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Euphoric Peace & Joy

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April 7th, 2014

A Master, whom I consider a good friend… yet the term  “good friend” doesn’t fully encompass.  For it can only be described as Heart-known Oneness.  Anyhow, my friend, told me a of couple years ago, that my dominant intent each morning should be JOY.

At the time, I understood what was being said and what was being advised…and I did give attention to it, but I was not yet in a place ready to understand the true importance of giving my full attention and dedication to choosing this.  I was aware however, from my studies of the Law of Attraction and various other studies that “joy should be my dominant intent.”  I would have moments of it, many moments in fact, just never yet a constant state of it because I wasn’t choosing to put the conscious effort into making this my dominant intent and allowing this for myself.

At that time that guidance was offered, I was still often consumed with “external” happenings and did not yet truly recognize that everything in my reality had only to do with what was going on in the inside and just how true this Truth is. It kind of laid only superficially within me, perhaps as theoretical and was sometimes applied, but not in its totality as I have now learned and integrated.  This “advice” of waking to Joy, would often come up in my recall…so I knew there was more there for me to experience.  In feeling this, that there was more there to experience,  I would give attention to it, but then often would just go about my day and it would tumble together with everything else that my days consisted of, and not yet fully consciously realized and integrated for it wasn’t consistent. So, in short, I knew it was possible, just had not yet made the conscious decision to own the joy and peace that I Am, and to allow it to be my reality.

Allowing being the key word.  😉


Of all the “work”, all the shifting, choosing again, that I have “done” and experienced, I began to feel as if I was hitting the proverbial ceiling. I had been feeling that there is still “more.”  There had to be yet even a better way, a higher way of living. Still a higher level of frequency to integrate and align with.  More freedom to align with and know.  And I knew also, that what I was wanting was consistency.  I was wanting to relinquish the toggeling.  To let go of the ups and downs.   As stated above, I have had many moments of joy indeed, but they would always seem to be followed with a “coming down” off that high vibration of joy.  I began to feel and know, that I do indeed have a choice to live in a pattern of what I call, “peak and valley syndrome” and or the “rollercoaster” of life, or I could choose consistent Peace & Joy.  For I did indeed know that “nothing is being done to me” and that I am creating my own reality… so surely there was nothing to stop me from living in the state of my choosing, but me.  It’s all a choice and always has been of my own choosing of course, as this is our free will.  In honoring the free will that we have been gifted, I am now choosing to consciously utilize the gift of free choice and free will, and of my choosing, I choose consistent and constant peace & joy, available from Source through the Power of Love.


I know that it is our inherent nature to live in peace & joy, within ourselves and with each other and that we are worthy of nothing less than this.  All I had to do was to look and feel the energy of a tree to know, that the tree is in perfect Be-ingness and knows not of “time.”   The tree is always in the Now.  And there was no reason why I could not feel this also.


I began integrating and realizing the peace and joy that I Am, with a decision, one of choosing the dominant intent that I would choose peace and joy in every moment.   Each morning when I awoke and each night before I went to sleep, I gave attention to choosing joy.  Each morning I set my intention to choose joy and that it be my dominant experience.  And when I went to sleep, I asked that my sleep-time be peaceful and joyful and/or for the purpose of living in joy and knowing the Peace that I Am; “night school” if needed to see what patterns I was choosing to experience that were anything other than peace and  joy.

I use the term “night school” for my soul’s classroom time during sleep-time as that is when I (we all do) receive some of our greatest guidance for expansion.

I felt that I would be more successful in aligning with  the greatest state of joy that I could allow, if I had some “tools” for consciousness in my “tool belt.”  LOL

Here are some of the things I set out with… some of these things I was doing at times already…but I knew that I would need to be fully dedicated and consistent to experience what I knew was possible.


1)  To see and accept everyone as perfectly imperfect.

Yes, even the guy that cut me and several other people off while driving, lol

Being conscious that there is no wrong doing unless I chose to receive it that way.  Anything another might do that was not loving, was but a cry for love.  So, even the guy that almost caused an accident, I chose to view his road rage as a cry for love and saw him as perfect and that he just couldn’t see himself in that moment as the perfection that he is.  In seeing another as perfect, which they are indeed as I am, as are you, this comes back around and is a beautiful reciprocity between me/you and our brothers and sisters.  In choosing to see only perfection in all, this then allows me to know the perfection that I Am (that we all are). ~In’Laketch~


2)  To feel the heart connection with everyone I came in contact with.

