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Energy Current-See: Giant Blue Cobras

Haha, I had to have some fun with the title of this one!

On Saturday, February 13th, I had such a cool Kundalini Experience. It was completely organic and spontaneous. My Kundalini frequency rose tremendously and I saw this most amazing fierce (the good kinda fierce) giant blue cobra with glowing electric blue light all around it. There has been a huge shift. There has been a whole strew of other exciting things going on surrounding all of this over the last week and a half or so.

The Intel I am receiving today is expanding on this, to include that MANY Starseeds have experienced similar lately. We are shifting so much, expanding into a strong embodiment of the core of our power. Beyond what we have experienced thus far. There have been upgrades and expansion in the solar plexus lately as well. The “soft” Starseeds, the self-consciousness, the too afraid to speak up because they might offend someone, all of that sort of stuff that the Starseeds have dealt with for their entire lives…. it’s all shifting to embody true loving Power of Divine Source. Empowered Divinity. Not power over others, but true Power, that is regenerative from Source, based in love and unity. “Soft” and gentle still, but confident AND Powerful! Not afraid to speak up. Shifting out of the self-suppression, self oppression and self consciousness… all of that. This has been a process and an expansive one. But this is an entirely new feeling, a new Being-ness, an expanded embodiment. A threshold has been crossed. This is pure embodiment that I am talking about. The Starseeds are really Lighting up like Fireflies! This is our time to shine 😉 And shining we are!




Energy Current-See: Oracle Vision January 14, 2021

This was an Oracle Vision from January 14, 2021

While I offer some translatable points at the end, these are just things to consider. I am an Oracle and a Seer. While I share what I see, it is for the sovereign soul to feel through the symbolism of what I am shown of the energy current flowing through now. It is for each to use the power of their own discernment.


“Someone”, a “coach or trainer” of sorts, was on their way to pick me up, as well as a small group of others whom I was with. I do not recognize any of these individuals from my current reality.

Before we were picked up though, we had to shower outside. The water would not run unless we disrobed. This was emphasized. The water (consciousness) would not flow otherwise. And this was shown to me in the vision this way because I had the thought that there were others around so perhaps I should leave my clothes on. It was then emphasized that the clothes (the coverings; that which we hide under) must be removed.

At one other part, one of the individuals in the group, discovered that one of the others, had fallen into a hole 🕳 in the ground. None of us could hear this person, because they had fallen into this hole 🕳 or pit in the Earth 🌍. It was only discovered because the person next to them happened to be close enough to the pit to hear their cries so that we all could pull that person out.

Symbolism to contemplate:

*Something coming, on its way; a “coach/guide/trainer”; a “vehicle” of “transportation” to take me/us someplace (else?) (The someplace else could simply represent a dimensional or vibrational shift)

*Must cleanse first; be clean in body and consciousness

*Water: “consciousness”

*Shower: “cleanse” or “baptism”; to bath in consciousness; the flow of consciousness; to allow consciousness to stream through the vessel, unhidden, unhindered

*Must be “naked”/surrendered/ unhidden for the consciousness to flow

*And then the symbolism of the one in the group in the pit; fallen, descended. Then Discovered and retrieved by all.

Many Blessings,



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We’re in this Together- Lisa Renee

We’re in this Together

Shared from Lisa Renee’s Time Shift Blog. Original Source Link:


“As many of us are well aware, the past weeks have been mounting with interdimensional spiritual warfare which also translates on the surface as covert military operations that are engaged in the end game battle against the globalist Controllers or Luciferian bloodline families, which is going to the next stage very quickly to reveal the beginning of the disclosure timeline.

Things will likely escalate into reports of news with assorted global conflicts that will sound extremely scary, as in reports of preludes to global warfare and nuclear weapon warring. When things are appearing to be really dire on the external, please remember that things are not at all what they seem to be. Right now, we are in the height of false flags, agent provocateur, controlled opposition, blatant lies and falsity, deep fake videos and every propaganda tool they can come up with to keep the public confused and terrorized. This is a momentous time for human liberation, but we will need to become more discerning, and be aware that the propaganda is military grade warfare used to target us with demoralizing fears. Do not succumb, work your tools, pray and meditate, this is time for radical self-care and knowing your limits and inner child issues.

