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February 25th, 2014

Recently,  something very interesting was shown to me by Metatron.  I am still culminating it all into words, so this may be a somewhat rough description as I am so visual and often seem to come up short for words.  I have found that I often experience a “loss for words”, in attempting to utilize the spoken language. If I had it my way, all of my communication would be via telepathy!  LOL!  🙂

What I was shown is that there was an alignment involving the Higher Heart Chakra (in the thymus), the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.  I have been receiving visuals of such alignment for a good month now and it was only during a recent Metatronia Therapy energy session with a client, where it was outlined for me in much more detail.  These three then aligned together to form a triangle and/or a pyramid outwards.  The three of these chakra centers coming together represented El An Ra, the “overlap zone”, a way point of sorts in Orion,  of the Ascension representing the completion of duality.

In 2012, I traveled via Light Body to  El An Ra in Orion where I met with some of my star family.  I had not heard of El An Ra prior to this experience…so there was a bit of research I did following this experience.  The only information I could find about El An Ra, was from Solara An Ra in her book, El An Ra.  Which, I highly recommend as a good read!

El of El An Ra represents Al Mintaka, the first star in Orion’s Belt and is ruled by Arcturus.

An of El An Ra represents Al Nilam, the middle star in Orion’s belt and is ruled by Antares.

Ra of El An Ra represents Al Nitak, the 3rd star in Orion’s belt and is ruled by the Sirius Star System.

Back to what I was shown during this energy session:

The Higher Heart Chakra represented El

The Heart Chakra represented An

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Power)  represented Ra

El An Ra is overseen by Metatron.

From what I have intuited thus far… I believe it to be something like this, though I will never claim I have the exacts!

The El alignment with Earth was in December of 2012 and ushered in The Ascension (aka. The Great Shift)

In regards to An, the Anterion Convergence was in 2013, I believe in the Summer time.

And as for Ra, I received guidance last year, that “convergence” would take place this year of 2014, of the completion of the Unity of 3.

Prior to what I was shown in regard to the alignment of the chakras and what they correspond to as mentioned above, a couple of months back, I was shown 3 parts to the Great Pyramid spinning together as one. The bottom 2 “layers” were already “together” and it was the top part of the pyramid, the capstone, that was spinning in to adjoin with the Foundation (El) and the middle (An).  So, this alignment of the capstone representing “Ra”, made perfect sense to me as “The Eye of Ra”, comes into alignment. On a side note, in 2012, I was guided that we were “Healing the Tear of Ra.”  So, I do feel this is in alignment with such statement and representative of.

I will revise, update and add to all of this if I am guided to do so…

~Love, Light and Blessings to All~

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~Navigating your Emotions for Manifesting and Creating~

manifestIt is important to be truthful with yourself. It is valuable to be honest with yourself in what you are really wanting. Manifesting Desires and creating desired experiences are often negated when one is dishonest with themselves about what their true feelings are about said desire.
For example, if there is someone that you feel in your heart you desire to reconnect with, You may tell yourself, “I don’t care” and other similar things. When this sort of self talk occurs… stop. Ask yourself, is it really that you “don’t care?” Or is that “I don’t care” is just another wall and self protection mechanism?
Of course you care! If you did not care, you would not have had the feeling to begin with.

Don’t stifle yourself, you are worthy of all of your hearts desires.
Be honest with yourself about your true feelings. When you stop and be honest and take down the wall and/or release the self protection mechanism… you may instead tell yourself short simple statements. Such as:
“I would like to hear from so and so.”
“I would feel joyful to reconnect with so and so.”
To shift gears from negative self talk and to shift hurdles that you set up for yourself about any of the reasons you may habitually feed yourself about why something cannot or should not happen, occur or manifest, start with short simple statements about what you really want and how it would make you feel if said desire were to manifest. When simply stating what you really want and actualizing how that desire would make you feel, leave out any and all of the reasons and protective mechanisms on why it should not or could not be experienced.
For the benefits of positive manifestation, it is important to be honest with yourself so that you are sending out the correct signals to the universe. If conflicting vibrations are offered, you will negate your own desire.


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February 7th, 2014


Just as a seed is planted in the soil, and it sprouts, grows and blooms,  in accordance with the divine programming within itself, within the seed… it flows through it’s natural cycles with beauty and grace… you too have a Seed Atom inside of you.  Allow for the natural cycles within to occur within you in accordance with your Divine Seed Atom.  Allow for Divine Spirit to lead  you to experiences of ease and grace, a natural Genesis and renewal that is gifted and intended by Divine Nature.