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Energy Current-See



March 30th, 2014

I will be titling my new Energy Sensings moving forward as “Energy Current-See” posts ūüėČ


~This is the latest Energy Current-See~

“The Goddess Knows her freedom.

The Virtues have been restored.

The New Dawn has Risen.

We ¬†ARE the new dawn.”

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Pure Perfection


March 30th, 2014


What is that thing really that you believe you need to search for?

“That place”, where you are searching to be, “there”, that place!

What is that place? Where is it?

And when will you decide you are there?

What is the thing?


There is no answer for these questions.  Because, there is no question.


Searching implies there’s something missing.

Source is not missing anything.  YOU as a ray of Source, are not missing anything.  You have and are everything.

Source is whole and complete.

ALL that IS, is whole and complete.

It’s All that IS ūüėČ


You are already “there.”

You are what you are searching for.

You already have it.

You cannot lose your-Self.

And you are right “there”, where you are, the IS‚Ķ you are NOW.¬† Right here, everywhere, right NOW.


We have been in search for an answer to a question… there is no question.

YOU are not a question.  You are eternal.   You are the perfection of Source.  The perfection of Source that you are is undefinable and unchangeable…pure perfection.  There is no question there of perfection.  Perfection just IS.


The shift to this knowing is but a decision.¬† Decide you are “already there.”¬† Know, you are NOW.


“I AM that I AM”


I am the ALL that IS.


There is nothing to search for.  I am that I am.  I am NOW.

You are quite literally a Ray of the Son in the Light of the One.

You are the son (sun) created by Source.  Pure Perfection…undefinable, unchangeable as perfection IS.

Love & Blessings,



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Quit your job as the Judge


March 28th, 2014

Release from judgement.  All of it. Let it all go!

For in the Kingdom of Light, judgement is not needed.¬† There is nothing of Perfection to judge ūüėČ

The ¬†reality ¬†of separation has been perpetuated by judgement of a judgement of a judgement‚Ķ these are all projections¬†and this is what “we” have been “living” in.¬† For the ego’s reality is not Creation at all, it is made up of judgments and then projected out-worldly.

Undo the judgments.

Simple, it is but a change of mind. ¬†ūüėČ

Align with your Higher Heart.  The Heart/Mind of the Divine ONE.  Align with the Love that you are and ask the Love that you Are, to heal your mind.  Ask Creator to send you the remedy, the Salv(ation).

Love and Blessings,






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Make the unconscious, Conscious


March 25, 2014

There will be a point in “time” where one will realize that further evolutionary spiritual progress cannot move any further, without addressing and healing the mind.¬† All kinds of “experiences” can be perceived‚Ķ astral travel and the like‚Ķ However, a “ceiling” for lack of better terms, will be hit up against until one looks at what lies in the Unconscious and commits to learn the practice of Forgiveness.

Make the unconscious Conscious.  Release all that is hidden…Release all to the Light of the Son.

When healing of the mind is committed to and one dedicates themselves to the practice of Forgiveness, only then, can one begin to experience themselves as a Universal Galactic Citizen and further more, go Beyond the Beyond, beyond what is thought of as the “Universe” itself and make the return to the God Head, the Divine Mind of One. The Alpha and the Omega.






Extrasensory Perception


March 24th, 2014

¬†I write this post today, inspired by conversations with¬†“clients” that I have had the¬†privilege¬†and honor of aligning with through the Spiritual Alignment “work” that I enjoy.

¬†Many, or, “enough” of those that I have come in contact with, have¬†shared and expressed feelings over the course of “time”‚Ķ of periodic feelings of frustration, having to do with “lack” of extrasensory perceptual experiences,¬†such that I feel¬†inspired to write on this subject…

There are of course many extrasensory perceptions (aka. sixth sense “abilities”), so I name only a few for explanatory purposes only‚Ķ as really any of them could be exchanged for any other in order to be relative to that of the one¬†that may be reading this.¬† As all of them are, for many, at this place in this time/space reality, only but perception. ¬†¬†


Because this has been expressed by many, I was inspired to feel more into this subject…

¬†In these instances, when “clients” have expressed their feelings of frustration of their perception of lack of visuals (seeing) and/or lack of hearing (clairaudience), it is then that I will express the equal value of claircognizance and clairsentience.¬† In some cases, some have experienced periods of experiencing frequent visuals and/or¬† periods of frequent clairaudience.¬† And then, at some point, they may perceive these to “turn off” or disconnect all together.¬† There is purpose in this as balance is key in everything.¬† I find that when one experiences these periods where one or more of their “senses” seems to “turn off”, it is to find balance through other ways of feeling. ¬†

In other words, if one becomes too dependent on visuals (or any one of the other senses), in order to find balance, one may periodically be “toned down” (never disconnected however), in order to find the center of balance within the sensory system as a whole. When one is “toned down”, it really has to do with balance and alignment.¬† So, it is not so much that one is being turned off, it always has to do with alignment. ¬† If¬†one has become too¬†dependent¬†on visuals and has come out of alignment with their inner KNOWING and/or FEELING (for example), then the place (sense) where they have become¬†dependent¬†upon, may be¬†perceived to be “toned down” ¬†in order to come back into balance and regain alignment to the sensing center in which is needing re-alignment with.¬†

All are ONE and balance is key.