Propaganda is used for the purpose of Psychological Manipulation, to generate mental fabrications and emotional reactions, that are intended for seizing control, power, benefits and advantages at the victim’s expense. The mainstream media is Propaganda, and it is not accurate. This is more aggressive than ever; the American public is being targeted with complex military grade psychological warfare and propaganda. If you find yourself being triggered, it may be best to retire from any mainstream outlet, as they are all owned and controlled by the satanic council members.

The outer reality of the mainstream controlled narrative is now crumbling and in a free fall. It does appear that the freefall towards exposing truth towards global disclosure has an epicenter which is within the United States, and to which the web of the transnational criminal syndicates is being exposed through several foreign countries that have major tentacles operating in the corporatocracy that control the United States through the shadow government.

The next stage will likely be finding alternative news channels, newly built social media platforms and online sites that transmit more accurate news to the masses of the current events transpiring. This requires the main six propaganda media corporations and their outlets be taken down systematically, while communication back channels and emergency broadcast systems are ready to go as the main news sources reporting to the awakening public. The only way accurate news can be given outside of CIA mockingbird intelligence mind control programming is to circumvent the controlled mainstream media sites, and this is now the phase where this behemoth can be toppled over successfully.

In this phase the darkness that resides in the minds and hearts of those corrupted by power, wealth and depravity is being revealed to the masses. This will send a ripple of shock and fear through those that are unprepared or have been asleep to these hidden events, when they are awakened to see the reality of Power Elite pedovores and criminal psychopaths that have been acting above the law and controlling the mainstream narrative of global society.

The lightning strike of shocking changes is upon us as the global dark night of the soul, in which the lies, delusions and falsity of the controlled mainstream narrative that gave us a false sense of security will crumble away.  This phase of spiritual growth can bring shocking inner and outer change and greater self-realization, it is a time of great personal turmoil when we go through the process of seeing blind spots and deceptions in many situations. When we see these lies and our blind spots, the places we were naïve or just plain wrong, now, what will you do with this new knowledge and how will you manage the changes happening around us while facing the shocking truth?

What is currently happening is a major lifestyle and cultural upheaval, life as we have known it in the past is ending. For many this is a major existential and spiritual crisis, bringing on normal reactions of grief, anger, sadness, confusion, sleepless nights and even facing confrontations with others that have been less than truthful. We are going to have an awful lot of very angry people when they find out how much they have been lied to and betrayed by those public figures they trusted.

When we are undergoing a change in the foundation of our sense of security and identity, it penetrates to the deepest core of our being, reverberating shock waves that force us to get out of personal comfort zones and to emotionally and spiritually grow beyond the current level.

Remember that the artificial façades, self-delusions and barriers are going to fall, whether you like it or not, because we have reached a collective limit in this area, and we can no longer live with it. Crimes against humanity must be accounted for and in order for humanity to heal, we must live to see true justice, in our society and at a cosmic level. Although this phase of spiritual growth is very hard, we all have to undergo this process of discerning and seeing the truth, no one gets away from this critical piece of spiritual ascension.

The mountain of ego, pain body, deceptions, facades, illusions, manipulations and emotional bait hooks must be destroyed so that you are free to face truth and gain an accurate sense of reality without false attachments.

There are some of us on the spiritual path that are holding space for others, loved ones around us that will be undergoing this intense process of lighting strike and shocking changes. Our loved ones, friends and acquaintances may be bewildered and confused about what is occurring. They may begin to show signs of trauma, projecting assorted images, they may have faulty memory, they may be acting out past life archetypes, they may feel threatened and terrorized with survival fears in the future. They are unable to deeply understand all that is happening because they are utterly overwhelmed with the intense energies forcing consciousness transformation, which surface deep emotional pain and grief.

