the illusion that the same love could be “different.”

Same One Source.

For it cannot be different…

There is only One.

The One and Only Immortal, Eternal Love that Is…



You Are Pure Already


For now, I am Throwing out and discarding of the term, “Purification.”


What is there to purify within the already Pure Perfection of All that is?


A journey of purification could lead to a never ending search for something undefinable.


For what would determine final completion of “Purification”?


From my perspective, these days, the idea of purification feels similar to that of judgement and the idea of it feels quite limiting.


Furthermore, for me, I feel that we were created Pure already, of all things pure, of an All Pure Source.

Purity is FOR-Given.  It is a GIVEN!  Not something that must be obtained or achieved.


How could One that is created of an all Pure Source, be anything but Pure, itSelf?


If there would be any idea of “purification” needed, it would simply be but a limited perception in the mind…

Within this limited perception, it is but a simple decision to expand the awareness beyond the perception.

To see and know of the Wholeness/Holyness That it Is, as a creation of The One that is the All.

The Pure Love Self need only be Known to thy Self.


Purity and  Perfection IS of All That Is, because what IS, exists.

It Is and exists Eternally.

In that, Lives the Perfection of All That Is.


Purity is  Love and Love is Pure Perfection.


Love does not require “Purification.”


You are Pure Perfect Love Already NOW.



Just BE…in All the Glory of the Vastness of your Divinity.



I Am That I Am.


In Holy One-ness and Unity,




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At this moment, we that are you, are stirring the deepest and most inner-thought patterns and vibrations within.  Much that is surfacing for many at this time, is that which has laid hidden in the unconscious.  It can be perceived as a painful process, should it be met with resistance.  This raising up of all that lies in the unconscious, is occurring in rapid succession.  This is your path of Ascension Dear Ones.  The vibratory rate in the mind, must be increased to align with the Higher Heart.  It is the undoing of ideas and beliefs of guilt and separation. A Return to Innocence. It is a re-union and re-integration of One-ness.  For it is this path of transcendance that leads to total transfiguration.  It is this path of transition that releases the density within the mind, that then releases the density within the form.  For this is taking place in varying degrees amonst the many selves that choose  this experience now.  For some will raise the frequency and enlighten the mind so much so , that a total transfiguration will be experienced and the Light Body will be shown to permeate the space and extend beyond the physical vessel , surpassing the density of the physical form of “matter”, wHoly transforming the physical form of “matter” to that of Holy Living Light.  For it is required that the mental vibration increase so much so, to match that, that it IS, that this then creates a decrease of the density within the vessel. Illumination of the Mind.  This would be a returning to the Eternal Body of Light.  The Light Body,  The Body Immortal.  For when the mind truly knows of its Eternal Beingness of Light & Love , it then translates to transfiguration of the vessel.  As the Mind Enlightens to the Vibration of Total One Source Love, so the vessel (body) Will follow suit and match the Holy Vibration.

~Archangel Michael

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Energy Current-See



May 3rd, 2014

Current Energy Visions and Sen-sings:


I was shown an awesome energetic alignment currently underway!


And it feels simply amazing…!!!


It is an alignment that is in the form of a Y.


The “Y” represents the “Yod” and the energy thereof.



The energetic alignment flows through the right and left brain  to meet at the pineal in the pattern of a V and drops down through the throat, through the Higher Heart (thymus), down through the heart and Solar Plexus, to form a Y.


This alignment is assisting the alignment to/of/with the  Christed OverSoul Self and aligning us with our True Soul Purpose.


Love and Blessings,




I am adding to this post as of  May 5th, 2014 as I have been taken through a simple breathing exercise to assist in this particular energetic alignment.

1)  Breath In, a deep breath, like a wave flowing throughout the entire body, and on in breath, think and feel “Yod”

2)  On out Breath, make this a deep grounding out-breath, think and feel “Hey”

3) Another deep in-breath like a wave through the vessel, filling the entire vessel, think and feel “Vav”

4)  On out Breath, make this a deep grounding out-breath, think and feel “Hey”


This will assist in opening and expanding the back of the Heart Chakra; aligning and balancing the entire Chakra System.  See it as ONE fully functioning System as One, indivisible.  The Heart is the Source and Love is the Power.


yhwh (1)


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Bliss Bunny


Bring Ecstasy and Bliss into your experiences!

No matter what they are.

Intend and allow for Bliss to encompass all of you and fill you up.

It instantly raises the vibration!

Your Presence in each new NOW moment is Bliss!

No matter what the thought and feeling, bring in that childlike, inquisitive and playful observance of your thoughts and emotions.

“I get to experience what this feels like!”

(Use this inquisitiveness with everything.  No matter what it is.  No judging, just allowing.  Only Playfulness and innocent inquisitiveness.)

Take ownership of it all.  When we know that it is I that is choosing “this”, I know that I also get to decide to bring Bliss into it All NOW.

Being playful with it all is so BLISS-full!

Have fun always, in All Ways… be a Bliss Bunny.

Bliss Bunnies have more fun 😉

Love and Blissings,



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Love Is Truth


Truth has no beginning

Truth has no end

Truth Encompasses One and All


It is inclusive, not exclusive.

It extends and increases


Truth Shares

Truth Repairs


Truth is fulfillment

Truth is Totality

Truth is forthwright

Truth is Mastery


Truth is your Birth-right.

For Truth is One with Thine.


Truth Is…

LOVE Is Truth.