I feel that the power of KNOWING (claircognizance) and that of clear FEELING (clairsentience), have often become under-valued in this world of perception where we have projected ourselves to experience in this holographic reality.

This, I find to be quite interesting, as I find that these are the PRIMARY senses.

Yet, they are often denied their value as being “less than.”

In regard to the¬†5 physical senses that we perceive to be as “physical”, I feel that the unseen and non-physical senses of clear knowing and clear feeling have perhaps become under-valued by some.¬† Hence, many seeking out and finding preference in¬†clairvoyance, clear-seeing, visuals and also that of clairaudience (clear-hearing),¬†among others of course; and feeling a lack within if they are not having those sorts of experiences that are given more value over another sensory method. ¬† These two claires, of visual and auditory, being more in¬†congruence¬†with the 5 physical senses of what we perceive to be as¬†SEE-ing with our physical eyes and hearing with our physical ears.¬† These are the two that I most often hear about ¬†frustration experienced with; ¬†where there Is lack felt and a desire of “wanting more” of these “experiences” from these¬†two claires.


In truth, clairvoyance and clair-audience, have absolutely nothing to do with our physical senses at all.  All is felt through the heart and then processed by the mind.  However, many have connected the two and perceive them to be processed physically.   The physical sensing is the last part of the processing circuit.

It is best not to compare one as being better than another and¬†lending them (seeing and hearing) more “power” and perceiving them to be more “real” than that of KNOWING and FEELING. ¬†It would be beneficial to see the sensory system as a WHOLE and each part of the whole valued equally. ¬†

 Balance is always key.  Should you find your-self experiencing a version as mentioned above, it may be of value to find alignment within all of your sensing, within all of your-Self for you have and are every-thing.    You are capable of anything anyone else is.




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The I of the Needle


March 11, 2014

In Silence, align with Source within, in silence, align with the vibration of ONE‚Ķin true silence, you become the needle moved by the “Hand of God.”

“The I of the Needle.”

You become the “needle” to sew the seeds of Light of the I AM.¬† You become the conduit in which Source works through.¬† Through surrender into the Light of the One, movement becomes effortless in your surrendering, nothing is required of you accept to allow the Presence within to come forward, as One, you are moved through the vibration of Source, in alignment with the Divine Heart Mind of One.




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The Kingdom of Heaven is Within


March 7th, 2014

All “dimensions” are within us, within our minds…

There is no separation or division.  There is only ONE.

Heaven is within us. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”


As one aligns with the Divine Mind of ONE, it is seen that one never really left the Kingdom of Light, he only closed his eyes to it. When we are in alignment, we see that we are still in Heaven and are eternally so. We never left, we only imagined we did!

“With you”, you carried the God Cell that you ARE, The Diamond Core God Cell. ¬†It is a crystalline sphere that is of the ONE, that you are.¬† It resides in your Heart. ¬† Heaven is no-where outside of you, it is in the Mind and Heart of One.¬†You never left Heaven and Heaven never left you!

When the mind is healed and in alignment with the mind of the divine, the ONE Mind that is also the ONE heart, you are consciously igniting the Diamond Core God Cell within.

The veil begins to come down and you KNOW that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

You are Spirit. ¬†That which you seek and long for in your Heart, is a return to Home. “Home is where the Heart Is.” It is the True PEACE of God/Creator/Source that you have longed for. ¬†When you align and return your mind to God/Source/Creator, the¬†illusory perceptions of being a separated piece cease and you return to Knowing¬† the True Peace of God that you are.


Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai Tsebayoth

Love to ONE and ALL,



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Wisdom and Understanding


March 7th, 2014

There is no wisdom and understanding to be found in that which is not Truth, only compassion for the eyes that believe they cannot see Truth.  That which is not Truth, is not Real.  And that which is not Real, can have no wisdom and understanding of it.  Wisdom and Understanding can only be found in Truth.


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Facing Fears


March 6th, 2014

Its important to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves.

Know where and what your fears are… what is it that you are afraid of revealing?

Making the unconscious conscious is an important key in releasing from the illusory split mind matrix, the fallen script.  In making the unconscious conscious and healing it, clearing it, we then allow for the inScriptions of the Living Light to lead.

“We must all face our fears.”

It is a key to freedom…unlock that which you have kept hidden away.

We must transmute the unconscious through the Divine Mind so that we function in alignment with the Divine Mind, instead of from the Unconscious.

We must know what it is that we are projecting so that we can cease the illusory projections from the unconscious and release ourselves from fallen script and return to knowing ourSelf as whole and complete.

It can only be released if we release it.  None of it is real anyway!

Open the “closet” and turn the Light on. ¬†That which we fear, we will find is not real anyway…Only the Light IS.