To hold a clear and unconditionally loving space for such intense forms of spiritual alchemy, it is important to hold complete observer towards the process, even when it can be painful to watch people we care about endure such intense pain, confusion and grief. In spiritual community, this is a call for self-mastery in compassionate witnessing, and never, ever taking on another person’s emotional process or disjointed perceptions when they are in the deep and heated battle of the inner Armageddon, while the ego construct is flailing about in its death throes.

The most important relationships we have is with our higher power, God, and the inner relationship we have with ourselves.

We go within to find that all we will ever need is existing inside of us for the purpose of building an impenetrable connection in your direct relationship with God – by focusing on the highest service to God that you can be in this moment. In that, it is all that matters, this is a virtue building exercise that will build incredible spiritual power.

This is that moment. We must go within and rely on the inner feeling inside our heart, the truth as we know it right now, focusing on the inner connection and being aligned to one’s personal values, praying and meditating to strengthen our direct communication with God and our inner spirit, in all ways that we can. Stay awake as we traverse the valley of the shadow and death, on the other side of destruction is creation, which awaits the deeper illumination of higher consciousness that we lightworkers and Starseeds have worked so hard to achieve.

Be confident in your inner knowing that this is the event that we came to participate and witness on the earth, the massive transformation of global awakening, disclosure events and the process of catalyzing spiritual ascension of human beings on planet earth. Know in your heart that this is as it needs to be, and it is time now.

May the Spirits of Christ walk with you, in the Spirit of Purity, Generosity, Patience, Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility.

Do not be scared, we are all in this together!

Love eternal,


Shared from https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/3674-we-re-in-this-together

Original Source: https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/3674-we-re-in-this-together

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Message from Osiyo Golden Wolf

This message was written by Osiyo Golden Wolf shared in it’s entirety.

Common Sense and Critical Thinking

This newsletter may be my last on this subject. It is not for those who know necessarily it is a last attempt to help those on the fence that feel something just isn’t and hasn’t been right. It is also ammunition for those who want facts and insights to state their case. We realize there are some folks may not be able to comprehend or desire to face the obvious. The problem with common sense and critical thinking both are no longer common. In fact, both are extinct within the majority of the democratic party, mainstream and social media. Anyone using common sense or critical thinking has been silenced, banned, soon to be banned or shamed for pointing out the obvious. Especially if it goes against the Left controlled media. There are a minimum of 75% of the people who support Trump. With 80 million votes the most popular president in history how did he loose? Where did all those voters come from?  Did you see the thousands of people attending Trump rallies verses the 10 to 25 people painfully attending the Biden rallies? Their only message is we hate Trump, their entire platform was run on it.  Trumps numbers are rising despite the left controlled medias ongoing attempt to demonize him to protect not democracy but their power base and socialist agenda. Despite their socially engineered false image of Trump with 98% of the media being negative his support is growing some say up to 85%. This is unprecedented. There is a saying a man’s/woman’s character is established by their actions. Set aside the socially engineered images, smear campaigns, and blatant lies never redacted, Trumps actions speak for themselves. Booming economy, lowest unemployment rate helping the Blacks, Hispanics, all cultures, acted swiftly in the Covid crises a biological weapon originating in China used to shut down America. A plandemic making the test kits and vaccine companies rich who owned the patent on the virus, the test kits and vaccines as early as 2005, figure that one out. Do they have a crystal ball or was this all preplanned? What do the new vaccines have to do with covid, mutating covid, what is in them and do the makers believe in population control. Are they eugenicists? Where is the critical thinking? 

How does this sound I am going to inject myself with a vaccine created by a computer guy, not a medical doctor who is a known eugenicist who said on Ted Talks vaccines will be the solution to population control with a history of promoting deadly and debilitating vaccines in India, Africa filled with, get this Luciferase, dead male fetus dna, a host of other toxic chemicals, nanobots after which the test subjects and now others have dropped dead, some on mainstream TV, others a few hours later. Does this sound like common sense or critical thinking? Did you hear any of this in the main stream media? Do they want you dead or crippled? Are they looking after your best interests or is there another agenda?

