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Energy Current-See – Crystalline Diamond Light Frequency

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diamond light

April 12, 2014

This is the latest Energy Visions and Sen-sings I am tuning in to…

Last night, while laying in bed, I saw what looked, sounded and felt like all of the thoughts and memories, etc, (you name it, everything like that) all at once!  It was quite intense and enormous feeling.  It reminded me of something you would see in a movie where they are showing this idea… of what it would look and sound like to hear and see everybody’s thoughts and memories.

Then, all of this was lifted all at once, upwards, into a Brilliant White Light of  Crystalline Diamond Light Frequency.  It was all lifted into this and the Frequency was of such a high vibration, it was like a “flat line.”  It was a consistent and steady tone, unwavering.  And it was as if to purify and clear all of the chatter to bring it all up into this resonant frequency and vibration of the White Diamond Light Crystalline Frequency.

Some other related notes I am intuiting:

  • Equalizing Diamond Crystalline Frequencies of unity stream forth through Gaia and the sonship
  • The collapsing of the remaining duality matrices and structures for they  are no loner supported
  • Re-calibration of perception of Space/Time; “time” re-calibrated to Diamond Crystalline Zero Point Frequency
  • Some, who choose to  match the frequency will reintegrate Timeless-ness and Infinite knowing consciously; what was once felt as a struggle due to time lag, will be no more; life lived in the Infinite Now
  • Potential to truly Realize immortality through the full re-integration of Light Body
  • Ascending Mental Faculties to Crystalline Coherent Frequency
  • Continued Transmutation of Lower Akashic


Ooooohhhh….we are being gifted with something BRILLIANT Light Family!

Love & Blessings,




Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

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