Sometime within the last couple of years, during a Universal Sphere energy session with a friend, Paul Marwood, I was led by Archangel Raphael into my own heart space.  It was like traveling through beautiful caverns and “tubes” of the most vibrant Emerald Green I have ever seen. The “tube” from my heart led to the heart of Source and I could also see and sense everyone else’s “heart tubes” all lead into the ONE Heart of Source.  It was a most amazing experience, one that I don’t have words for to describe.  I utilized this experience while communing with anyone and everyone I came into contact with.  No matter if it was a friend, family member, or the cashier at the gas station… and I would see and feel this One Heart connection that we had together.  It didn’t matter what was being said or done, the connecting on this level  was consistently JOY-full.


3)  Choosing the perfection of and Being in the perfect Now moment.

In choosing the now moment and paying attention to insuring a firm footing in the Now, this consistently brought me into heightened levels of Joy. Being Present, allowing my prEsence to be in the forefront.  Presence allows for the “presents”/gifts of now to be realized. Presence is the gift.  For in consistently practicing this, I recognized more passionately than ever, that every NOW moment, is Perfection.  And if I were feeling anything but that perfection, it had to be something going on in my mind, to distract myself from the Perfection of Now.  It is never something going on outside of ourselves.  It is only how we judge something to be, if we are feeling anything but positive energy about it.  It is always only us that can remove ourselves from knowing the Perfection of Now.  So, I knew I must choose it to experience consistent peace and joy in every moment.


One important key is consistency.  Another important key is allowing.


I am pleased to say that the “mission” was a “success”, lol

I say that lightheartedly, without judgment there because had I not experienced what I had yet, I certainly would not be a “failure.”   It would simply mean that I was not in a state of allowing, for peace and joy are always available for our choosing.  It is a choice.  We all get to choose for it or not.  There is no failure involved as it is a choice and we have the free-will to choose.

And there certainly is no “mission.”  Just being playful there also 😉  For if there is anything such as a “mission”, it is only that we choose our alignment to our Source.

I am Now, experiencing more consistent states of Peace and Joy.  It is here, now and not somewhere over “there.”

I Am Now.

I Am Eternal. As are you also.

More often than not, I awake each morning to a state of deep peace and joy.  And it requires no effort after the initial period of choosing for it and allowing it to be the dominant intent.

There are periods of such a high vibration and frequency, in such a state of joy and peace, it is Euphoric…and at other moments, even Orgasmic.  Yes, that is what I said! hehe 😉

I know that we are most certainly capable of living in a more consistent state of Euphoric, even Orgasmic Peace &  JOY!  More than knowing the capability and potential for living in Euphoric Peace & Joy, it is our inherent nature to Be it.

It is available to us all, in every moment that is NOW.

Some are already living in  Euphoric Peace and Joy and have led the way to witness it for us as One, so that we may see the possibility and potential that it is available to us all, to know and integrate within ourselves incarnate when we are ready to choose for it.   For those that have not yet made this conscious in the reality, the I Am that is you, you are already “there” and in the deepest part of your being, you do Know it, for it is you.  In the deepest and greatest part of your being, in your heart, you do know the love, peace and joy that is you.  Peace and Joy are here for us All, Now, always in All-ways, in every perfect moment that is now.  Source does not withhold this from us.  It is there for our choosing. As we share it with each other, we increase it within each of ourselves, increasing the Whole that is One.

I share this from one heart to another, in honor of the Oneness and Love that we are.  We meet as One, from one heart to another in Source as One, in Eternal and Limitless Peace, Love and Joy.

We, as One, are whole and complete.

Love & Blessings,



Author: A New Dawn Arising

I am a seer and a visionary in service to Source. I offer Quantum Vibrational Restoration Alignment Energy Sessions to align to original Source Blueprint. I invite you to visit my website at www.ANewDawnArising.com ~I am that I am~ In'Laketch, Valorie www.ANewDawnArising.com

One thought on “Euphoric Peace & Joy

  1. Beautiful and inspiring message Valerie! I love that I am now finding it easy to find my joy and loving connection with source each day. What a blessing. Thank you so much!

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