Here is another one, you are forced to wear a mask that says on the box will not protect from covid or virus, the government sent a warning the masks will not protect you from smoke during the fires. Smoke particles 1000 times bigger than a virus. Then Fauci writes a paper that says during the Spanish flu most people died from bacterial secondary pneumonia from wearing the masks not the flu. Then scientists are now saying there are extreme hazards from wearing a mask, oxygen levels drop below the healthy minimum, immune systems are compromised and other serious diseases are popping up directly related to wearing the masks. Virus die almost immediately when exposed to sunlight, oxygen, saltwater but we have to lock down everyone cram them together in their homes void of all the above. Fear, distancing, shaming, the loss of freedom all create emotional trauma.  They close down stores and restaurants except it is okay for them to dine, get their hair done, do whatever they desire mask-less. WTF, all of this is creating and extending the problem. Do the heavy handed Governors, mostly democrats really have your best interests in hand? Who do they get their orders from, owe their allegiance too?  Most countries are already done with the virus that did not make masks mandatory, did limited social distancing with no lockdowns. They also did not fill the rest homes and elderly establishments with infected people. How did that bring down the numbers? The last gem is the tests. A goat, pau pau fruit, 200 unused tests sent in by nurses and a can of coke all came up positive. They are now saying the tests show an 85+ percent false positive. The man who invented the tests said it was not reliable or to be used in the pandemic, meeting his demise soon after. Labs across the world are not finding the virus, they are finding the usual A and B influenza, no covid 19. When asked for an isolate the CDC said we can’t find one therefore they cannot make the standard vaccine. So, what are people injecting themselves with? Now they are saying the virus they cannot find has mutated? But they still don’t have an isolate and labs cannot find it. They are however finding the usual A and B influenza and the usual death rates accompanying them. The death rate has not gone up despite this pandemic. Where are all the dead bodies, refridgerator trucks filled to the brim? Why can’t they find the virus, an isolate there? Why did they pay hospitals up to 35,000 a patient to say they died of the virus? Heart attacks, strokes, organ failures, fatal accidents all became corona fatalities. How come during the pandemic most hospitals claimed to be spilling by the main stream media over looked like ghost towns when investigated by citizen journalists?  Is common sense and critical thinking kicking in? Are we not in an economic war with China? Where did the pandemic originate, who financed the Wuhan labs? Again who has the patents on the virus and test kits? Who stands to make billions and who sold out the American people? Follow the money who stands to gain, who is in bed with China, how does a pandemic and the lockdowns destroy America? If you are not angry yet your not paying attention or have become so socially engineered, in denial, or of such vested interest not even God can reach you. 

Trump has made Peace agreements in the middle east ending thousands of years of war. Putting an end to Isis and created major road blocks to China, the CCP taking over America. Securing the borders created a huge dent in drug and child trafficking. Then there are massive arrests for child trafficking rings involving high level officials something previous presidents seemed to ignore. Common sense would dictate these are all good things but the mainstream media has ignored or twisted every accomplishment.   Let’s not forget who owns the media globally just 24 companies, most aligned with democrats, the left and deep state with major investments from China and the global elite. Their influence is blatantly shown recently where social media the banned republican politicians including the President from accessing the people. Election tampering at its best.  

With the latest news concerning the electronic and ballot fraud in the elections with the President of Italy, the Pope and a host of other operatives who used military satellites, computers and dominion to shift votes from Trump to Biden arrested. Treasonous politicians and media moguls are scurrying to other countries and doing damage control to a ship that now looks like swiss cheese.  Affidavits taken as irrefutable evidence prove without a doubt extreme electronic tampering and voter fraud occurred. Counties with 120% turnout when 60% is normal, hundreds of thousands of preprinted ballots dumped in the wee hours of the morning mysteriously 98% + all for Biden. States where Trump had a major lead overnight shifted to Biden statistically impossible, again common sense and critical thinking would demand something is wrong with this picture. Have you heard any of this in the lame stream media? Whether you are Democrat or Republican the hijacking of the media and the elections should be met with outrage. To put it simply they have been blatantly lying to you and stole the election. This is Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Nazi and third world county tactics are shoved right in your face yet many still deny the obvious. What adds salt to the wound is the Dems, Rhinos and far left are accusing Trump of what they have and are doing. Creating a socialist dictatorship, a corporate dictatorial democracy with extreme foreign interference by hostile countries is their doing. Remember Russia, Russia, Russia with no evidence yet Beijing Biden and Ukraine Biden bribes has a mountain of evidence. Biden is extremely compromised. Add the proof of bribes, photos on his son’s laptop involving drugs, sex with minors all of which could be used at any time for leverage and blackmail again is grounds for removal. Why does the lame stream media jam the lie constantly down your throat while ignoring the truth?

Trump is the last stand to preserving and restoring the Republic. He has exhausted all avenues to find justice only to find all avenues corrupted. He has endured the weaponization of the agencies who’s mandate is to enforce the law only to find a two tiered Justice system. If you are a democrat you can lie to congress, the FBI, perform treasonous acts, destroy phones, servers, lap tops under subpoena, even murder whistle blowers, but if you are a republican you go to prison for misspelling a word or not remembering an exact date. This is what is referred to as the swamp heavily invested in by hostile foreign governments along with the global elite. With the present election fraud, the extreme foreign intervention from China, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, England, corrupt politicians and compromised agencies, along with compromised court system he has only one option left. The white hats in the military who have remained true to their oath backed by the silent majority, the 80% of the people who who are no longer silent. Did they really think 80% of the people in America would stand by and watch an election be stolen, support the thieves, and watch corrupt politicians and foreign governments take over America? Did they really believe they could turn America into a socialist country, a dictatorial false democracy run by the global and corporate elite? The Insurrection Act. With all the evidence in the hands of the military and military tribunals is the Trump card that will save America. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. The round up has begun. Trump will go down in history as the greatest and last president of USA Inc. He will emerge as the President of the restored Constitutional Republic. The global elite and central bankers strangle hold, the tyrants, war and disease profiteers will come to an end and the fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, med beds, energetic and natural cures along with disclosure will unfold. The beast consumes itself and rainbow tribes will come together. That is how it is now seen.


Golden Wolf

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FDA Declares Homeopathic Medicine Illegal – Advocacy Group Seeks 100,000 Protest Comments

Help us support our allies in an effort to stop the FDA’s attack on this safe, natural form of medicine. Our friends at Americans for Homeopathy …

FDA Declares Homeopathic Medicine Illegal – Advocacy Group Seeks 100,000 Protest Comments

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Energy Current-See: Ragnorak

The energy I am seeing play out right now, is very similar to that one Marvel movie “Thor: Ragnorak.” The scene where Ragnorak is taking out Hela. The patriarchy is having to “consume” or integrate with the Reversal Mother energy itself created. It must do this, in order to correct the reversal mother energy. Only then, can it “move forward” (in linear terms). In order to correct reversal energy, it must be “backed into” to be unwound. The original “wound” must be seen and made aware, out of the unconscious. Then, it is healed when Love is chosen over fear. But it must first be seen that fear was chosen over love and that is what led to the reversal in the first place.

My intel is that this has already anchored in early 2019. However, even though this has already occurred on the inner plane, there is then a delay for it to “play out” and manifest on the outer. And the manifestation of the aforementioned is taking place now. When I say “play out and manifest”, I am speaking on a macro level. Starseeds will have already experienced the intensity of this energy early 2019…for the masses however, the intensity of the correction of the reversal mother energy is now. Lastly, this is not gender specific. In that, no matter the gender one is incarnate as now, all will need to balance, integrate and heal the reversal. The correction is anchored already. It is now just a matter of allowing integration on the macro.

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Energy Current-See: Un-selfishing


blue flame lotus

My experience and interpretation of the current incoming wave has a focus of serving to undo selfishness and the ascension of this vibration to its corrected Whole Light aligned function.

There are two areas in the brain I am seeing highlighted and focused on by this energy wave and those are the temporal and occipital lobes on the left side.  The occipital lobe is the “visual area” and some of the functions of this area have to do with sight and image recognition and perception.  The temporal lobe in the “association area” in the functions of short-term memory, equilibrium and emotion.

I do not consider myself to be very knowledgable when it comes to the parts of the brain and the functions of.  I am just noting what I am sensing and seeing through this incoming wave.  Now how these two parts correspond if at all to the undoing of selfishness, I can’t say or elaborate on that.  I am only reporting on what I sensed and was shown during this download.  And that a part of this download, also included this focal point, that the energy is serving to undo selfishness.  This is of the small self.  While there is a very healthy quality to that of selfishness, there is also another side of the coin that is unhealthy.  When selfishness is expressed and embodied and emanated from the Soul, that is coming from the standpoint of that one puts their alignment with their Source first and foremost.   That is very healthy and required! The kind of selfishness that I am writing of here that the incoming wave is supporting to being unraveled, is the kind that lends to service for/of only the self, victim-victimizer fallen consciousness, half-light patterns.  As those lower frequencies and vibrations shake out, it then brings one into a more stabilized foundation of the proper function of “Selfishness.”  The ascended vibration of that energy. That of putting one’s alignment to Source first.  And when we are doing that, we then are in a state to serve others by sheer aligned Presence.  And that Presence is the energy of unity and unconditional love.

Anyway, I am quite excited at what I am experiencing and seeing and feeling with this incoming wave.  It feels like such a brilliant shifting.  A brilliant unraveling to bring humanity into greater love and unity.  To align with the whole light of what correct selfishness is to be dedicated to alignment with Source.  That then and only then, can one embody true selflessness.

Now will everyone choose for this alignment?  No.  Or at least, not all at once.  However, all of these sorts of alignments create pathways in the crystalline consciousness grid(s) and so, they are available to all when they are ready.

Love & Blessings,





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Energy Current-See: A new Set!

diary of discoveries.jpg

***Art by Vladimir Kush

So… it was really kind of funny to me…that I was shown that vision of the movement of the snake in one of my last 2 posts (here) as symbolic of the energy I was tuning into about 2 weeks or so ago.  I traveled to Arizona the weekend before last, a day or so after writing that post and low and behold, in the lobby of the hotel, there were 3 snakes housed in terrariums!

Also, in that same post, one of the things I mentioned I was tuning into  had to do with something or other about “stuff” coming up… I did not elaborate in that post but the message was specifically about “ancient things from ages past, coming up” and then the next post following that one (here) about an active “disintegration” taking place.

That particular energy wave definitely continued and followed through to completion (what I am experiencing in my reality anyway) right in line and in accordance with that theme as aforementioned and in my  2 previous blog posts.  I have to say that the “scrape depth” of that wave was a lot shallower than it felt like it might be leading into it.  The wave “broke” much more gentle than I thought it would.  (Navigating is definitely becoming noticeably easier with the energy flowing through without so much resistance as I am learning to master the art of allowing more and more.)   The energy right now  to me, feels very light and much more refreshing feeling heading into this week.  And it feels as though there has been a sort of “re-set.”  Like the waves moving forward will have a whole new energy to them.

The previous “set” completed.

The old “reel” (like a movie reel) is done.  It is played out for good.  No more re-winds. No more going back or looking back.  All of the old pains and triggers, just gone.  Absolutely no temptation left in me to go looking for them either. As that seemed to be something that I would notice over the years while transmuting some of the archetypical energy patterns, that I would notice myself at times, going back and seeking the old habitual reactive responses… because that is what I knew and was comfortable.  Though, it was actually often very UN-comfortable!  lol!

***After writing up to this point, I paused as I had to get some things done today before completing this… and the later part of my day included walking around a track at a local community college… and while I was walking, a light went on within me and I was re-minded of this post from a few years ago: https://anewdawnarising.wordpress.com/2017/02/16/energy-current-see-unwritten/

I was reminded of that vision from early 2017, with the “programs” that were symbolized by video game cartridges… “insert and play some pre-programmed “game” or storyline.” Same symbology as the “reels” I was seeing today while reflecting on the energy current… That old “reel”, that felt so real in the 3D real-ity….  all of those old “reels” are no longer accessible and have no live vibration. None of that stuff needs to be re-played any longer. I have been seeing it for years, feeling it… transmuting and transforming more and more and more… and now… I feel that I am finally finally feeling that amazing feeling of balance and stability in the new energy.  Where again, the vibrations to the 3D stuff are just not live anymore.  This is not to say that there won’t still be challenges.  Of course there will be.  Because with expansion of consciousness, there will always be situations where we are drawn to in order to grow and evolve.  I am just feeling that those experiences of growth, are now based more wholly in the fifth dimensional consciousness and the new crystalline grid.  Where we are truly experiencing now on a whole new “set”, a whole new stage!

Lastly, I got another kick out of the latest Gaia portal that came out at today 2:12am Pacific.

The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared.

Cleansing of all prehistorics occurs in the now moment.

Abundance presents to all who recognize True Values.

Spelorifics present the Guidance.

Snowflakes decorate the horizons.


Line #1 has huge significance to me that I won’t go into here… perhaps in another blog at another time.  But all the same, that one was huge in my experience.

Line #2 really caught my eye… as it resonated so much in my being in regard to several things that I mentioned here in this post in my experience. Indeed, I am feeling and experiencing a total and complete cleansing of all “prehistorics!”  (The old “reels.”  The old story lines.  The separation story lines… all of it.)

We get to create all new adventures together rooted in Unity Consciousness ❤

Anyway, thanks all for being on this journey.  It certainly is a wild one and I know we wouldn’t have it any other way 😉

Love and Blissings,




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Energy Current-See: 20/20 hi

2020 Vision

Some of the things I am tuning in to at the moment in my experience include:

  • Continued and very active “dis-integration” (is the word my inner being is using) of the last tidbits of 3D bi-wave programming and continued birthing and integrating more 5D consciousness.  With a continued focus especially of transmuting victim/victimizer programming.

I had a very tangible experience (it was like being transported into a movie) the other day of seeing the old 3D way of perceiving only “one side of the coin.”  The old way of experiencing… where it was very difficult to the ego to see beyond a one-sided story with an extremely limited view of things.  This then was immediately followed by a back to back contrast of experience of how navigation in 5D operates in that the energy of “both sides of the coin” must be experienced.  Whatever energy you put out, you will have to experience both sides of it.  And it happens lightening fast!  It is trinitized energy in 5D.  Both “sides” and the “whole” of that which we are vibing to is “processed.” Therefor, there is never a victim nor victimizer. Only awareness of the whole spherical energy patterns… both “sides” and that which manifests all comes from within.

The aforementioned has clearly been a theme for MANY years (especially for forerunners)… I feel that this focal point coming up so much right now again because we have reached a point, where we have crossed the threshold enough so, that we have “hindsight” of the 3D vibrational experience and can so much more now tangibly notice the difference in how we now experience and navigate in our continually expanding 5D reality.  Through all of the expansion of consciousness and the transference into a greater trinitized light vibration… I am also seeing a notable transformation and ascension in the genetic expressions.  For anyone familiar with Human Design and/or Gene Keys… that is the kind of thing I am seeing (re., genetic expressions & the vehicles programmed energy patterns.)


  • A “new” (new in my awareness; may not be new to others) illumination of two chakras on the top of each side of the head; on the right and left sides; directly parallel from each other (right and left cerebrum area).  And an illumination of a Light-Body structure, energy channel(s) or complex that encompasses those two aforementioned chakras in the top of the head… with one side of this structure that runs up the back of the head… the base of it looks to possibly “sit” on or around the solar plexus or heart center and it seems to have a primarily square or cubed geometry to it (from what I recall seeing and sensed).


  • Incoming 2020 energy sensings:  A continues focus of aligning to and anchoring 5D consciousness and trinitized wave function. “Seeing” with clarity.  For those choosing this, even amidst the seeming chaos for the masses, 2020 will be experienced with great clarity, inner harmony and compassion. For those still resistant to adjust the lens of perspective to 5D, trinitized wave consciousness, things  will get very “blurry” for a while until they are ready to “try on a new pair of glasses.”


Much Love,